Saturday, April 30, 2022

Cineplex Outtakes Menu and Prices | Checklist

Updated 2023 Cineplex Outtakes Menu and Prices are available here.

Are you looking for a delicious and affordable meal to enjoy before or after catching the latest blockbuster movie? Look no further than Cineplex, Canada's leading entertainment destination. With a wide range of mouth-watering options on their food menu, including classic movie snacks and gourmet dishes, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the Cineplex food menu and prices so you can plan your next movie night out with confidence. From fan-favourite items like popcorn and candy to more substantial offerings like sandwiches and pizzas, Cineplex has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to explore all the tasty treats on offer at your local Cineplex.

We love going to the movies, and I have decided to add the menu of Cineplex here.

Items and prices are subject to change without prior notice. The menu is based on the Cineplex Marine Gateway Vancouver location. All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes and tips.

Cineplex Popcorn Menu

Product Name Price
Combo 1
1 Large Popcorn, 1 Large Drink, 1 Regular Candy
$19.57 $22.02
Combo 2
2 Regular Popcorn, 2 Regular Drink, 2 Regular Candy
$37.14 $38.04
☑️ Combo 3
1 Large Popcorn, 2 Regular Drink, 1 Regular Candy
$24.66 $25.11
Combo 4
1 Bag of Poptopia, 1 Bottled Drink, 1 Regular Candy
1 Large Popcorn, 2 Regular Drink, 2 Regular Candies, 1 Mix-in
$17.37 $35.10
Combo 5
1 Large Drink, 1 Snack (Hotdog with Nachos)
$14.58 $15.58
Individual Items
Product Name Size Price
Popcorn Small $6.99
Regular $7.49
Large $7.99
Add Butter $1.25
Fountain Drinks Small $5.09
Regular $5.59
Large $6.09
Snacks (Hot Dogs) Hot Dog $4.49
Hot Dog with Nachos $8.49
Add a Hot Dog $3.49

Cineplex Outtakes Menu

Personal Size Combo
with Regular Drink
Cheese $5.99 $11.58
Pepperoni $6.49 $12.08
Pesto Margherita $6.99 $12.58
Meat Lovers $7.49 $13.08
Hot Dog Meal
with Regular Drink
πŸ”² Classic $14.07
☑️ BBQ Pulled Pork $16.57
πŸ”² Chilli Cheese $16.57
+ Add bacon Slice $1.50
Poutine and Regular Drink
☑️ Classic $12.58
☑️ Pulled Pork $14.08
☑️ Bacon $14.08
πŸ”² Beef Chilli $14.08
+ Double your cheese curds $2.00
πŸ”² Fried Chicken Sandwich $7.49
πŸ”² Pulled Pork Sandwich $6.49
πŸ”² Classic $6.69
πŸ”² Beef Chilli $8.69
πŸ”² Pulled Pork $8.69
Pick any 3 shareables and save $3.00
☑️ Mac & Cheese Wedges (5 pcs) $6.49
☑️ Chicken Tenders (4 pcs) $6.99
☑️ Boneless Chicken Bites (6 pcs) $9.99
☑️ Tasti Tater Snacks $4.99
☑️ Mini Churros (5 pcs) $5.99
Single Items
πŸ”² Pulled Pork Sandwich $6.49
☑️ Classic Dog $4.49
☑️ BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Dog $6.99
πŸ”² Chilli Cheese Hot Dog $6.99
☑️ Bacon Poutine $8.49
☑️ Pulled Pork Poutine $8.49
☑️ Classic Poutine $6.99
+ Add a hot dog to any meal $3.50
☑️ Regular Fries $3.99
πŸ”² Large Fries $4.99
πŸ”² Sweet Potato Fries Poutine $5.99

Cineplex Melt Menu

Vanilla Soft Serve (Choose 1 Sauce and 2 Toppings)
πŸ”² Regular $6.29
πŸ”² Large $7.49
Extra Topping $0.99
Extra Sauce $0.99
πŸ”² Chocolate $6.99
πŸ”² Cookies & Cream $6.99
πŸ”² Vanilla $6.99
πŸ”² Strawberry Banana $6.99
πŸ”² Mango $6.99

My favourite item from Cineplex Outtakes is the Pulled Pork Poutine.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Dinner at Tim Hortons

Happy Wednesday! It's almost a week since my wisdom teeth extraction. I think I'm recovering quite nicely. We decided to walk around the neighbourhood since the weather was nice. Before heading home, we had dinner at Tim Hortons.

