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Buy 14-inch Capiz Parol in Metro Vancouver

We have on hand  limited quantities of high-quality Parol (Christmas Lantern) from the Philippines. It's available for pickup in Richmond, BC. Only CAD 200 14-inch Boungavillae Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) 14-inch Boungavillae Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) from The Philippines is available now in Metro Vancouver 14-inch Starlight Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) 14-inch Starlight Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) from the Philippines available now in Metro Vancouver How to order Capiz Parol in Metro Vancouver? Complete this order form . Pick-up only in Richmond, BC. Payment will be cash  (exact amount only) on pick-up or prepaid using Interac E-Transfer . Visit the website for more pictures.

Filipino Food from Tasty Pinoy BBQ Skewers at iba pa

 It's the last day of the month, which means we can pigout. Today, we ordered lunch from Tasty Pinoy Skewers. As expected, we got too much food (is there such a thing?), which means we have food for the whole week (or at least, most of the week). What to order from Tasty Pinoy BBQ Skewers? Feast from Tasty Pinoy Skewers Kwek-Kwek I haven't had Kwek-Kwek ever since I was in the Philippines last February 2019, so I was really looking forward to eating Kwek-Kwek. And this one is delicious. I even sent a photo to my sister, who loves and misses this dish. Kwek-Kwek Pork BBQ Saucy is the best word to describe their pork BBQ. It's delicious and hoped I ordered more. Filipino-style Pork BBQ Crispy Dinuguan This is the surprise of all the things I ordered today. The Diniguan (pork blood stew) is good, but the bagnet on top made it excellent. I highly recommend this dish. Crispy Dinuguan Creamy Kare-Kare You can never go wrong with kare-kare (peanut butter stew) with bagoong (shrimp

The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network map

I love the Food Network channel, and I'm currently binge-watching The Great Food Truck Race. I thought they're going to a lot of cities in different states; I wonder how it looks like on a map. If you're curious, like me, check the pictures below. Season 1 to 6 From Season 1 to 6, they're really going cross country. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Family Face-Off Starting Season 7, the travel is a bit more regional. For example, this season they only stayed in California. Season 7 Season 8

Dinner from Sushivan Japanese Restaurant Vancouver

Happy Saturday! For dinner tonight, we went to pick up food from Sushivan Japanese Restaurant along Granville Street (at West Broadway). Alien Deep-fried asparagus, cream cheese, smoked salmon, unagi, crab meat, and massago If you've been reading my post (or if you search for Sushivan in this blog), you will notice that I am going through their Special Roll. I have tried the Alaska special roll and Awesome special roll. Ika Karage Deep-fried squid Beef Teriyaki Box with Miso Soup Beef Teriyaki, 4 pieces California Roll, Appy Tempura, Salad, and Rice Korean Style Ramen with Chicken If you search my blog for " Sushivan ", I always order Korean Style Ramen. When I crave for spicy Korean noodles I go to Sushivan.

Pad Thai from Miss Siam Food Truck

Hubby and I took a walk around the neighbourhood after lunch today. It's the first time in a long time (3 weeks) that we took a walk just for the sake of walking without doing a grocery run. As we're on our way home along West Broadway, hubby spotted a food truck across the street - Miss Siam. We checked out the menu, and we're hoping to get something sweet, but they only have savoury dishes perfect for lunch. Spotted Miss Siam across the street Hello Miss Siam! We ordered the Pad Thai with chicken, which we plan to enjoy for early dinner, but we end up eating as after lunch snack. It was delicious. I didn't expect quality, affordable Thai food so close to home. Pad Thai Chicken Pad Thai

Snack delivery from McDonald's

We're watching Slam Dunk on Crunchy Roll just for weekend relaxation fun. I am craving for ice cream, so we ordered French Fries and McFlurry from McDonald's delivered by SkipTheDishes. McFlurry and large French Fries Happy Sunday!

