What to do first after COVID-19?

I've been meaning to write a post on what I'll do first after the restrictions because of COVID-19 has been lifted. Below is a list of things I'll do first:

Visit Family

We'll go to Richmond right away and visit my parents and siblings. We'll most likely order pizza or something and watch a movie together.

Eat at Suika

Yes, I'm this specific. I will have lunch at Suika the first weekend I can dine in and enjoy my favourite Katsu Curry.

Suika Katsu Curry at home

Walk around Granville Island and Sea Wall

I miss walking. I can walk around the neighbourhood to grab groceries, but there's something special about walking around Granville Island and Sea Wall.

Friday night at The Wicklow

I miss the Yorkshire Pudding Bowl at The Wicklow and that's where I'll spend the first Friday back.

Yorkshire Pudding Bowl

Whitecaps FC Game

I'll watch the first Whitecaps FC game.

Watch a movie at Cineplex

I miss their popcorn.


I haven't had a proper vacation (you know, that 1-week long time you go to a new place and be touristy) in a really long time. I need to travel somewhere.