Saturday, November 20, 2021

Brunch at Eggspectation

I'll start this post with a disclaimer that I will be biased. Our youngest sister started working at Eggspectation a couple months ago. It's her first job, and this is after graduating high school in the middle of the pandemic and suffering from anxiety, depression, and just that general feeling of loss and not knowing what to do next. Our family is so grateful to Eggspectation for hiring our youngest sister and giving her some sense of hope, purpose, and joy. Thank you!

Brunch at Eggspectation

Now, let's talk about today. The Vancouver Whitecaps FC will have their first playoff game since 2017, and my younger sister, my husband, and I will go to my parent's place to watch. Of course, we're ordering popcorn and all other random food you eat at the stadium to try and recreate the experience.

Before doing all that this afternoon, we grabbed breakfast at Eggspectation.

First up, we ordered drinks. I had Banana Java while hubby went Nutella Hot Chocolate.

Nutella Hot Chocolate and Banana Java (Espresso, chocolate milk, honey, and banana - the ideal combination to kick-start your day. Wake up!)

For sharing, we ordered a Breakfast Poutine. The only other place I tried some rendition of breakfast poutine is at Denny's, and their poutine was covered in hollandaise sauce instead of gravy.

The poutine arrived hot on our table, and I decided to eat one of the potatoes right away smothered by gravy and cheese curd. I burnt my tongue. I was so hungry, I didn't even think that it'd be hot.

The gravy was surprisingly delicious and worked perfectly with the cheese curd. It even tastes better after having the yolk from the egg cover everything.

Breakfast Poutine
Lyonnaise-style potatoes with chunks of bacon, sausage, ham, and cheese curds, all smothered with homemade breakfast gravy and topped with a sunny side egg.

For our individual meals, I chose Bagel and Lox while hubby ordered Yolk Around The Clock.

Bagel and Lox
A toasted Montreal bagel stuffed with cream cheese, smoked wild sockeye salmon, tomatoes, red onions, and capers. Served with Lyonnaise-style potatoes.

I have tried two Bagel and Lox so far - one from Siegel's (which has the best bagels in Vancouver) and another from Mon Pitou. I can't recommend the Eggspectation's Bagel and Lox. I wish the bagel was more toasted and had more cream cheese.

Thankfully, what hubby ordered was better, and I told him that I could totally make it at home.

Yolk Around The Clock
A sliced bagel grilled with a sunny-side-up egg in each hole topped with bacon and cheddar on one half and Swiss cheese on the other, with perfectly seasoned Lyonnaise-style potatoes.

When we were about to finish our meal, I received a message from my youngest sister that she had just noticed us, and apparently, she was keeping an eye out most of the day. 😂 She was so focused at work that she didn't notice.

She also mentioned to our server that I'm her sister, and they gave us a discount. I tipped higher than I usually would because even though the staff are paid above minimum wage, some of their earnings are from the tip.

Will I come back? Absolutely! Here are the last two posts I have about Eggspectation: Birthday Lunch Delivery and Breakfast.