Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Wagyu Curry from WA! CURRY by ABURI Restaurants

I'd like to think that I'm a Japanese curry specialist because it's my favourite food. I order Japanese curry in every Japanese restaurant I visit when available. I noticed that my favourite is Japanese beef curry. It's darker in colour and has a deeper flavour than the more common chicken-based curry sauce. In most restaurants, you will find the chicken-based curry sauce.

With that said, my favourite Japanese curry in Vancouver is from Suika - it's my basis if another curry is good. It's a beef stew Japanese curry with shredded melt-in-your-mouth beef. It's usually served with pickled vegetables for a palate cleanser. The closest and my second favourite curry sauce is from Takenaka Japanese food truck. Lastly, Mr. Japanese Curry has a delicious beef curry sauce too.

WA! Curry offers a Wagyu Curry base served with rice, and you can choose your topping. We tried it with Pork Katsu (my go-to), Hamburg Steak, Chicken Karaage, and Ebi Fry.

The sauce is close to what I get from Suika, so I am pleasantly surprised. However, it needs pickled veggies as a side dish to cut through the fat and as a palate cleanser.

The Pork Katsu is still the best topping, and theirs was less fatty than I thought it would be. Meanwhile, the Hamburg Steak is perfect with just plain rice without curry sauce. It's just too juicy and good on its own to go with the curry.

Wagyu Curry topped with Pork Katsu and Hamburg Steak from WA! Curry by ABURI Restaurants

On the other hand, their Chicken Karaage was quite disappointing. I hoped it was more crispy and juicy. Mr. Japanese Curry has a better one. If I have to pick a second side, the Ebi Fry surprisingly worked. The sweet, succulent shrimp, in contrast to the curry sauce, was excellent.

Wagyu Curry topped with Ebi Fry and Chicken Karaage from WA! Curry by ABURI Restaurants

The only thing that would make the curry better if there's an option to add heat. Even a level 2 spiciness would improve the curry and help cut through the greasiness. Will I come back again? Maybe. There's an option for the Wagyu Curry Stew base, which was sold out when we got there. I might come back to try that.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Starbucks

After lunch at Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House, we grabbed desserts from the Starbucks inside Safeway. 

I am not a fan of any dessert that includes cinnamon, so my husband was amused that I chose the Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Starbucks. However, my brain read coffee cake, which was sufficient to make me try it. Unfortunately, when I took a bite, that's the only time it sync in that there's "cinnamon" at the name of the dessert I picked.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Starbucks

If you love the cinnamon flavour, this is the dessert to go with. Otherwise, the Double Chocolate Brownie is more than enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Double Chocolate Brownie from Starbucks

Deep-Fried Pork Chop and more at Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House

Happy Victoria Day! It's a non-working holiday in BC, Canada. So hubby and I decided to walk the span of Arbutus Walkway from 12th Avenue to the southern end. After 1.5 hours and more than 7 kilometres of walking, we found ourselves famished at the end of Granville Street.

I have been eyeing Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House every time Bus 10 would pass by, and today I got to try their food. Please note that they do not accept credit cards.

We ordered all our favourite Taiwanese food:

  • C1. Deep-Fried Pork Chop with Rice
  • C2. Deep-Fried Chicken Thigh with Rice
  • E13. Deep-Fried Salty Pepper Chicken
  • E20. Deep-Fried Taiwanese Sausages

C1. Deep-Fried Pork Chop with Rice from Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House

The Pork Chop is better than the Chicken Thigh. It's fattier, and the breading worked better on it. While the Chicken Thigh was juicy in its own right, it lacked flavour.

C2. Deep-Fried Chicken Thigh with Rice from Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House

My favourite is the Salty Pepper Chicken. It's seasoned perfectly! Although, Redbeef's version is still my favourite from the Beef Noodle Houses I have tried.

E13. Deep-Fried Salty Pepper Chicken from Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House

Lastly, the Taiwanese Sausage arrived sliced, which is a surprise since it usually comes as a full link. It works well with rice.

E20. Deep-Fried Taiwanese Sausage from Wang's Taiwanese Beef Noodle House

I'll return to try the beef noodle soup next time since it's their specialty.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Assorted Waffles from Whitewood Coffee in Oak Street, Vancouver BC

My husband and I took a walk from church to Queen Elizabeth Park. We even went inside the Bloedel Conservatory for the first time. On our way home, we agreed to hang out at a coffee shop we haven't been before. I checked Google Maps and spotted 3 possible coffee shops. The first one closed at 3:00 PM, the next is too small and is already packed while the last one is the spacious Whitewood Coffee at the corner of Oak Street and 16th Avenue.

Iced Mocha from Whitewood Coffee

I ordered one of each available waffle flavour: Sugary Churro Waffle, Earl Grey Waffle, and Classic Waffle. For our drink, we went for an Iced Mocha.

Classic Waffle, Sugar Churro Waffle
and Earl Grey Waffle from Whitewood Coffe in Oak Street

  • Classic Waffle - It's late in the day so it's a bit stale. I bet this would be amazing first thing in the morning. It's not as sweet as the Sugary Churro Waffle so it's perfect with either sweet or bitter drink.
  • Earl Grey Waffle - Wow. The Earl Grey flavour is strong with this one. This is the perfect waffle for hot chocolate or sweeter drinks.
  • Sugary Churro Waffle - For black coffee or tea, this would be the perfect accompaniment. It's sweet and delicious. It made our Iced Mocha taste more bitter.

I love the calm ambiance of this coffee shop. People can just relax and slow down while enjoying good food and amazing coffee.

Refreshing and Fruity: Tim Hortons' New Sparkling Quenchers

It's a beautiful cloudy day in Vancouver and it's a perfect time to take long walks while enjoying the Blood Orange Ginger Sparkling Quencher and Blackberry Yuzu Sparkling Quencher from Tim Hortons.

Blood Orange Ginger Sparkling Quencher

I was expecting a sweet slightly tangy flavour from the Blood Orange Ginger Sparkling Quencher from Tim Hortons, instead all I got is the bold warm ginger after taste.

I didn't enjoy it, but if you like ginger this is a good option for you.

Blood Orange Ginger Sparkling Quencher from Tim Hortons

Blackberry Yuzu Sparkling Quencher

Why do I feel like they added Yuzu to the name of the drink to make it sound cool and exotic but there's absolutely no yuzu flavour to this drink. It's essentially a sweet blackberry iced drink.

Blackberry Yuzu Sparkling Quencher from Tim Hortons

I am not a fam of both drinks but if you twist my arm to make a choice I would go for the Blackberry Yuzu Sparkling Quencher. The ginger after taste on the first drink is just too much for me.

Have you tried one or both drinks? What do you think?

Tim Hortons BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Bowl

Enjoy a delicious and convenient meal with Tim Hortons' latest creation—the BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Bowl. If you're craving the mouthwatering combination of crispy chicken coated in a smoky barbecue glaze, along with wholesome grains, fresh vegetables, and a drizzle of creamy barbecue sauce, this bowl is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Tim Hortons BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Bowl from Tim Hortons

Same with the wrap version, I found the barbecue glaze too sweet. Everything else was delicious - the medley of grains, fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, and crunchy cucumbers. The BBQ Crispy Chicken was the downfall - too sweet barbecue sauce and not crispy chicken.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Trying Popeyes' Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen never fails to impress when it comes to bold flavours and fiery sensations. In their latest limited-time offering, the Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich, Popeyes combines their renowned expertise in fried chicken with the intense heat of ghost peppers.

Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

At the heart of Popeyes' Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich is a perfectly cooked, all-white meat chicken breast fillet. Marinated in an authentic blend of Louisiana seasonings, the chicken is expertly hand-battered and breaded in a buttermilk coating. The result? A symphony of textures, with the exterior boasting an irresistible crunch while the interior remains tender and juicy. Unlike some fried options, this sandwich impresses with its lack of excess oil, making each bite a delightful and satisfying experience.

Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

One of the standout features of the Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich is the ghost pepper mayo, delivering a subtle heat that adds depth to every mouthful. While not as fiery as the Ghost Pepper Chicken Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's, Popeyes strikes a harmonious balance, allowing the heat to complement rather than overpower the overall flavour profile. Accompanied by crunchy pickles that provide a refreshing tang and contrast to the spiciness, this sandwich is a well-rounded delight that caters to a range of palates.

Overall, it's a delicious sandwich but can be enjoyed even by those with mild tolerance to spicy food.

Crispy Delight: A Review of Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich

Are you looking for a mouthwatering seafood experience combining crispy goodness with tender flounder fillets? Look no further than Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and their irresistible Flounder Fish Sandwich. In this blog post, I'll share my firsthand experience of savouring this delectable sandwich and how it exceeded my expectations, even when ordered for delivery.

With my first bite, I was greeted by a delightful contrast of textures. The exterior coating of the flounder fillet boasted a satisfying crunch, perfectly complementing the tender and flavorful fish inside. Despite the sandwich being delivered, the crispy exterior remained intact, showcasing the quality and attention to detail in Popeyes' preparation.

