Saturday, January 14, 2023

Costco Food Court Menu and Prices | Richmond, BC Location

We visited Costco in Bridgeport, Richmond, BC, to check the food court menu. I want to compare it with the Costco food court menu in Expo Boulevard, Vancouver, BC.

Short version: In Richmond, BC, Costco has Chicken Wings, which are unavailable at the Downtown Vancouver location.

Below is a link to other Costco Food Court Menu and Prices that I have visited. I am planning to make #CostcoTourism a thing.

The menu below is subject to change without prior notice and does not include taxes and tipping. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Menu Item Price
10 pieces Chicken Wings $8.99
30 pieces Chicken Wings $22.99
20 oz with refill
Ice Cream Cone
Vanilla or Chocolate
Ice Cream Sundae
Caramel, Chocolate, or Berry
Pizza Slice
Pepperoni or Cheese
18" Whole Pizza
Pepperoni or Cheese
1/4 Pound Hotdog and 20 oz pop with refill
All Beef or Polish Sausage
Chicken Strips and Fries $6.99
French Fries $2.99
Poutine $5.99
Gravy $0.30

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