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Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes

I continue my support of Filipino businesses and entrepreneurs by ordering Ube (purple yam) cake from Kaye Bakes. Kaye Bakes for Celebration Today we're celebrating three things: my mom's birthday, my youngest sister's high school graduation, and father's day. It only fits to order some cake, and I thought a cake we can't buy from Costco would be fitting. How I ordered from Kaye Bakes? I reached out on their Facebook page Tuesday to ask if they can do a Saturday delivery or if it's too late. I also asked for prices and if they can deliver. They were able to deliver on a Saturday at Richmond. I paid via Interac-E Transfer. Ube Cake Purple yam is famous in the Philippines. The colour is unique, and it's delicious! We love Ube cake in the Philippines, and I didn't think we would be able to enjoy some here in Canada. Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes You should hear the glee from my younger sister. She loves Ube cake the most among all of us

Dessert from Granny Muffin

Granny Muffin offers pastries from cookies, muffins, scones, to freshly made crepe, which we had for dessert tonight. Crepe

Dinner at Curry 2 U

Stress eating at Curry2U inside Granville Island for some yummy Indian food.

Lunch at Sushi Go

I hate how much I like this place, and I hate how much I enjoy their simple ramen. It's a guilty pleasure. Gyoza Ramen Chicken Ramen Gyoza

Dinner at Triple O

I missed Triple O. When I was leaving with my parents in Richmond, Triple O is the closest food source to us, and I always go here to eat my stress away after a long day at work. At my current place, there's no Triple O nearby, and I miss it terribly, so every chance I get, we eat here. BC Chicken and two sidekicks 

Birthday Dinner at Benkei Ramen

We celebrated hubby's first birthday in Canada with ramen! It's perfect for the cold weather tonight.

Valentine's Dinner Date at Noodlebox

Today is Ash Wednesday, and before going to Mass, we decided to have a delicious meal at Noodlebox. Spicy Peanut Noodlebox Kung Pao Box Gyoza

Pre-Valentine Dinner Date at Cineplex VIP Cinemas

Before watching The Greatest Showman, we decided to grab dinner at the Cineplex VIP Cinema. It was an enjoyable experience. The Marine Gateway VIP Cinema lounge has a view of the Fraser River, and on a clear day, you can even see Mt. Baker in the US! Chipotle Chicken Club Wrap with Yam Fries Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Poutine Salted Butterscotch Brownie

Lunch at Celine's Fish and Chips

Celine's Fish & Chips is the only fish & chips place inside the Granville Island Public Market. However, you can grab better ones in Tony's (by the entrance of Granville Island) or Go Fish (along the Seawall on the west side). Salmon Fish & Chips Salmon Fish and Chips

Hanging out near Blue Parrot Organic Coffee

The best view inside the Granville Island Public Market is near Blue Parrot Organic Coffee. Here we are enjoying Family Day with our Cappuccino and Toffee Nut Latte. Cappuccino and Toffee Nut Latte

Lunch at Omi Japan

Omi Japan is the only place inside the Granville Island Public Market where you can get sushi, teriyaki, gyoza, etc. Chicken Teriyaki Oyakodon

Dinner at Sprig Contemporary Greek Kitchen

Sprig Contemporary Greek Kitchen is the place inside Granville Island Public Market to get falafel, Greek salad, etc. Falafel Wrap Falafel Wrap

Dinner at Pizza Pzazz

Pizza Pzazz is the only place inside Granville Island Public Market to get pizza! For dinner #1 tonight, we grabbed Super Hawaiian and Pesto Pasta. Super Hawaiian and Pesto Pasta (and a pizza slice looking garlic bread)

Dinner at Chau Veggie Express

Chau Veggie Express is inside the Granville Island Public Market. They offer delicious, warm noodle soup dishes perfect for Canadian weather. Golden Temple Soup Menu Description: Light turmeric coconut curry broth, assorted seasonal vegetables, organic tofu, beancurd, mushrooms, taro, yam, kale, herbs. choice of: quinoa, wild rice or rice noodles

Dinner at Fraser Valley Juice and Salad

Fraser Valley Juice & Salads is inside Granville Island Public Market. From the name of it, you'll know they have the healthiest option here. For dinner tonight, I picked curried chicken with brown rice and bok choy. Curried chicken with brown rice and bok choy. 

Ice Cream from Rogers Chocolates

We love hanging out at Granville Island since it's close to work. Today we discovered the beautiful Rogers Chocolates, located near (not inside) Granville Island Public Market. They have lots of chocolates (obviously) and ice cream as well. Chocolate Ice Cream!

Dinner at Oakridge Food Court

Curry Express: Combo special. Butter chicken, chicken curry, naan bread and rice. Ordered extra samosas Pineapple chicken + gyoza  from Teriyaki Express