Hubby said I shouldn't eat donuts yet, so I ordered my favourite chilli with the complimentary bread. I absolutely love the soft bread soaked in chilli. I also got potato wedges, but the edges are too hard, so I only nibble on the middle part, and hubby ate the rest.

Frozen Lemonade

Cilantro Lime Chicken Wrap

Meanwhile, my husband ordered the Cilantro Lime Chicken Loaded Wrap. He said it was fine and different from what you usually get from Tims. I can't wait to try it too!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Soft Foods Lunch at Boston Pizza

Happy Sunday! I had all four wisdom teeth extracted last Thursday, and I have been eating ready-made soup from Save on Foods for the past three days and mashed cauliflower. Moreover, I had two antibiotics and two types of painkillers.

To change things up, I looked at the menu of different restaurants near us to look for soup and mashed potatoes. Thankfully, both are available at Boston Pizza.

Husband appreciation section: I would like to thank my husband for taking care of me since after the surgery. He's been preparing my meals and making sure I have icepacks on my cheeks. Thanks, Love.

BP's French Onion Soup
A rich beef broth made with sherry and sweet onions. Topped with house-made crostini, Gouda, provolone, pizza mozzarella, and Parmesan, then baked until the cheese is a bubbly golden brown.

The French Onion Soup of Boston Pizza didn't look appetizing, but it was flavourful, and the bread soaked the broth, making it soft and perfect for my swollen cheeks.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
A heaping helping of garlicky, fluffy carb-a-licious goodness

After three days of vegetarian soup, the Garlic Mashed Potatoes are what I need. It's filled with carbohydrates made me feel happy.

Royal Hawaiian Pizza
Sweet Thai honey garlic, Gouda, provolone, Parmesan, pizza mozzarella, red onions, smoked prosciutto, bacon, pineapple, and toasted sesame seeds.

On the other hand, hubby ordered pizza because he could eat anything he wanted and didn't have swollen chipmunk cheeks. To end our meal, we had the only dessert with ice cream.

Chocolate Brownie Addiction
Two warm chocolate brownies topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with our caramel and chocolate sauces.

Our fridge is filled with more Carrot Ginger Soup and mashed cauliflower, and our pantry now includes mac and cheese and pudding. Hopefully this would be sufficient until end of work, or I'll just order mashed potatoes from Boston Pizza.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Dinner at Mr. Japanese Curry

Happy Wednesday. I told my husband that this was my "Last Supper." I am having all four of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, and it's advised to eat soft food (soup, smoothies, and mashed vegetables) in the next 5-7 days, so we walked to Cambie Village to Save on Foods for ready-cooked soup that hubby can easily reheat with minimal movements from me.

I also get paranoid thinking, what if something happens during the minor surgery and this becomes my last meal. I totally would want to eat Japanese curry. Every time we go to a Japanese restaurant (whether they specialize in sushi or ramen), if they have curry, I will most likely order it with tonkatsu as my meat topping and, of course, with rice.

My favourite Japanese curry is from Suika, but my dinner tonight came a really close second, and that's saying a lot from their delicious meals. The only downside is Mr. Japanese Curry has such a small place that your clothes will smell like curry afterwards.

I tried to replicate the Suika meal of Beef Curry (#3 in Mr. Japanese Curry) with Tonkatsu (under toppings) and chose Level 2 heat (it's the right heat). It was almost perfect except that Suika curry had the beef shredded and so soft while with Mr. Japanese Curry it's in chunks.

#3 Beef Curry (Stewed Beef) with Tonkatsu 

Overall, I'll come back to Mr. Japanese Curry and enjoy this meal again.

Hubby ordered #4 Mr. Curry and I enjoyed the cheese, onion, and pork combination with curry sauce and rice. 

#4 Mr. Curry
Beef curry with sliced grilled pork and onions in a homemade garlic soy sauce, fried shrimp, a hard-boiled egg, and melted cheese

Boneless fried chicken

The karaage was lightly battered and extremely juicy. It was definitely worth it.

For future me, please order less rice and more curry sauce. Yum!