Flounder Fish Sandwich from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

What impressed me the most was the way the flavours harmonized. The flounder fillet was succulent and perfectly cooked, offering a delicate and mild taste. The tartar sauce added a creamy and slightly tangy note, while the pickles provided a refreshing crunch and a hint of zing. It was a harmonious symphony of flavours that left me craving more.

One thing that sets Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen apart from other fast food chains, particularly those known for their delectable fried chicken, is their inclusion of a seafood sandwich on their menu. While many fast food establishments focus primarily on fried chicken, Popeyes' introduction of the Flounder Fish Sandwich is a pleasant surprise. It's refreshing to find a crispy and flavorful seafood offering amidst the sea of chicken sandwiches, showcasing Popeyes' commitment to offering diverse and satisfying choices for their customers.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Pinoy Festival 2023 in Burnaby

Over 25 established Filipino Groups from the Greater Vancouver area and beyond will come together to bring Pinoy Festival 2023 in Burnaby.

When is Pinoy Festival 2023?

Pinoy Festival 2023 is on June 24, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Where is Pinoy Festival 2023?

The event is at the Burnaby Civic Square Metrotwon in Burnaby.

What to expect in Pinoy Festival 2023?

Pinoy Festival 2023 will start with a procession 'Hala Bira!'. There will be Filipino street food, traditional Filipino cuisines, and performances from local Filipino artists (like Easy Play Band and Eskape Band).

To end the festival, there will be a santacruzan, a Filipino pageantry featuring Filipino Beauty Queens.

Is there an entrance fee for Pinoy Festival 2023?

Pinoy Festival 2023 in Burnaby is free.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Cool Down with McDonald's Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry: A Burst of Color and Creaminess

As the scorching heat wave continues to hit Vancouver, McDonald's Canada has introduced a delightful treat to help beat the heat — the Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry. Combining smooth vanilla soft serve, colorful candy confetti, and chunks of cookie dough, this McFlurry promises a cool and creamy dessert experience. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this vibrant creation, share our firsthand experience, and offer insights into its flavor and texture.

Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry from McDonald's

The McFlurry is a refreshing treat perfectly suited for hot summer days. The smooth and creamy vanilla soft serve forms the base of this delectable dessert, providing a cool respite from the sweltering heat. As we took our first spoonful, the velvety texture of the soft serve instantly brought relief and a sense of indulgence.

One of the unique aspects of this McFlurry is the addition of colorful candy confetti. While the confetti doesn't contribute significant additional sweetness, it adds a playful burst of color to the dessert. The vibrant confetti speckled throughout the McFlurry creates an eye-catching appearance that appeals to both children and the young at heart. Beyond aesthetics, the confetti also adds a slight variation in texture, providing a subtle crunch amidst the creamy soft serve.

Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry from McDonald's

The star of the Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry is undoubtedly the chunks of cookie dough scattered throughout. These generous portions of cookie dough provide a delightful softness to each spoonful. With its own distinct flavor, the cookie dough adds a hint of sweetness and a comforting taste reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. The combination of the creamy soft serve and the cookie dough creates a delightful contrast of textures and flavors.

As we savored the Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry during the Vancouver heat wave, we found it to be a perfect treat to combat the soaring temperatures.

McDonald's Canada's New Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder

McDonald's Canada is constantly innovating its menu, and the latest addition to its lineup is the limited-time Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder. With a tantalizing combination of flavours, this burger aims to please both BBQ enthusiasts and burger lovers alike. In this blog post, I'll share details of this new creation, share my first-hand experience, and provide an honest assessment of whether it lives up to expectations.

Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder from McDonald's Canada
100% Canadian quarter pound* beef patty topped with sweet and spicy chipotle BBQ sauce, hickory smoked bacon strips, crispy onions, pickles, and two slices of processed cheddar cheese served on a toasted sesame bun.

The Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder boasts a 100% Canadian quarter-pound beef patty that forms the foundation of this burger. One of the standout elements is the surprising depth of beef flavour, which caught me off guard in the best possible way. While we don't typically order quarter-pounders, this one impressed me with its juicy and robust taste.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the sweet and spicy chipotle BBQ sauce. Its tangy notes add a zesty kick that elevates the overall flavour profile. Combining the smoky chipotle and the sweetness of the BBQ sauce creates a delightful contrast, making each bite an explosion of taste.

Accompanying the beef and sauce are hickory-smoked bacon strips, crispy onions, pickles, and two slices of processed cheddar cheese. These toppings contribute to the overall texture and flavour complexity. The bacon adds a smoky and savoury element, while the crispy onions provide a satisfying crunch. The pickles offer a refreshing tang, and the cheese brings a creamy richness to the ensemble.

Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder from McDonald's Canada

After savouring the Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder, I reflected on our experience. While it was undoubtedly enjoyable, it didn't leave a lasting impression that would make it a regular order for me. Although the beef flavour was surprisingly good, the overall combination of ingredients didn't quite match my personal preferences. In comparison, I found the previously introduced Carolina BBQ Quarter Pounder to be a more compelling option.

McDonald's Canada's Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder may not be a personal favourite, but taste preferences can vary, and we encourage you to try it and decide for yourself. So visit your nearest McDonald's Canada location to indulge in this limited-time offering, and let us know your thoughts!

Wendy's Brings the Heat with Limited Time Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich

Wendy's has once again upped their sandwich game with the limited-time release of the Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich. If you're a fan of spicy food, this sandwich is a must-try. However, with three layers of ghost pepper heat, it's not for the faint of heart.

Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's

The star of the sandwich is the Spicy Chicken filet, which is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. But what makes this sandwich even more special are the toppings. The ghost pepper seasoned fried onions provide a subtle sweetness and crunchiness that balances the spice. The ghost pepper American cheese adds a creamy, cheesy element, while the ghost pepper ranch dressing brings it all together with a cooling sensation.

Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's

The lettuce and tomatoes provide a refreshing counterpoint to the spicy flavours of the sandwich, and the soft bun completes the package. While it's not as spicy as the Fired Up Chicken, it still packs a punch.

In addition to the Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich, Wendy's has also released Ghost Pepper Fries. This natural-cut, skin-on fries are tossed in a spicy ghost pepper sauce, perfect for those who enjoy a bit of heat in their food. The combination of the crispy texture of the fries and the spicy sauce is sure to please any fan of spicy food. So if you're looking for a side to accompany your Ghost Pepper Chicken Ranch Chicken Sandwich, these fries are the perfect choice.

Ghost Pepper Fries from Wendy's

The Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries are delicious and satisfying options for those who enjoy spicy food. So don't be chicken – try it while it's still available at Wendy's!

Tim Hortons NEW BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Wrap: A Sweet and Messy Meal

Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds with a delectable combination of flavours? Tim Hortons has just released its newest creation, the BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Wrap. Packed with succulent crispy chicken coated in a smoky barbecue glaze, paired with a medley of grains, fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and drizzled with creamy barbecue sauce, all wrapped in a 10-inch soft tortilla, this wrap promises to be a mouthwatering experience.

NEW BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Wrap from Tim Hortons

We tried it today for lunch, and it was delivered with the smoky barbecue glaze covering everything from the grains, chickens, and all the vegetables inside. However, it's really messy to eat, and I find it too sweet.

It has such great potential to be a portable, easy lunch option, but hard to justify the mess it created. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards, or you'll get barbecue sauce all over your keyboard or phone.

I think the BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Bowl would be better and easier to eat.

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant and more at Lumiere Cafe

I love the corner of West Broadway and Cambie Street. The area has so many restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes. Today, we visited Lumiere Cafe for the first time, and I was overwhelmed by the number of croissant varieties and buns available.

Large Mocha Frappé and Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

According to their website, they specialize in strong coffee and croissants. So my hubby went for a large Mocha FrappĂ© while I settled on a refreshing Green Tea Lemonade. The temperature is supposed to reach 30°C today, so hanging out at a coffee while enjoying cold beverages seems like a smart choice.

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant from Lumiere Cafe

For croissants, I went for the unique Salted Egg Yolk Croissant and loved the creamy yolk interior, which greatly contrasts the buttery, flaky exterior. Unfortunately, the butter croissant was sold out, so I can't compare it to my favourite from Beaucoup and Mon Pitou.

Garlic & Cheese Bun from Lumiere Cafe

For the bun, I went for the Garlic & Cheese Bun. It's what garlic bread aspires to be: cheesy, garlicky, soft, and melts in your mouth. Can I have a dozen of these?

What other croissants and buns are available? See the list below!

