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Where to get Buko Pie in Vancouver?

I am craving for Filipino buko pie, but I don't know where's the best place to get one that will deliver to our home. I asked the Facebook group I belong to and below are their suggestions: Vancouver Restaurants with Buko Pie Kumare Restaurant and Bakery - They have a branch in Richmond, Delta, and Vancouver. Hapag Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Grill - Two people, recommended the buko pie from Hapag. They're located in Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Aling Mary's - They're located in Main Street, Vancouver, and I have ordered a buko pie from them in the past, but I know they don't deliver. Home-Based Online Vendor with Buko Pie Pinay Bakes - Facebook page - Two people recommended their buko pie. Ruby Lyn Dacanay - She's the first one to send me a private message and pictures of the buko pie, and it looks great. Do you know of other places in Vancouver that serve buko pie? Leave a comment

International Village Food Court: Dinner at Giant Panda and Bali Thai

We're watching Isle of Dogs at International Village and decided to have dinner at the food court. Bali Thai: Balinese Chicken and Beef Rendang Giant Panda: Lemon Chicken and Ginger Beef

Lunch at Olive Garden

It's my youngest sister's birthday and like we did last year , we went to Olive Garden all the way in Langley. Tour of Italy Cannoli Tiramisu

Lunch at Congee Noodle House

After 3 hours of walking around to catch Pokemon, we're starved and decided to have dinner at Congee Noodle House. House Special Seafood Congee Donut Wonton & Dumpling in Soup Steamed BBQ Pork Rice Roll

Cinco de Mayo celebration at Sal y Limón

Sal y Limón is the highest rated Mexican place in Foursquare, so we decided to try. Quesadillas Nachos Burrito Churros The food was delicious.

Breakfast Buffet at Ocean 999 Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver

It's my first vacation day for 2018 and what's the one thing we did? Eat breakfast buffet! Plate number 1 Plate number 2 (Love the mushroom and sausage!) Plate number 3