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Lunch at Neptune Wonton Noodle

Hubby and I are frugal to a fault. We only do shopping for clothes, shoes, and things we need once a year (if we need something maybe twice) and today is our "shopping day". I felt so guilty for buying pajamas (because the ones I have are starting to deteriorate) and shoes, but we need it. I thank God for the many blessings that we can do this.

In between shopping, we decided to have lunch at Neptune Wonton Noodle because I am really craving for wonton noodle soup. If I am not calorie counting, I will order a second bowl.

Pork and Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup

Two Items (Beef Balls and Fish Balls) with Noodle in Soup

Soup Dumplings

I don't recommend their Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), but I look forward to trying their other dim sum.

Chinese Donut

Yay for Neptune Wonton Noodle.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Dinner at The Junction Pub

Happy Saturday! It was a beautiful partly cloudy day, but the Vancouver Whitecaps FC had an away game against Montreal at 12:00 NN which they lost. We stayed home to watch the game before heading out and walking almost 5km to English Bay Beach to meet with my sister.

English Bay Beach

We spent an hour on the sand and enjoying the cold breeze. It's so nice! Afterwards, we walked along Davie Street to find a place to have dinner. My sister said she hasn't tried The Junction Pub and we should go there.

Fresh cut corn tortilla chips, olives, jalapeΓ±os, red onion, and tomatoes with cheddar and jack cheeses. Served with salsa and sour cream

We had a food coma dinner. For sharing, we ordered Nachos with Corn & Black Bean Medley. Hubby had The Works which has everything while I enjoyed and was impressed with their Veggie Burger. 

Veggie Burger with Tossed Salad
House made chickpea and mushroom patty

I am so happy to find a vegetarian burger that is not Beyond Meat or Impossible Meat or whatever highly processed meat. Meanwhile, hubby was pleased with The Works because you can take a bite of

The Works with Fries
7oz butcher cut burger with BBQ sauce, mushrooms, fried onions, bacon, double cheese: cheddar & mozzarella

To end the meal, we shared a Bread Pudding.

Bread Pudding
Topped with caramel sauce and served with vanilla ice cream

I love the food at The Junction Pub and I am looking forward to coming back. Since we had too much to eat, we decided to walk almost 5 km home and was rewarded with this view from Burrard Bridge. I love Vancouver!

View of Granville Bridge from Burrard Bridge

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Dinner at Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle

We watched Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore tonight, but before the movie, we decided to grab dinner at Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle close to the cinema.

I ordered from Chef Hung for delivery in January and thought Redbeef was still better, but I thought dining it might be better to give the chain a fair chance.

Their Taiwanese sausage is still delicious, but for everything else, I'll go to Redbeef.

Deep-Fried Taiwanese Sausage

Salt & Pepper Chicken Nuggets

Taiwanese Style Deep-Fried Chicken Cutlet on Rice

Deep-Fried Pork Chop on Rice

Happy Thursday, and it's a long weekend.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Noodle Nirvana: Metro Vancouver's Best Ramen Shops according to 7 articles

First published April 20, 2022 | Last updated February 3, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate ramen revelation in the heart of Vancouver! I'm a ramen enthusiast and want to try the best ramen shops in the city. This list is curated from insights shared by the 13 articles below.

A bowl of ramen from JINYA Ramen Bar

Tier 1: The Unanimous All-Star Ramen Shop

All seven articles included these three ramen shops on their list.

  1. πŸ—Ή JINYA Ramen Bar - January 23, 2022
  2. πŸ—Ή Marutama Ra-Men - December 1, 2023
  3. ☐ Ramen Danbo

Tier 2: The High Achievers

These ramen shops are recommended by 6 of the 7 articles.

  1. πŸ—Ή Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - October 29, 2023
  2. ☐ The Ramen Butcher

Tier 3: The Consistent Contenders

These ramen shops are recommended by 5 of the 7 articles.

  1. πŸ—Ή Kintaro Ramen - January 29, 2022
  2. ☐ Motomachi Shokudo
  3. πŸ—Ή Taishoken Ramen - February 1, 2024

Tier 4: Varied Favourites

These ramen shops are recommended by 3 of the 7 articles.

  1. πŸ—Ή Kinton Ramen - October 22, 2022
  2. πŸ—Ή Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba - January 22, 2022
  3. πŸ—Ή Ramen Gojiro - January 16, 2024

Tier 5: Emerging Favourites

These ramen shops are recommended by 2 of the 7 articles.