  • Pain Au Chocolate - $6.99
  • Almond Croissant - $4.99
  • Strawberry Croissant - $5.55
  • Pistachio Croissant - 6.99
  • Garlic & Cheese Bun - $6.55
  • Butter Croissant - $3.49
  • Salted Egg Yolk Croissant - $5.50
  • Ham & Cheese Bun - $4.99
  • Masago Croissant - $5.99

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sabich and Falafel Bowl from Planted Food Truck

Happy Sunday! My husband finished the BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon. Woohoo! Congratulations, Love. After his run, we checked out which food trucks were available in the Street Festival. There's Roasted Revolution, Japadog, Dos Tacos, and Planted. We have tried the first three so it makes sense to try Planted.

I ordered the Hetzi Hetzi Bowl, which means getting half Sabich and half Falafel bowl.

Hetzi and Hetzi Bowl from Planted Food Truck
Half Sabich (house-made pita, hummus, tahini, zhug, amba, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, fried eggplant & cauliflower, pickled red onions, and chopped parsley)
Half  Falafel (house-made pita, tahini, amba, zhug, pickled red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, shifka peppers)

It's the most moist falafel I have ever tried. Yum! I enjoyed the fried cauliflower and eggplant. There's also heat coming from shifta peppers. The hummus is perfectly creamy. I love everything!

Below is the menu of Planted Food Truck.

Planted Food Truck Menu

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Costco Food Court Menu and Prices | Willingdon Burnaby BC Warehouse

The menu below is from the Costco food court in their Willingdon, Burnaby BC location (4500 Stil Creek Drive) and is subject to change without prior notice. All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. It is similar to the menu in Costco at Expo Blvd, Vancouver, BC.

Costco is a popular wholesale retailer known for its bulk goods, low prices, and of course, its food court. The Costco Food Court is a favorite among shoppers, offering a range of tasty and affordable food options for both members and non-members.

Below is a link to other Costco Food Court Menu and Prices that I have visited. I am planning to make #CostcoTourism a thing.

Menu Item Price
20 oz with refill
Ice Cream Cone
Vanilla or Chocolate
Ice Cream Sundae
Caramel, Chocolate, or Berry
Pizza Slice
Pepperoni or Cheese
18" Whole Pizza
Pepperoni or Cheese
1/4 Pound Hotdog and 20 oz pop with refill
All Beef or Polish Sausage
Chicken Strips and Fries $6.99
French Fries $2.99
Poutine $5.99
Gravy $0.30

Overall, the Costco Food Court is a great option for those looking for tasty, affordable, and convenient food options while shopping at Costco. Whether you're in the mood for a classic hot dog, a slice of pizza, or something else entirely, the food court has something for everyone. So the next time you're at Costco, be sure to stop by and try out the food court for yourself!

S'more Signature Bubble Waffle from Crema Ice Cream & Desserts

After a deliciously savoury lunch enjoying all my favourite Taiwanese food, I saw a lady holding a bubble waffle and saying aloud, "I want one!" They're available from Crema Ice Cream & Desserts food truck. I love the bubble waffle addition to their menu. It provides a crispiness to the creamy ice cream.

We ordered the S'more Signature Bubble Waffle and chose Cookie Monster for our one scoop of ice cream. We happily ate the dessert near Avondale Park.

S'more Signature Bubble Waffle from Cream Ice Cream & Desserts food truck
Cookie Monster ice cream, vanilla waffle, chocolate sauce, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows.

My favourite part of the dish is that portion of scorched marshmallows. The slight warmth from the char made it so good! It's like how freshly baked bread smells and tastes. Perfect dessert right here.

What is Bubble Waffle?

According to ChatGPT, "Bubble waffles, also known as egg waffles, are a popular street snack in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. They are made from a batter that is cooked in a special bubble waffle maker, which creates a unique shape and texture with crispy edges and soft, chewy pockets."

My Favourite Taiwanese Food at TJ Fest in Burnaby

It's no secret that I enjoy Taiwanese food, and I wrote here a few times that it started because of a small (now closed) eatery in Makati called Dang Dee. However, my introduction to the cuisine is quite limited to Popcorn Chicken, Taiwanese Sausage, and Fried Pork Chops, usually served with white rice, an egg, and pickled or steamed vegetables.

We went to TJ Fest in Burnaby today, and I got to enjoy all my favourite Taiwanese dishes.

Inside Tinjin Temple

Tianjin Temple in Burnaby organizes annually a festival which showcases their culture with performances and food. It's smaller than the annual Taiwanfest in Downtown Vancouver during Labour Day weekend, but it's less crowded and has better food options.

TJ Fest Stage

They sell many dishes, but we went with what we're familiar with, like the fried pork chop bento box, popcorn chicken bento box, a side of 2x Taiwanese sausage, and Taiwanese pork belly burger. This is our first meal for the day!

Popcorn Chicken Bento Box

The chicken has a crispy, crunchy texture and is tender and juicy. It's savoury, and umami flavour is perfect with soft white rice. The pickled radish is the ideal palate cleanser, so you can take another bite without feeling heavy.

Deep-Fried Pork Chop Bento Box

The deep-fried pork chop is as flavourful and fattier than the chicken popcorn, but it could be more crispy.

Taiwanese Pork Belly Burger

It's folded soft steamed bun filled with a thick slice of braised pork belly, mustard greens, and fresh cilantro. The pork is tender, while the pickled mustard greens add a tangy crunch. It's surprisingly enjoyable.

Taiwanese Pork Sausage

Taiwanese Pork Sausage has the perfect balance between sweet and savoury flavour. Surprisingly, it's not as fatty and oily as I expect it to be. The pickled vegetables did help.

After enjoying our meal while enjoying the performances on stage. We walked around to see the different vendors and enjoyed ice cream from one of the food trucks. As soon as we finished our ice cream, we went to Costco nearby.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Choco Heaven Stuffies Soft-Serve from Stuffies Pastries | Metropolist at Metrotown

 After our dinner at Vina Vietnamese, we grabbed desserts at Stuffies Pastries. We selected the Choco Heaven Stuffies Soft-Serve, a creamy soft-serve topped with a mini chocolate bar, chocolate-dipped pretzel, dark chocolate sauce, and choco rocks in a fish-shaped waffle cone.

Choco Heaven Stuffies Soft-Serve from Stuffies Pastry

I have a bias for red bean paste, so I still prefer the Orient Express Stuffies Soft-Serve we tried last time.

Pork Lemongrass and Beef Stew from Vina Vietnamese | Metropolis at Metrotown Food Court

 We went to see our family doctor after work today because my right ear has been painful. After our appointment, we crossed the street to Metropolis at Metrotown Food Court.

I wanted beef, so I chose Vina Vietnamese and my favourite Beef Stew. Hubby chose the Lemongrass Pork, which is surprisingly better, albeit harder to eat, because it's a slab of meat.

I love the caramelized crispy exterior of the pork and the surprisingly tender inside.

Lemongrass Pork from Vina Vietnamese

Beef Stew from Vina Vietnamese

I love the Beef Stew of Vina Vietnamese in their Richmond Centre and Pacific Centre locations because the beef is very tender and falls apart easily. However, this one is tougher than I expected.

Overall, I am satisfied with our dinner. I am praying that my ear heals.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Atlantic Salmon Oshi Sushi from Masa Japanese Restaurant

Last night, I felt an acute pain on my right ear and I probably have an infection there. After Mass, we went to Downtown Vancouver to visit the two walk-in clinics open on Sundays and they're already both at capacity for the day. I sucked up the pain as we walked across Granville Bridge going home.

I told my husband I want ramen for comfort so we stopped by Masa Japanese Restaurant so I can get a bowl of ramen.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
Pork tonkotsu flavoured soup base with chashu and egg

For sharing, I ordered Atlantic Salmon Oshi Sushi. I had Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen while my husband went for Tofu Teriyaki Platter.

Atlantic Salmon Oshi Sushi
Seared Atlantic salmon with special oshi sauce

If you're vegetarian and still want something delicious, the Tofu Teriyaki will definitely hit the spot. It's so good!

Tofu Teriyaki Platter
Deep-fried tofu with vegetable and rice

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone from Costco Food Court

It's my favourite day of the month. It's Costco grocery day! Yay!

Before going inside, we enjoyed their All Beef 1/4 Pound Hotdog and French Fries. Then, I ordered their Vanilla Ice Cream Cone, which came on a waffle cone.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone from Costco Food Court

It's creamy and surprisingly delicious. The temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius today, so this is a perfect treat.

View from Cambie Bridge on our walk to Costco on Expo Blvd.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Richmond Night Market: Complete List of Food Vendors, Menu, and Prices

Are you ready for a night of food, fun, and festivities? Look no further than the Richmond Night Market! With over 100 food vendors, you'll be spoiled for choice. To help you navigate the endless options, we've included a complete list of vendors with their menus and prices, so you can plan your night in advance. So get ready to indulge in delicious eats and make memories at the Richmond Night Market.

IMPORTANT: The prices below are in Canadian dollars and include taxes. They're subject to change without prior notice. Most vendors are cash only, so I suggest preparing your budget beforehand. Also, bring your own water. A bottle of water costs $4.00! We went there on their opening night.

