Top Ten Quarantine Cravings

As reported by CTV News, Uber Eats released data showing the top 10 things Canadians have been ordering while staying at home.

I'm surprised pizza and/or fried chicken are not part of this list! I guess you don't order pizza from Uber Eats, you go to the chain's website.

Top Ten Quarantine Cravings

10. Onion Rings

I have ordered onion rings in the last two months.

Tony's Fish and Osyter Cafe Halibut and Onion Rings
2-pc Halibut with onion rings from Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe

9. Shawarma

I have not ordered Shawarma during this pandemic.

8. Edamame

Nope. I don't order or eat edamame. Sorry

7. Bubble Tea

I'm not a big fan of bubble tea. Don't tell my friends. However, we did order some to go from Boba Boy right on day 1 of working from home.

Boba Boy
Boba Boy

6. Fries

I ordered fried chicken with a side of fries.

Juke Fried Chicken
Juke Fried Chicken

5. Naan

We haven't had naan in a long time.

4. Pad Thai

I have been thinking about ordering Pad Thai but have never gotten around it. Weird.

3. Miso Soup

Surprisingly, we had miso soup twice in the last two months.

2. Poutine

I want poutine but can't find a good poutine spot that is available for delivery.

1. Butter Chicken

Yes, I have had butter chicken in the last two months, but mostly from Meinhardt Fine Food.

Are you surprised by the top 10 quarantine cravings shared by Uber Eats? I wonder if Skip The Dishes and DoorDash could share their top 10 so we can compare. Food data!

Stay safe!