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Where to get Buko Pie in Vancouver?

I am craving for Filipino buko pie, but I don't know where's the best place to get one that will deliver to our home. I asked the Facebook group I belong to and below are their suggestions: Vancouver Restaurants with Buko Pie Kumare Restaurant and Bakery - They have a branch in Richmond, Delta, and Vancouver. Hapag Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Grill - Two people, recommended the buko pie from Hapag. They're located in Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Aling Mary's - They're located in Main Street, Vancouver, and I have ordered a buko pie from them in the past, but I know they don't deliver. Home-Based Online Vendor with Buko Pie Pinay Bakes - Facebook page - Two people recommended their buko pie. Ruby Lyn Dacanay - She's the first one to send me a private message and pictures of the buko pie, and it looks great. Do you know of other places in Vancouver that serve buko pie? Leave a comment

O' Mai Khan

Last December 2010, our team decided to have a vacation in the City of Pines . We had dinner in one of the best Mongolian restaurants I have tried EVER. O' Mai Khan. The place was cozy and warm as compared to the temperature outside. They served a Mongolian buffet for P160 to P180 (that time). I fell in love with their dessert which was baked just right. I forgot the name of the food I ordered but I know it was delicious. When I go back to Baguio, I will definitely go back to O' Mai Khan. The result of Mongolian Mix (taken December 5, 2010) My really delicious meal. It's sad that I can't remember what it's called (taken December 5, 2010) My Perfect Chocolate Cake (taken December 5, 2010) The Carrot Cake, Jem loves (taken December 5, 2010) O' Mai Khan is located 12 Otek Street, Rizal Park just in front of the City Hall.


After years of anticipation and curiosity, I finally found the time to try out the Sampaguita Ice Cream of Ilustrado in Intramuros. It actually tasted how the Sampaguita flower smells. It was kind of weird at first, but after a few more bite, the Sampaguita taste decreased. Definitely a-must-try for the curious and adventurous. Enjoy! To know more about Ilustrado visit their website: Sampaguita Ice Cream (P120) (Taken last May 27, 2011, via Camera Phone)

Pancake House

It seems that I visited Pancake House more than a few times and took pictures of my meal. I love the Pancake House ever since high school. I would even remember having a bottomless iced tea drinking contest with Abbi. Although it is quite expensive, I just love their food. :) Here are some of the pictures I took of my meal and their corresponding price. House Special Set (P215)  (Image was taken last February 28, 2010) House Special Set is my fave because it contains all the food that I would like to enjoy together: taco, spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread, and 1pc pan chicken. Roast Beef Special Set (P231) (Image was taken last February 28, 2010) Roast Beef Special Set includes Roast beef with vegetables on the side, Caesar salad, rice and iced tea. Perfect Match (P210)  (Image was taken last April 4, 2010) Perfect Match breakfast includes crispy bacon strips, hash brown, 2 eggs, 2pcs. toast, butter and your choice of coffee or t

Zark's Burger

Last July 3, 2011, I watched the Azkals vs Sri Lanka Game in the Rizal Memorial Auditorium. After the game, my sister, her friend, the boyfriend, and I had dinner in one of the "only in Taft" food chain, Zark's Burger . They have amazingly big servings plus yummy burger with home-made patties. It's a must-try for burger lovers. Black Mamba (P125) Add P20 for fries and drinks (Image is taken last July 3, 2011, via Camera Phone) Black Mamba is a cheeseburger in a bad of fresh lettuce, tomato, sauteed mushroom & caramelized onions & topped with our very own barbeque rum sauce. (source Zark's menu) Three-Pointer (P125) Add P20 for fries and iced tea   (Image is taken last July 3, 2011, via Camera Phone) Three-Pointer is a burger with three kinds of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, and cheese sauce) served with lettuce, tomato, and caramelized onions. (source Zark's menu) The recent addition to Zark's menu is their desserts. We trie

The Plantation Bar + Bistro

The boyfriend and I had one of those lunch in a new restaurant. As suggested by our office mate, we tried The Plantation Bar and Bistro . It looks and feels so high-end, but in reality, their food is affordable and reasonable. The food is yummy with big-serving, which makes it suitable for sharing. We tried the following meals: Chicken Parmigiana (P185)   (Image was taken last July 19, 2011, via Camera Phone) Chicken Parmigiana is a bacon-wrapped fillet of chicken, mashed potato, marinara sauce, baked cheese, roasted Mediterranean vegetables. Cajun Chicken Pasta (P195)   (Image was taken last July 19, 2011, via Camera Phone) Their Cajun Chicken Pasta consists of Cajun chicken, cream sauce, black olives, and cherry tomatoes. Grilled Chicken Pesto (P160)   (Image was taken last July 19, 2011, via Camera Phone) Grilled Chicken Pesto is one of my fave pasta EVER. This is a must-try for me. It's not the best I have tried but definitely worth it.

Cheesecake, Etc.

Last Mother's Day we decided to have dessert in Cheesecake, Etc. along Banawe Avenue, Quezon City. The place was really cozy and the staff were friendly. I had the taste of their Choco Dome Cake (image below) and I would highly recommend it to friends who dig sweets and yummy cakes.   Choco Dome Cake from Cheesecake, Etc (taken May 8, 2011)