List of Vendors, Menus, and Prices at Richmond Night Market

I will arrange them based on their booth numbers. Refer to the map below if you need help finding each vendor's location. Booth F0 starts on the lower left.

Richmond Night Market map

F0. The Taiyaki

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. You can choose any filling for $8.00 each. Your choices are:

  • Red Bean
  • Custard
  • KitKat
  • Cheese
  • Durian +$1.00
  • Ice Cream Taiyaki $9.00

Red Bean Taiyaki

F1. Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar cane juice is a sweet, refreshing beverage made from pressed sugarcane. It is a popular drink in many countries, particularly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Fresh sugar cane is $10.00 each.

F2. Golden Scoop Ice Cream Tempura

Ice cream tempura is a popular Japanese dessert where a ball of ice cream is coated in batter, deep-fried, and served hot and crispy outside with a creamy, cold ice cream center.

F2. Golden Scoop Ice Cream Tempura

They offer five flavours: Original, Strawberry, Pistachio, Bubble Gum, and Chocolate. Unfortunately, I can't read the prices with the photo I took, so I'll update this when I return.

F3. Migos Nachos

Migos Nachos sells nachos with different toppings.

  • Carne Asada - $15.00
  • Fully Loaded - $15.00
  • Poutine Nachos - $13.00
  • OG Nachos - $13.00

F4. Thai Street Grill

Last year, we had the most enjoyable Pork and Chicken Skewers from NTM Thai Street Grill, and I wonder if this is the same vendor.

  • Striploin Steak with Coleslaw and Rice served with coconut rice $24.00
  • Grill boneless chicken thigh with Coleslaw and Rice served with coconut rice $16.00

F5. Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea is a famous Taiwanese drink franchise specializing in handcrafted fruit teas made with fresh fruits, premium tea leaves, and natural ingredients. They offer five different flavours in the Richmond Night Market:

  1. Yi Fang Fruit Tea
  2. Sugar Cane Jade Tea
  3. Passion Fruit Green Tea
  4. Peach Fruit Tea
  5. Mango Passion Fruit Tea

They have multiple stores in Vancouver, and I didn't see any prices on their food stall.

F6. Ho!Nice Yogurt Cube

Yogurt Cube is a type of dessert made with frozen yogurt that is cut into small cubes and served with various toppings such as fresh fruits, nuts, and syrups. It originated in Korea. Below are the five flavours in the Richmond Night Market:

  1. Black Currant - $13.99
  2. Mango Pomelo - $13.99
  3. Matcha Mahjong - $13.99
  1. Juicy Peach - $13.99
  2. Summer Mint - $13.99
Booth F6. Ho!Nice Yogurt

F7. Chef James Xian Jiang Man

One of the most popular food vendors inside the Richmond Night Market and food good reason is Chef James Xian Jiang Man. I highly recommend the Xinjian-style lamb bun. I still dream about it.

Xinjiang Style Lamb Bun

Food cost and food options for Chef James Xian Jiang Man are below:

Mix and Match the three buns:
  • 1 for $8.00
  • 2 for $14.00
  • 3 for $19.00
  • 4 for $24.00
Bun Options:
  • Xinjiang Style Lamb Bun
  • Xinjiang Style Chicken Bun
  • Fusion Style Bun
Pan-Fried Noodle with Xinjiang Lamb $15.00 Crunchy Chicken Knee Bites $15.00

F8. Bao Buns

Marketing wins! Bao Buns definitely wins the most energetic group in the Richmond Night Market, which is why we end up getting one.

Signature Bao Bun (they accidentally added Nutella)
Deep-fried mantou, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, and icing sugar

They serve deep-fried mantou, a popular Chinese snack that involves deep-frying mantou, a type of plain, steamed or baked bread. The deep-frying process gives the mantou a crispy texture on the outside while the inside remains soft and fluffy. As a sweet dish, it's served with condensed milk.

  • Signature Bao Bun - $12.00
  • Pistachio Cream Bao Bun - $15.00
  • Cookies & Cream Bao Bun - $15.00
  • Mango Paradise Bao Bun - $15.00
  • Ube Bao Bun - $15.00
  • Strawberry Nutella Bao Bun - $15.00

F9. Lulu Burger

They serve classic smashed burgers. You can add Cheese for a loony.

  • Plain Jane - $11.00
  • Lulu Burger - $12.00
  • Crack Burger - $14.00
  • Bacon Boursin Burger - $16.00
  • Longaniza Burger - $16.00
  • Add Patty - $4.00

F9. Lulu Burger

F10. Mochido

They serve mochi donuts. Mochi donuts are a modern twist on traditional Japanese mochi, made from a dough of mochiko (sweet rice flour), wheat flour, sugar, and eggs and shaped like a donut.

Matcha Mochi Donut from Mochido

We enjoyed their matcha donut last year, which seems unavailable this year.


  • Dragon Fruit Lychee
  • Churro
  • Taro Crunch
  • Salted Brown Butter
  • Fruity Pebbles


  • 1 donut for $5.50
  • 2 donuts for $10.50
  • 3 donuts for $15.00

F11. Deha-ya

They sell refreshing drinks.

  1. Thai Cha (Signature Tea) - $8.50
  2. Strawberry Mango Sunrise Refresher - $7.50
  3. Chocolate Blizzard Slush - $9.50
  1. Matcha Lover Slush - $9.50
  2. Taro Tornado Slush - $9.50

F12. Bam..Booo!!!

Jelly served in a bamboo cup is a traditional Asian dessert and s available at booth F12.

  • Panda Jelly Cup - $12.88
  • Jade Tea Jelly Cup - $12.88
  • Thai Milk Tea Jelly Cup - $14.88

F13. Kai's Fried Skewers

While most food vendors sell grilled skewers, Kai's focuses on fried items in a skewer.

  1. Juicy Scallop Skewer - $11.00
  2. Not The Typical Chicken Cutlet Skewer - $7.00
  3. Signature Quail Egg Skewer - $7.00
  1. Classic Soya Skewer - $5.00
  2. Crispy Rice Cake - $7.00

F14. Haidilao Hot Pot

Their booth was empty when we arrived. No food supplies and employees. According to the booth design, they have two locations:

  • 5890 No. 3 Rd, Room 200 Richmond
  • 3204 W Broadway, Vancouver

F15. Butter Better Squid

Same with its neighbour, there's no employee in this booth. They offer grilled squid and fish.

  • Grilled BBQ Flavour Dry Squids - $9.00
  • Grilled Spicy Fish Jerky - $9.00
  • Grilled Mala Flavour Dry Squids - $9.00
  • Grilled Dry Angelfish- $10.00
  • Grilled Dry Filefish - $10.00

F16. Burggerist

They offer Egg Burger, a popular Chinese street snack with an egg cooked in the center of a bun made from a mixture of eggs and flour.

  • Signature Pork Egg Burger - $10.00
  • Cheese Tuna Egg Burger - $12.00
  • Special Roasted Duck Egg Burger - $15.00
  • Black Pepper Beef Egg Burger - $10.00

Booth F10. Burggerist

F17. Summertime Coconut

They serve different drinks with coconut milk.

  • Peach Coconut Milk - Medium: $7.50, Large $8.50
  • Watermelon Coconut Milk - Medium: $7.50, Large $8.50
  • Coconut Milk - Medium: $7.00, Large $8.00
  • Strawberry Coconut Milk - Medium: $7.50, Large $8.50
  • Signature Coconut Water - Medium: $7.50, Large $8.50

F18. Roll-In Artisinal Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a popular appetizer in many Asian cuisines. They consist of a filling, typically made of vegetables, meat, or seafood, rolled up in a thin pastry wrapper and deep-fried or served fresh. Booth F18 sells 7 spring rolls for $16.00. Below are the available flavours:

  • KBBQ Beef Spring Roll
  • Veggie Spring Roll
  • Mash Potato Spring Roll
  • Pork Sausage Spring Roll
  • Mac 'N Cheese Spring Roll

F19. Order Your Tacos

They sell tacos, nachos, and other popular Mexican-inspired food items.

  • Tacos - $18.00 for 3
  • Nachos - $19.00
  • Burritos - $18.00
  • Guacamole - $12.00
  • Gringas - $20.00 for 3

F20. Space Boom

They offer fried cuttlefish balls. Cuttlefish balls are a popular street food in many Asian countries, made by mixing minced cuttlefish with various seasonings and deep-frying them into small balls.

  • Plain - $10.00
  • Cheese - $13.00
  • Salted Egg Yolk - $13.00
  • Spicy - $16.00
  • Mini Burger - $16.00

Booth F20. Space Boom

F21 and F22. Rotato

They sell the ever-popular potato on a stick snack. I couldn't find the price in their booth but below are the available flavours:

  • Sea Salt
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • Cheddar
  • Ketchup
  • Barbecue
  • Honey Mustard
  • Spicy

F23. Virgin Cocktail

If you want to enjoy the taste of a cocktail without the alcohol content, head to booth F23; they sell glowing non-alcoholic cocktails, slush, and hot drinks.