  1. πŸ—Ή Benkei Ramen (closed) - October 7, 2022
  2. ☐ Harvest Community Foods
  3. ☐ Ramen Taka

Tier 6: Unique Experiences

These ramen shops are mentioned by 1 article.

  1. ☐ Akedo Showten Ramen + Gyoza
  2. ☐ G-men Ramen
  3. πŸ—Ή Gyo Para Gyoza & Ramen Bar - April 10, 2022
  4. πŸ—Ή Horin Ramen + Sake - February 2, 2024
  5. πŸ—Ή Menya Raizo - February 5, 2022
  6. ☐ Ramen Densetsu
  7. ☐ The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe
  8. ☐ Yah Yah Ya Ramen
  9. ☐ ZUBU Ramen

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Almond Marzipan Cheesecake from Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee

Who is obsessed with cheesecake from Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee? We are! After enjoying our ramen at nearby Gyo Para, we enjoyed a slice of Almond Marzipan Cheesecake at the Trees Arbutus location.

Almond Marzipan Cheesecake

Almond Marzipan Cheesecake

I love their tables outside, and the street is definitely quieter than the West Broadway and Fir location. However, the Fir branch wins with friendlier service and cleaner bathroom.

For reference, below are some of the seasonal cheesecakes we have tried.

Lunch at Gyo Para Ramen & Gyoza Bar

Happy Sunday! After Palm Sunday Mass today, I am craving comforting ramen. It's that time of the month when I am in so much pain, and a bowl of ramen just makes things a bit better.

Premium Tonkotsu Ramen
Rich signature pork broth with chashu, half soft-boiled egg, kikurage (cloud ear mushrooms), ginger, green onions, nori, and garlic oil

Hubby ordered the Premium Tonkotsu Ramen while I had my usual Kara Miso Ramen.

Kara Miso Ramen
Spicy miso flavoured broth with chashu, half soft-boiled egg, bean sprouts, and chilli oil

Kara Miso Ramen with Medium Noodle Thickness

Original Gyoza
Homemade pan-fried pork dumplings

Fried Chicken

Where is your favourite ramen place in Vancouver? Check out this post for the best ones in the city.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Dinner from Pearl Castle Cafe

Today, we're celebrating our only brother's birthday by having dinner delivered at home from Pearl Castle Cafe, then watching the Vancouver Whitecaps FC (spoiler alert: they lost 3-2 against the Portland Timbers).

Dinner from Pearl Castle Cafe

We ordered Kung Paw Chicken, spicy and non-spicy fried chicken nuggets, Taiwanese sausage, fried chicken thigh, fried pork chop, and pineapple shrimp fried rice.

The food was delicious. I can't wait to dine here and order the fried chicken nuggets (it rivals Redbeef), Taiwanese sausage, and fried chicken thighs. Yum!

Friday, April 8, 2022

Dinner at Sports Lounge in BC Place | Canada Women's National Team Celebration Tour

Happy Friday! We just arrived home from BC Place to celebrate Canada Women's National Team (#canwnt) and their achievements, specifically winning Gold in the summer Olympics.

It's a last-minute decision to watch the game today, and I am glad we did. We only have watched the Vancouver Whitecaps FC in person. Watching the National Team showed me the difference in quality between an excellent team and a (sorry 'Caps) mediocre team.

Canada Women's National Team VS Nigeria Women's National Team

There were 20,601 supporters in BC Place and many young football players in the stadium with their teammates cheering and just happy to watch their idols in person. I am pleased to see lots of parents support their kids.

Before the game and after the warm-up, there was a standing ovation when Christine Sinclair' was honoured for being the world's all-time leading scorer (yes, for both men and women). How amazing is that?

Before kick-off, there was a Gold Medal Celebration, and during halftime, there was a Hall of Fame Celebration. Canada won against Nigeria 2-nil. Yay!

After the game, Stephanie LabbΓ©, the goalkeeper for the National Team, was celebrated as she retired by the end of this Celebration Tour.

We watched in Section 344, which is served by a Sports Lounge. Yes, there is a bar section where you can sit down and enjoy your meal. The angle is also perfect for watching the game.