Filipino Food from Big Boy's Pagkain

It's the weekend which means we can eat "takeout" food. :) For this week, I'm supporting a fellow Filipino in Metro Vancouver - Big Boy's Pagkain . Their business model is different and amusing, check their website to learn more. I purchased three dishes from their Party Trays menu this week: Spring Rolls, Tofu Sisig, and Caldereta. The serving size is enormous! I didn't expect it to be that big, which is impressive. Big Boy's Pagkain is value for money for sure. We will have enough food for a week. I wish the caldereta is a bit spicier, but I think that's just my preference. However, the beef is tender which I like. Beef Caldereta The tofu sisig is delicious after it has been reheated. Although I think I would prefer the tofu chopped smaller just so it would have the same texture and feel as pork sisig. Maybe I'll slice the tofu before reheating it next time. Tofu Sisig My favourite among the three is the spring roll. I think it just tied or sligh

Dinner delivery from Tim Hortons

 It was a hot day (hottest of the year so far) and hubby requested that we get something cold like ice cream. We decided to order drinks and dinner from Tim Hortons. Drinks I ordered a Frozen Lemonade while hubby enjoyed a Strawberry Creamy Chill. It was perfect to beat the heat (and suffer brain freeze). Tim Hortons Strawberry Cream Chill and Frozen Lemoade Melt For sandwiches, we shared a Turkey Melt. a Bacon Grilled Cheese Melt, and potato wedges. Bacon Grilled Cheese Melt Turkey Melt Potato Wedges Yay for the weekend! Stay cool during the summer while at home with Tim Hortons cold drinks and SkipTheDishes.

Ilocos Norte Empanada and Longganisa in Vancouver

Food and writing have become my escape and a happy place. I decided to join a Facebook Group "Filipino Food Vancouver" to discover more vendors of Filipino cuisine and support kababayan here in Metro Vancouver. If you check my last few posts, it's mostly Filipino cuisine in Vancouver. It's like an obsession to support fellow Filipino during a pandemic. For this week, I discovered that a Facebook Page is selling Ilocos Norte Empanada and Longganisa in Vancouver. After a week of figuring out the schedule and logistics, here we are enjoying our Empanada. Ilocos Norte Empanada Inside Ilocos Norte Empanada are shredded green papaya, munggo beans, egg, and the key ingredient is their homemade Ilocos Longganisa. I have been craving this for a really long time. The timing is also perfect. My friend who planned our trip to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur recently passed away. I'll always remember her when eating this dish. It arrived still hot

Lunch delivery from Klasik Inasal & Noodle Express

 For snacks, we ordered from SM Delights , and for Saturday lunch, we ordered too much from Klasik Inasal & Noodle Express. Klasik Inasal & Noodle Express We ordered a feast from Klasik Inasal & Noodle Express. Filipino Food from Klasik Inasal & Noodle Express Grilled Chicken Inasal The smell is so intoxicating. Amoy palang ulam na . The chicken was juicy and hot when it arrived. It was excellent. Klasik Inasal Filipino style grilled chicken Deep-Fried Shanghai It's crunchy and juicy. I love it. Though, the one from Little Ongpin is better. Deep-Fried Shanghai Seasoned ground pork with carrots Pancit Palabok We're most excited about the Palabok since we haven't had it in such a long time. The sauce to meat to noodle ratio is perfect, plus it comes with Calamansi, which we haven't used in a year. Pancit Palabok Rice noodle with special sauce topped with boiled egg, smoked fish, shrimps, pork rind, roasted garlic and crispy onions Pork BBQ Skewer This is

Kutsinta, Spanish Bread, etc. from SM Delights

I discovered another Filipino entrepreneur in Facebook ads which is exciting. Facebook ad of SM Delights SM Delights SM Delights serves three items as of this post: Kutsinta (Filipino steamed rice cake), Spanish bread (soft bread with sweet, buttery paste), and Ensaymada (Filipino soft, sweet dough pastry covered with butter and sugar then topped with lots of grated cheese). I ordered last Wednesday for delivery today (Saturday) and it arrived warm and fresh. We can't wait to dig in. Kutsinta in Metro Vancouver I love the caramel dip and of course, kutsinta won't be complete with grated coconut. Kutsinta with Grated Coconut and Yema Dip Ensaymada I'm not a fan of Ensaymada, in general, but I gave it a try and it's like pillow-soft. It's sweet, soft, and delicious. Ensaymada Cheesy, Sweet Ensaymada Enjoying this Ensaymada Spanish Bread I'll buy more of this again in the future! My siblings will love Spanish Bread. It arrived warm and freshly baked just like when