  1. Blue Hawaii - $10.00
  2. Skyline - $10.00
  3. Lychetini - $10.00
  4. Flirtini - $10.00
  5. Mango Sunrise - $10.00
  6. The Galaxy - $10.00
  7. Cloud 9 - $10.00
  8. Love Generation - $10.00
  9. Sparkling Sangria - $10.00

    Glowing Slush

  1. Margarita Slush - $10.00
  2. Passionate Summer Slush - $10.00
  3. Green Apple Calpis Slush - $10.00
  4. Pina Colada Slush - $10.00
  5. Sour Apple Frozen - $10.00
  6. Mangorita Frozen - $10.00
  7. New Lychee Frozen - $10.00
  8. Berry Frozen - $10.00

    Hot Drink

  1. Cinnamon Apple Spice - $8.00
  2. Hot Citron Lemon Tea - $8.00

F24. Ebi Ball

Booth F24 offers ebi (shrimp) balls. Ebi balls are a popular Japanese snack made with shrimp and flavoured with various ingredients such as green onion, ginger, and soy sauce.

It's $10.00 for 3 pieces and $12.00 for 4 pieces. Three flavours are available: sweet chilli mayo, miso mayo, and ketchup.

Booth F24. Ebi Ball

F25. Ponchos Birria

They sell the following items:.

  • Birria Tacos - $7.00 for 1 or $18.00 for 3
  • Birria Crunchwrap - $15.00
  • Anaconda Challenge - $65.00
  • Birria Bites - $10.00 per bag

F26. One Coconut

They sell Coconut drinks.

  • Coconut Ball - $15.00
  • Fresh Coconut Water - $9.00
  • Mango Coconut Milk with Coconut Pudding - $8.00
  • Matcha Coconut Milk with Coconut Pudding - $8.00
  • Oreo Coconut Milk with Coconut Pudding - $8.00

F27. Korean Chicken Skewer

Booth F27 sells 12-inch (30 cm) Korean chicken skewers for $12.00. You have the choice of four available flavours:

  1. Yang-Nyeom (Sweet & Spicy)
  2. Hot Spicy
  1. Volcano Bomb
  2. K-Garbi (Korean BBQ Sauce)

From Booth F27. K-Garbi Korean Chicken Skewer

F28. Eggette House Bubble Waffles

Booth F28 sells bubble waffles with different toppings. Bubble waffles, or egg waffles or puffle cones, are a famous Hong Kong street food made from sweet egg batter cooked in a special griddle that creates crispy, bubbled pockets.

  1. Tripe Chocolate - $10.00
  2. Sesame Bomb - $13.00
  3. Creamy Cheese - $11.00
  1. Portugese Egg Tart - $10.00
  2. Charcoal Salted Egg Yolk - $14.00

F28. Eggette House Bubble Waffles

F29. Mango

There are a couple food stalls dedicated to coconut and now we have one primarily for mangoes. Unfortunately, I couldn't spot how much it costs, but below are the available drinks:

    Fresh Mango

  1. Mango Coconut
  2. Mango Strawberry
  3. Mango Peach
  4. Mango Calpis
  5. Mango Pineapple
  6. Mango Orange
  7. Mango Blueberry

    Fresh Milk Calpis

  1. Strawberry Milk Smoothies
  2. Mango Milk Smoothies
  3. Papaya Milk Smoothies
  4. Blueberry Milk Smoothies
  5. Orange Calpis Slush
  6. Blueberry Calpis Slush
  7. Strawberry Calpis Slush

    Fresh Juice Slush

  1. Watermelon Juice / Slush
  2. Strawberry Juice / Slush
  3. Blueberry Juice / Slush
  4. Orange Slush
  5. Pineapple Juice / Slush
  6. Watermelon Strawberry
  7. Strawberry Blueberry

F30. Corn

I am uncertain if they have a vendor name, but they sell corn, hotdogs, and corn dogs.

  1. Cheezy Sweet Corn - Regular: $8.00, Large: $10.00
  2. Beef or Pork Hot Dog -
  1. Tempura Corn Dogs -
  2. Super Sweet Corn - $6.00

Booth F30 in Richmond Night Market

F31. Aloha Boys

Booth F31 has Aloha Boys, one of the most famous food vendors in Richmond Night Market. They offer Instagrammable Original Flying Cup Noodles.

  • The Boat - $25.00
    (7 Hawaiian Garlic Butter Shrimp, Hawaiian Mac Salad, Furikake Rice, and Li-hing Mui covered Pineapple Chunks served on a Pineapple Boat)
  • The Plate - $18.00
    (7 Hawaiian Garlic Butter Shrimp, Hawaiian Mac Salad, Furikake Rice, and Li-hing Mui covered Pineapple Chunks served on a Plate)
  • The Tray - $13.00
    (5 Hawaiian Garlic Butter Shrimp and Li-hing Mui covered Pineapple Chunks served on a Tray)
  • Wild Flying Cup Noodles - $18.00
    (Fried Soft Shelled Crab, 2 Hawaiian Garlic Butter Shrimp, Ramen Egg, and Stir-Fried Noodles served in a Cup Noodle Cup)
  • Wild Flying Cup Noodles - $16.00
    (2 Hawaiian Garlic Butter Shrimp, Spam, Ramen Egg, and Stir-Fried Noodles served in a Cup Noodle Cup)
  • Spam Musubi - $5.00 each
  • Ramen Donut - $9.00
    (Crispy Cheesy Ramen Donut)

Booth F31. Aloha Boys

F32. Mars Fried Oreos

Deep-fried candy bars are a staple in fairs like the PNE Fair, so I am pleasantly surprised to find one booth selling it in the Richmond Night Market.

    Deep-Fried Options

  • Deep-Fried Oreos (5 pieces) - $8.00
  • Deep-Fried Cheesecake (5 pieces) - $8.00
  • Deep-Fried Mars Balls (5 pieces) - $8.00
  • Deep-Fried Twinkies (5 pieces) - $8.00
  • Funnel Cake (2 pieces) - $8.00

    Add Topping for +$1.00 each

  • Oreo Crumbs
  • Biscoff Crumbs
  • Marshmallow
  • M&M
  • Cinnamon Crunch
  • Sprinkles
  • Peanuts

    Add Sauces for +$1.00 each

  • Nutella
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Condensed Milk
  • Whipped Cream

Deep-fried Oreos at the PNE Fair

F33. Thirsty Pony

They sell fresh lemonade in different sizes; you can choose your flavour.

    Available flavours:

  • Original
  • Watermelon x Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Passionfruit x Mango
  • Blue Hawaiian

    Pick your size:

  • Original Regular (16 oz) - $6.00
  • Original Mega (32 oz) -$9.00
  • Original Bucket (64 oz) - $16.00
  • Unicorn Floatie - Add $5.00


  • Add Flavours - +$1.00
  • Add mint leaves - +$1.00
  • Add LED Ice Cubes - $2.00

F34. Barokah Food

Booth F34 is all about Indonesian snacks.

  • Bakwan (Veggie Fritters) - $10.00
  • Tahu Baso (Deep Fried Tofu Filled with Beef) - $10.00
  • Baso Ayam (Deep Fried Chicken Meatball) - $10.00
  • Baso Sapi (Deep Fried Beef Meatball) - $10.00
  • Tahu Isi (Deep Fried Tofu Filled with Veggies) - $10.00

Booth F34 Barokah Food

F35. The Famous Popcorn Chicken and Fried Tofu

Booth F35 sells popular Taiwanese deep-fried snacks.

    Choose your snack:

  • Deep-Fried Kimchi Tofu
  • Taiwanese Stinky Tofu
  • Famous Basil Popcorn Chicken
  • Pork Blood Rice Cake
  • Party Bag

    Choose your size:

  • Small - $12.00
  • Large -$18.00
  • Jumbo - $16.00
Booth F35 The Famous Popcorn Chicken & Fried Tofu

F36. Yeah's Deep Fried Blooming Onions & Eggplants

Deep-fried blooming onions and eggplants are crispy and savoury snacks popular in many cultures.

  1. Classic Flavour Onion - $10.00
  2. Spicy Flavour Onion - $10.00
  3. Cheese Flavour Onion - $10.00
  1. Eggplant Salt Pepper & Ketchup Honey Mustard - $12.00
  2. Eggplant Salt Pepper & Sweet Chili - $12.00
  3. Get both - $18.00

F37. Tochi (Mini Mochi French Toast)

Mochi French toast is a popular Asian fusion dish that combines traditional French toast with soft and chewy mochi, giving it a unique texture and flavour. A standard Tochi is $15.00. You can also get The Tochi Flight for $16.00 for all available flavours (matcha, Nutella, taro, and kaya coconut). You can also add an extra scoop of ice cream for $2.00 per scoop.