Section 344 BC Place

Because it's a Friday and we're still in Holy Week, we chose two meals with no beef, pork, or chicken. Hubby had a delicious bowl of Macaroni and Cheese,   while I had a healthy Tuna Bowl but ordered French Fries early into the first half.

Oceanwise Tuna Bowl

Macaroni and Cheese

House Fries

It's a happy Friday food day.

View from Cambie Bridge
Above: Taken around 6:00 PM
Bottom: Taken around 10:00 PM

It's a happy Friday. We also walked to and from BC Place, which means more than 7 kilometres of brisk walking.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Grocery from Aling Mary's then Dinner at Hime Sushi

I am happy. We decided to walk 3 kilometres to the closest Filipino store today and visited Aling Mary's on Main Street. We left at 5:00 PM and arrived 15 minutes before they closed. The employees are obviously preparing to go, and fewer items are available.

We managed to grab banana chips, ube pandesal, Spanish bread, and piaya. I'm so excited to enjoy all this in the next few days.

Grocery from Aling Mary's

After grocery, we went to nearby Shoppers as part of our weekly grocery run. Then, we decided to have dinner at Hime Sushi.

We rarely find Okonomiyaki offered in Japanese restaurants we visited so far, which means we had to order it when we saw it. 

Homemade veggie and seafood Japanese pancake

Hubby and I have also started calorie-counting again, so we requested only one thing each. I had the Golden Dragon Roll while he ordered the Deluxe Tempura.

Deluxe Tempura
5 pieces prawn, 9 pieces vegetables, and 2 pieces fish skewers

The fish skewer is the bomb! Everything on the deluxe tempura is good, but that fish skewer was the unexpected surprise. I love it.

Golden Dragon Roll
Inside: Prawn tempura, imitation crab meat, cucumber
Top: Seated salmon, deep-fried yam strings, unagi sauce, and house mayo

Golden Dragon Roll from Hime Sushi

We planned to take the bus home but decided to walk more than 3 kilometres with our heavy grocery bags. The walk felt short (even though it took us almost an hour) because we were discussing travel plans, our dream home, and we were amused by the things we saw during the walk back home. I am happy.

Mountain Views and Buildings in Downtown Vancouver taken in South Cambie

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Lunch at Saku

We had errands to run around South Cambie and decided to grab lunch at Saku because there's no line.

Tokujgyo Rosu Katsu
Deep-fried premium pork cut loin

I ordered the Tokujgyo Rosu Katsu set, which comes with miso soup, katsu sauce, shredded cabbage salad, and white rice. The soup, salad, and rice are unlimited. I also ordered two add-ons: a bowl of their signature curry (amazing over rice) and deep-fried breaded chicken thigh.

The Tokujgyo Rosu Katsu is juicy and fatty.

Meanwhile, hubby ordered the Hire Katsu set.

Hire Katsu Set

I can't wait to come back here and order The Zenbu Katsu set. Unfortunately, it wasn't on the physical menu, but I saw it on their website. Additional comment: according to my husband, the Zenbu Katsu set was on the menu when we were there at the bottom. I just completely missed it.

After the food coma meal, we walked home.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Dinner from Dawson's Hot Dogs at BC Place | Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs Sporting Kansas City

Happy Saturday! It's the second home game of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. This year, we will watch 12 of the 17 home games in BC Place, and I hope to try as much food as possible. We won! Woohoo! It's our first win of the season, and it's at home.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC won against Sporting Kansas City!

We ordered from Dawson's Hot Dogs for our game-day dinner - I chose the Foot Long Hot Dog Supreme while hubby ordered the Foot Long Hot Dog.

Foot Long Hot Dog Supreme
Harvest meats, pork & beef wiener, house-made chilli, cheddar and mozzarella cheese

Foot Long Hot Dog
Harvest Meats and Pork & Beef Wiener

After ordering the hot dog, I purchased lemonade from Lemon Heaven, and when I came back, hubby said that our cashier was new and didn't know what goes on top of the Hot Dog Supreme. There's no long line, so it's okay.

After getting our hot dog, I was disappointed that the cheese was not melted. I think the cheese should go on top of the hotdog, then the house-made chilli on top to melt the cheese a bit.

I think BC Place is using the same hot dog from Costco. Our next home game is next Saturday, April 9, 2022.

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