Booth F37. Tochi (Mini Mochi French Toast)

F38. Rainbulb

They sell drinks in a bulb-looking flask; each colour corresponds to a flavour. Unfortunately, I didn't see any price on their booth.

  • Pink: Grapefruit
  • Orange: Orange & Mango
  • Yellow: Lime
  • Green: Melon
  • Blue: Kiwi
  • Purple: Strawberry & Berry Mix

F39. Mango Yummy

If you love mangoes, this is the booth to be. They offer different mango shaved ice and drinks. They have a location at 8271 Westminster Highway, Unit 1 Richmond.

  • Mango & Tofu Pudding Shaved Ice - $15.00
  • Mixed Fruit Shaved Ice - $15.00
  • Strawberry & Mango Shaved Ice with Ice Cream - $15.00
  • Strawberry Shaved Ice with Ice Cream - $15.00
  • Mango Shaved Ice with Ice Cream - $15.00
  • Rainbow Parfait - $10.00
  • Mango Sago with Grapefruit -$10.00
  • Mango & Jelly - $10.00
  • Mango Tapioca with Whipped Cream - $10.00
  • Mango Tofu Ice Drink - $10.00

F40. Potato Boy

Curly Fries is the name of the game at Potato Boy in booth F40. It's $11.00, and you can choose a flavour: salt & pepper, spicy BBQ, seaweed, and ketchup.

F41. Menya Raizo

I have visited Menya Raizo multiple times at 401 W Broadway, Vancouver. So I was surprised to see them have a booth at Richmond Night Market.

  1. Mega Cha-Shu Tonkatsu Ramen - $23.00
  2. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen - $15.00
  3. Mega Cha-Shu Mazesoba - $23.00
  1. Mazesoba - $15.00
  2. Shaved Ice Yuzu Shio Mazesoba - $15.00

F42. Roasted Pork Hocks

I didn't expect to see roasted pork hocks at the Richmond Night Market, yet here we are. This booth is a staple at the Vancouver Christmas Market. A whole pork hock is $24.00. If you want it with sauerkraut, it becomes $28.00. There's also half pork hock with saurkraut for $14.50. A side of saurkraut is $4.00.

Half pork hock with sauerkraut and rye bread from Haxen Haus at Vancouver Christmas Market

F43. Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken Strips

Booth F43, as the name implies, sells Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken Strips in two sizes: regular for $10.00 and large for $15.00. You also have the options between the following flavours: Original, Spicy, Japanese Mayo, Tomato, and New Orleans.

Original Taiwan Deep-Fried Chicken Strips in Richmond Night Market

F44. Vietnamese Fusion-Y

They sell Vietnamese Banhmi. You can get 1 for $17.00 or 2 for $30.00. Below are the available sandwiches:

  • Spicy Chicken
  • Lemongrass Chicken
  • Spicy Beef
  • Beef Bulgogi - BBQ Beef

F45. Boba Time

Boba Time offers slush, milk tea, and tea. Although, I didn't see any prices in their booth.


  • Lychee
  • Passion Fruit
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Caplis
  • Taro
  • Matcha
  • Strawberry

    Milk Tea

  • Classic
  • Green Tea
  • Coconut
  • Honey
  • Taro
  • Matcha
  • Thai
  • Brown Sugar


  • Lychee
  • Passion Fruit
  • Mango
  • Grapefruit
  • Guava
  • Peach
  • Caplis
  • Pineapple
  • Lemon
  • Honey

F46. Thai Affair Rolled Gelato

Rolled Gelato is an ice cream made by spreading a thin layer of ice cream mixture on a cold plate and then rolling it into small cylindrical shapes. One cup is $14.00, and you have the option between the following flavours: Cookies n' Cream, Strawberry Swirl, Mango, Tiramisu, and Kinder Bueno.

F47. Yoofo Mochi Skewer

Mochi skewer, also known as dango, is a Japanese sweet made from mochiko, a type of rice flour, and often served on a skewer. It is available in five flavours: honeydew, strawberry, coconut, oreo, or tiramisu. You can get 1 for $8.00 or 2 for $15.00

F48. Waffun

Waffun is essentially waffles on a stick. You can get one for $7.00. It is available in four flavours: Nutella Banana Cream, Bubblegum, Himalayan Pink Salt Caramel, and Blonde Maple.

Booth F48. Waffun

F49. Butter Beer Factory

Butter Beer is available for $9.00 a glass, and you can get a large beer mug for an additional $4.00. It is available in five flavours: Caramel Butter Beer, Durian Butter Beer, Pineapple Butter Beer, Matcha Milk Butter Beer, and Grape Butter Beer.

F50. Mango Rainbow Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice is a traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, fresh mango, and coconut milk. You can get a medium one for $12.00, a large for $14.00, and an even bigger one for $16.00

F51. Squid Feast

Deep-fried squid and deep-fried whole squid are available at booth F51. You can choose between four sauces: Spicy, Salt & Pepper, Sweet & Sour, and Spicy Garlic. However, I can't see the price on their booth.

F52. Fresh Juice

You can get juice from booth F52. There are two sizes: a smaller size for $7.00 and a bigger one for $8.00. There's mango, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, and honeydew.

Booth F52. Pineapple Juice from Fresh Juice

F53. Teppan Bossam

Korean fusion-style flame seated pork belly.

You can choose from garlic, spicy, teriyaki, or BBQ, and the regular size (10-12 pieces) is $13.00, while the large size (14-15 pieces) is $15.00

F54. Takoyaki

You can get 6 pieces of teriyaki, either octopus, bacon, or mushroom, for $10.00. Meanwhile, 6 pieces of scallop or shrimp takoyaki are $11.00.

Octopus Takoyaki

F55. Happy Man Dim Sum

They sell assorted dim sum and plates, including chow mein and fried rice.

  • Shrimp & BBQ Pork Fried Rice - $10.50 for small and $20.00 for large
  • Pork Siu Mai - $9.75 for 4 pieces and $19.00 for 8 pieces
  • Chow Mein - $9.50 for small and $19.00 for large
  • Shrimp & Pork Wonton - $9.75 for 4 pieces and $19.00 for 8 pieces
  • Curry Fish Balls - $9.75 for 4 pieces and $19.00 for 20 pieces

F56. Taste Good BBQ Squid

There's fried quid in booth F51, and now we see grilled squid.

  • Squid & Tofu - $19.00
  • BBQ Squid (Large) - $19.00
  • BBQ Squid (Small) - $16.00
  • Fish Cake (1 Skewer) - $3.00
  • Lobster Ball (1 Skewer) - $3.00
  • Tai Style Tofu (1 Skewer) - $7.00

F57. Qianwei BBQ

You can choose which meat to BBQ: lamb, prawn, pork, chicken, or beef.

  • Any 4 Skewers - $15.75
  • Any 5 Skewers - $19.00
  • Any 6 Skewers - $22.75
  • Any 8 Skewers - $29.00
  • Any 9 Skewers - $32.75
  • Any 10 Skewers - $36.00
  • 10 skewers (free 1 skewer) - $36.00
  • 20 Skewers (free 2 skewers) - $70.00

F58. Lao Er BBQ Squid

Grilled squid is available, no spicy, a little spicy, and very spicy.

  1. BBQ Squid - $16.00
  1. BBQ Squid Mix - $17.00
  1. BBQ Squid Rings - $18.00

F59. Po Wah Dim Sum

They sell assorted dim sum.

  • Pan-Fried Chicken or Pork Buns - $9.75 for 4 pieces and $19.00 for 8 pieces
  • Steamed Rie Balls - $9.75 for small and $19.00 for large
  • Pork Siu Mai - $9.75 for 4 pieces and $19.00 for 8 pieces
  • Sticky Rice (Chinese Sausage or Chicken or Veg) - $9.75 for small and $19.00 for large
  • Curry Fish Balls - $9.75 for 4 pieces and $19.00 for 20 pieces

Booth F59. Po Wah Dim Sum

F60. Sprinkles Gelato

Gelato is available at booth F60.

  • 1 or 2 scoops of Gelato in a cone or cup for $7.00 to $9.00
  • Gelato Sandwich - $10.00
  • Affogato - $8.00
  • Brownie Sundae - $15.00

F61. Happy Grill

They sell grilled meat on a skewer.

    Meat Choices:

  1. Angus Steak Beef
  2. Xinjiang Cumin Lamb
  3. Honey Garlic Chicken
  4. Premium BBQ Prawn
  5. BBQ Curry Fish Ball


  • Any 4 Skewers - $15.00
  • Any 6 Skewers - $22.00
  • Any 10 Skewers - $35.00

F62. Chicken Skin

Booth F62 sells chicken skin for $15.00. You can choose one of the flavours below:

  • Dill Pickle
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • Ketchup
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • White Cheddar
  • All Dressed
  • Jalapenos Cheddar
  • Sweet Chili

F63. Juicy Bears

They sell juices in a bear-shaped bottles for $10.00. Below are the available flavours:

  • Sunset Bear (Mango & Strawberry)
  • Beary Blast (Blue Raspberry & Strawberry)
  • Lychee-Beary Cooler (Lychee & Strawberry)
  • Mango-Raz Bear (Blue Raspberry & Mango)
  • Tropical Beary (Lychee & Mango)
  • Blue Lychee Blast(Lychee & Blue Raspberry)

F64. Hong's Takoyaki

It's our second Takoyaki booth! You have the option between an octopus, scallop, or shrimp. The price is 3 pieces for $7.00, 6 pieces for $10.00, and if you want to mix, you can get it for $11.00

F65. Tasty BBQ Oyster and Scallop

They sell grilled seafood.

  • Garlic Oyster - Large 2 pieces/$13.00 and Jumbo 2 pieces/$16.00
  • Garlic Scallop with Vermicelli - 2 pieces/$14.00
  • Garlic Shrimp with Vermicelli - 6 pieces/$13.00
  • Mussels with Cheese- 6 pieces/$13.00

F66. Burmese Plate

If you want a taste of Burmese (Myanmar) cuisine, head to booth F66.

  1. Garlic Oil Pork VermicelliK (Kyay Oh)- $15.00
  1. Laksa Soup - $15.00
  1. Golden Rice (Chicken Dan Pauk) - $17.00

Garlic Oil Pork VermicelliK (Khay Oh)
Vermicelli, garlic oil, vegetable, quail eggs, pork ball with shrimp and fish paste.

F67. Milk Cha

They sell milk tea for $11.00. Unfortunately, the picture I took is too blurry to list down the different flavours they offer.

F68. Tanghulu Sugar Bar

Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack made with skewered fruit coated in a hard candy shell.

  • Sugar Painting - $9.00
  • Assorted Sugar Fruit - $15.00
  • Sugar Strawberry - $15.00
  • Sugar Orange - $12.00
  • Sugar Grape - $11.00

F69. Momo's The Imalayan Dumplings

I enjoyed the deep-fried beef momo but couldn't read the price on the picture I took.

  • Deep Fried Momo (Beef)
  • Chili Momo (Beef)
  • Steamed Momo (Beef)
  • Chili Momo (Pork)
  • Steamed Momo (Pork)

F70. The Twist

Booth F70 sells twister churros.

  • Churro with Cinnamon Sugar - $6.00
  • Original - $14.00
  • Oreo - $15.00
  • Rainbow - $15.00
  • Caramel - $14.00

F71. The Calpis

Calpis is a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink. The beverage has a light, somewhat milky, and slightly acidic flavour, similar to plain or vanilla-flavoured yogurt or Yakult. There's no price in the picture I took, but they have 5 available flavours: Strawberry, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Honeydew, and Peach.

F72. The Squid Shop

They sell grilled squid.

    Step 1. Choose:

  • Tentacles - $18.00
  • Rings - $18.00
  • Mix - $17.00

    Step 2: Choose a flavour:

  • Sweet Chili
  • Soy Garlic
  • Spicy

F73. Nori Tacos

They sell sushi tacos with fried seaweed as a "taco shell." It's $12.00 each. Below are your choices:

  • Spicy Salmon
  • Spicy Tuna
  • Chopped Scallop +$2.00
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Dynamite +$2.00
  • California
  • Wakame

Spicy Salmon Sushi Taco from Taco Nori

F74. Chicken Karaage

They sell fried chicken. Moreover, chicken skin is available for $15.00

    Step 1. Choose a size:

  • Small - $15.00
  • Medium - $18.00
  • Large - $20.00

    Step 2: Choose a flavour:

  • Honey Mustard
  • Sweet Chili
  • Spicy Mayo
  • Soy Garlic
  • Wasabi Mayo

F75. 17°C Bubble Tea

They sell milk tea, black/green tea, slush, and real fruit slush.

    Milk Tea - $8.25

  • Original
  • Honeydew
  • Taro
  • Matcha
  • Chocolate
  • Coconut
  • Vanilla
  • Manga
  • Jasmine
  • Strawberry
  • Mocha
  • Honey
  • Pineapple
  • Pina Colada
  • Brown Sugar Parls Milk Tea - $9.75

    Slush - $9.00

  • Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Grapefruit
  • Coconut
  • Mango
  • Green Apple
  • Honeydew
  • Matcha
  • Passion Fruit
  • Lychee
  • Taro
  • Pine Colada

    Toppings - $0.75 / each

  • Pearls
  • Mango Jelly
  • Lychee Jelly
  • Mango Boba
  • Coconut Jelly
  • Lychee Boba
  • Grass Jelly
  • Cheese Foam ($1.50)
  • Brown Sugar Pearls ($1.00)

    Black/Green Tea - $8.25

  • Original
  • Lychee
  • Passion Fruit
  • Grapefruit
  • Mango
  • Yakult / Yogurt
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Green Apple

    Real Fruit Slush - $9.50

  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Mango Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry Pineapple

F76 and F77. Fresh On Food

It's a booth dedicated to Asian meal kit delivery Fresh On Food.

F78. Yummy Tea

They sell what seems to be Vietnamese drinks.

  • Black Tea - $8.00
  • Green Tea - $8.00
  • Beauty Tea - $7.00
  • Pandan Milk - $6.00

F79. Ikoi Mochi Donut

They sell mochi donuts.

    Step 1. Choose how many:

  • 1-piece - $5.00
  • 2-piece - $10.00
  • 3-piece - $14.00
  • 4-piece - $18.00
  • 5-piece - $23.00

    Step 2: Choose a flavour:

  • Raspberry
  • Ube (Purple Yam)
  • Black Sesame
  • Pistachio Cheesecake
  • Chocolate

F80. Tan's Shrimp Paste

Each shrimp paste item below is available for $18.00

  • Garlic Shrimp Paste
  • Butter Curry Shrimp Paste
  • Shrimp Paste with Mayonnaise
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Shrimp Paste

F81. Doux Delicious

They sell loukoumades. Loukoumades (also known as Greek honey puffs) are deep-fried dough balls soaked in sweet syrup and often sprinkled with cinnamon and chopped nuts.

They cost $15.00 and are available with the following toppings:

  • Oreo Loukoumades
  • Nutella Loukoumades with hazelnut
  • Biscoff Loukoumades
  • Pisctachio Loukoumades
  • Half & Half Loukoumades (Pistachio and Nutella)

This was a traditional Loukoumades when we went to Greek Day on Broadway last year.

F82. Poutine Paradise

Booth F82 sells poutine for $15.00. Below are the available options:

  • Shrimp Poutine
  • Chicken Poutine
  • Bacon Chips Poutine
  • Sausage Poutine
  • Chili Poutine

F83. Piko Delicious Indulgences

They sell sandwiches.

  • Chicken French Dip - $7.50
  • Italian Roast Beef Sandwich - $8.50
  • Pistachio Beef Salami Sandwich - $6.50
  • Special Sandwich - $8.50

F84. Magic Konjac World

Konjac is a type of herbaceous perennial plant native to Southeast Asia. The root of the konjac plant is used to make a type of low-calorie, high-fibre, gelatinous food often used as a substitute for noodles, rice, and other starches in various Asian dishes. Unfortunately, however, I couldn't find a menu or price on their booth to know exactly how they sell it.

F85. Dango House

Dango is a Japanese sweet treat made of mochiko (rice flour) that is typically boiled and served on a skewer. You can try any of the two flavours below for $10.00.

  • Sweet Soy Sauce
  • Matcha
  • Red Bean
  • Brown Sugar
  • Black Sesame

F86. Fresh Squeeze Lemonade

They sell lemonade for $8.00, but you can get a bucket size for $15.00.

  • Original
  • Lime
  • Kiwi
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Passionfruit
  • Mango

F87 and F88. The Big Way Hot Pot

They sell skewers in a hot pot. You can get 3 skewers for $10 or 6 skewers for $18.00. They also offer a Seafood Mix with Bigway Special Sauce for $18.00.

  1. Bigway Special Beef
  2. Beef Omasum
  3. Peeled Shrimp
  1. Shrimp Ball with Duck Egg Yolk
  2. Peeled Crayfish
  3. Fish Ball + Urchin Fish Ball
  1. Abalone
  2. Tofu Skin
  3. Quail Egg

F89. Dim Sum Express

Get different dim sum and chow mein at booth F89 Dim Sum Express. I wonder if this is the same Dim Sum Express food truck.

  • Shrimp Dumpling - 5 pieces/$10.00 and 10 pieces/$18.00
  • Veggie Spring Roll - 5 pieces/$10.00 and 10 pieces/$18.00
  • Pan-Fried Dumpling - 5 pieces/$10.00 and 10 pieces/$18.00
  • BBQ Pork Bun - 2 pieces/$10.00 and 4 pieces/$18.00
  • Chow Mein - 1 Box/$10.00 and 2 Boxes/$18.00

    Chow Mein Combo - $18.00

  • Shrimp Dumpling (2-piece)
  • Pan-Fried Dumpling (2-piece)
  • Spring Roll (2-piece)
  • Chow Mein

    Dim Sum Combo - $17.00

  • Shrimp Dumpling (2-piece)
  • Pan-Fried Dumpling (2-piece)
  • Spring Roll (2-piece)
  • BBQ Pork Bun (2-piece)

F90. Tropical Paradise

They seem to be selling drinks, but there's no menu or prices in the booth when we went there.

F91, F92, and F93. Big Beard BBQ

Big Beard BBQ occupies three booths and each one is dedicated to a specific type of grilled meat.

F93. Jumbo Meat Skewer

  1. Jumbo AAA Steak Beef
    Jumbo Premium Cumin Lamb
    Jumbo Honey Garlic Chicken
  2. AAA Steak Beef
  3. Premium Cumin Lamb
  4. Honey Garlic Chicken
  5. Classic BBQ Prawn
  6. BBQ Seitan

    Any Skewers:

  • 4 for $15.00
  • 6 for $22.00
  • 10 for $35.00

F94. Oyster BBQ Fish

  1. Garlic & Black Pepper Oyster - 10 for $15.00
  2. Grilled Bun
    • 4 for $15.00
    • 6 for $22.00
    • 10 for $35.00


    • Pork
    • Lamb
    • Beef
    • Chicken
  1. BBQ Original Chicken Knee
  2. Grilled Pork Tenderloin

      Any Skewers:

    • 4 for $15.00
    • 6 for $22.00
    • 10 for $35.00
  3. BBQ Tofu Sheet - 10 for $10.00

F91. Deep Fried Squid

  1. Deep Fried Squid

      Choose Size:

    • Small - $15.00
    • Large - $19.00

      Choose Flavour:

    • Garlic & Pepper
    • Sweet Seaweed
    • Sweet Chili
    • Cheddar Cheese
    • Hot & Spicy

F94. Fish Sticks

Taiwanese fish sticks are a popular street food in Taiwan. They are made by deep-frying fish paste that is mixed with various seasonings and served on a stick. They are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

    Classic Saucey - $10.00 each (2 for $18.00)

  • Teriyaki-Mayo
  • Sweet Thai
  • Wasabi Mayo
  • Tartar
  • Spicy-Mayo
  • Creamy Jalapeno

    Classic Powdery - $10.00 each (2 for $18.00)

  • Ketchup
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Garlic Plus
  • Lemon Pepper

    Asia Specials - $12.00 each (2 for $20.00)

  • Sweet Gochujang (Korea)
  • Northern Spicy Deluxe (China)
  • Peanut Ginger (Thailand)
  • Chili Supreme (Japan)

Salt and Pepper Fish Sticks

Teri Mayo Fish Sticks

F95. Daikichi (Giant Takoyaki)

The only food stall that seels Bakudanyaki, a popular street food in Japan that consists of a large ball-shaped snack made from batter and filled with various ingredients.

Bakudanyaki is $11.00 each, but you can also get 6 pieces of takoyaki for $10.00. You can choose one of the flavours below:

  • Pizza Mayo
  • Curry
  • Wasabi Mayo
  • Chili Mayo
  • Original-Mayo
  • Kimchi
  • Seaweed
  • Masago
  • Truffle Mayo - $12.00
  • Crab Meat - $13.00

F96. Twinkle Cube Cafe

They sell assored fresh fruit juices and slush for $8.50.

F97. Fried House (Stinky Tofu)

They're heavily promoting their stinky tofu.

  1. Blank Stinky Tofu - $15.00
  2. Stinky Tofu - $14.00
  3. Salt & Pepper Tofu - $12.00
  1. Shrimp Chips - $7.00
  2. Rice Cake with BBQ Sauce - $15.00 for 3

F98. Fried House (Chicken Skin)

You can get salted egg yolk fish skin for $13.00. Meanwhile, you can buy chicken skin for $12.00 and choose one of the following flavours: garlic, spicy, cheese, orleans.

F99. Big G

Big G sells gigantic fried chicken. They have a location along Robston Street in Downtown Vancouver.

  • Boneless Cheese Chicken - $17.00
  • Bone In Jumbo Chicken - $16.00
  • Mini Chicken Steaks (7 pieces) - $16.00
  • Popcorn Chicken - $16.00
  • Fish Cakes - $15.00
  • Oyster Mushroom - $13.00

Jumbo Chicken Steak at Big G Downtown Vancouver location

F100. Big G Drinks

Big G offers drink.

    Available Flavours:

  • Canada Dry Fruit Punch
  • Passion Fruit Sparkling
  • Rose Lychee Sparkling
  • Peach Sparkling
  • Pineapple Sparkling


  • 1 Drink - $10.00
  • 2 Drinks - $9.50 each ($19.00)
  • 3 Drinks or more - $9.00 each

F101. Fusion Wrap

They sell wraps with different contents.

  • Tuna Salad - $13.00
  • Spam, Egg, & Cheese - $14.00
  • Egg & Dried Pork - $13.00
  • Spicy Shredded Chicken - $14.00
  • Kimchi Beef - $14.00
  • Tuna Salad Deluxe - $16.00
  • Spam, Egg, & Cheese Deluxe - $16.00
  • Egg & Dried Pork Deluxe - $16.00
  • Spicy Shredded Chicken Deluxe- $18.00
  • Kimchi Beef Deluxe - $16.00

F102. Cheef BBQ Japanese Takoyaki

They sell 6 takoyaki for $10.00

F103. Chef BBQ Xinjiang Style BBQ

They sell grilled meat on a skewer.

    Meat Choices:

  • Angus Steak Beef
  • Xinjiang Cumin Lamb
  • Sweet Garlic Chicken
  • Premium BBQ Prawn
  • Honey Garlic Chicken Skin


  • Any 4 Skewers - $15.00
  • Any 6 Skewers - $22.00
  • Any 10 Skewers - $35.00

F104. Mini Donuts

They sell freshly made mini donuts.

    Available flavours:

  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Matcha Sugar
  • Condensed Milk


  • 16 Donuts for $10.00
  • 24 Donuts for $15.00
  • 48 Donuts for $25.00

F105. Zen Tea House Sweet Soup

Zen Tea House has a location at 14807 Marin Drive, White Rock, BC.

  • Ice Jelly with Brown Sugar - $12.00
  • Red Bean & Taro with Coconut Milk - $13.00
  • Cool Shrimp-Shaped Rice Drink with Brown Sugar - $12.00

F106. Yum Yum Tteokbokki

They sell Tteokbokki.

  • Yumboki - $12.00
  • Roseboki - $14.00
  • Cheeseboki - $15.00
  • Yum Stick - $8.00
  • Kimari - $8.00

F107. Crazy Zhang The King of BBQ

They sell grilled meat on a skewer.

    Meat Choices:

  • Lamb Skewer
  • Beef Skewer
  • Chicken Skewer
  • Shrimp Skewer


  • Any 5 Skewers - $19.00
  • Any 10 Skewers - $36.00

F108. Myst Bala Foods Classic Tawainese Food

They have a location at 6400 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC.

  1. Taiwanese Fried Chicken - $12.00
  2. Deep-Fried Fish Cake - $7.00
  3. Classic Steamed Sticky Rice - $8.00
  1. Taiwanese Sausage wrapped with Glutinous Rice - $11.00
  2. Deluxe Deep Fried Basket - $25.00

Deluxe Deep-Fried Basket from Myst
Taiwanese fried chicken, deep-fried fish cake, classic steamed sticky rice, and Taiwanese sausage wrapped with glutinous rice.

F109. Ice Monster

They sell shaved ice for $12.00. There are no names on the different flavours except for mango.

F110. Karaage King

Fried chicken is the king at booth F110.

  1. Hell's Fire Jalapeno
  2. Yuzu Honey Mustard
  3. Mentai Mayo
  1. Teri Tar Tar
  2. Sweet Chilli Sesame
  • Mini (4 pieces) - $4.95
  • Regular (8 pieces) - $18.00
  • Extra - $2.00

Food Truck: Tokyo Katsu-Sand

They sell Japanese sandwiches.

  • Gyu-Katsu - $16.40
  • Menchi-Katsu - $15.95
  • Ton-Katsu - $15.95
  • Chicken-Katsu - $15.95
  • Fish-Katsu - $15.75
  • Ebi-Katsu - $15.75

Deep-fried Canadian strip loin beef cutlet, gyu-katsu sauce, and wasabi-mixed mayonnaise

S1. Sip Bowl La Mian

They have a store in Richmond and Vancouver.

  • Sipbowl Signature LaMian - $10.00
  • Spicy Vermicelli - $10.00
  • Braised Beef LaMian - $10.00
  • Chilli Potato Slice - $8.00
  • Saurekraut LaMian - $10.00

I hope you find the complete list of food vendors with menu and prices at the Richmond Night Market useful.

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