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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Lemongrass Beef Bánh Mì from Camion Cafe food truck (includes menu)

Nestled amidst the vibrant festivities of Car Free Day on Main Street, we stumbled upon Camion Cafe, a delightful food truck specializing in Vietnamese cuisine, specifically bánh mì. We decided to give their Lemongrass Bánh Mì and spring roll a try.

Lemongrass Beef Bánh Mì from Camion Cafe
Lemongrass beef, ginger garlic marinade, mayo cucumber, jalapeno, daikon & carrot pickles, and cilantro.

At first glance, the crusty demi-baguette encasing the bánh mì appears too hardy, but beneath this textural exterior lies the star: the lemongrass-infused beef. It's so tender and succulent.

Lemongrass Beef Bánh Mì from Camion Cafe
Lemongrass beef, ginger garlic marinade, mayo cucumber, jalapeno, daikon & carrot pickles, and cilantro.

In contrast to the savoury beef, the cucumber contributed a crispy crunch. At the same time, the jalapeno adds a subtle kick of heat, and the daikon & carrot pickles offer a sweet and tangy contrast that helps cut through the meat's richness.

Spring Rolls from Camion Cafe

We also savoured one of Camion Cafe's spring rolls to complete our culinary exploration. It exhibited a harmonious blend of textures: crispy on the outside and tender and flavorful within.

Camion Cafe food truck menu

List of Food Trucks in Greater Vancouver Area | Checklist

Below is a list of food trucks in Vancouver, BC Canada. This is not a comprehensive list and if you want to add your food truck here, please send me a message in Instragram.

List of Food Trucks in Vancouver
Food Truck Enjoyment Date Event
🔲 Acai Dude
🔲 Aloha Poke
🔲 Aperitivo Truck
☑️ Ay Mamacita! August 14, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food trucks
☑️ B&B Concessions: Gourmet Burgers and Fries July 1, 2023 Canada Together at Canada Place
🔲 B&B Concessions: Crepes
🔲 Baba's House
☑️ Bao Buns April 28, 2023 Richmond Night Market
🔲 Bara Bara Trini Street Food
☑️ Baja's Food July 17, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Beavertails July 10, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Betty's Greek Honey Ballz
🔲 Big Red's Poutine
🔲 Bistro Van
☑️ Boca'O June 11, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
🔲 Bread and Cheese
☑️ Brownie Bakers July 16, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Burger Holic June 11, 2023 RBC Run for the Kids 2023
☑️ Camion Cafe September 16, 2023 Car Free Day: Main Street
🔲 Cannoli King
🔲 Cazba
🔲 Chickpea
🔲 Chou Chou Crepes
🔲 Come Arepa
☑️ Corn Dog King August 28, 2022 PNE Fair
☑️ Crack On July 31, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Cravings Kettle Corn July 1, 2022 Canada Day at Canada Place
☑️ Crema Ice Cream & Desserts July 29, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Cuba Street Food
🔲 Cultivate Food Truck
🔲 Disco Cheetah Korean Grill
☑️ Dim Sum Express July 9, 2022 The Khatsahlano Street Party
☑️ Dos Amigos Tex-Mex July 2, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Double Decker Diner
🔲 Egg Blanket
🔲 English Bay Mini Donuts
☑️ Food Daddy Persian Cuisine August 21, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Fijian Fusion
🔲 Footlong Freakk Fries
🔲 Frying Pan
🔲 Fusion Icy
🔲 G's Donair
🔲 Henry’s Hip Eats
🔲 Holi Masala
☑️ Holy Smokes July 14, 2023 corner of West Broadway and Granville Street
☑️ Hugs Mini Donuts July 9, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
🔲 Hunky Bills Perogies
🔲 Hurricane Potato
☑️ Indish June 12, 2022 RBC Run for the Kids 2022
🔲 Innocent Ice Cream
🔲 International Perogies
🔲 Its All About Grill
☑️ Jamaican Mi Juicy August 19, 2023 PNE Fair
☑️ Japadog December 24, 2021 at Lansdowne Parking Lot
☑️ The Jerk Shack July 2, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
🔲 JJ's Hot Cobs
🔲 JJ's Trucketeria
🔲 Juicy Green Express Inc.
🔲 Kampong - Taste of Malaysia
☑️ Kona Ice July 9, 2022 The Khatsahlano Street Party
☑️ KYU Grill July 2, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ La Callejera Mexican Street Food June 25, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ La Taqueria June 1, 2021 near Vancouver Art Gallery
🔲 Lee's Donuts
🔲 Lemon Heaven
🔲 Lilac Pastry
☑️ Little Devils Wood Fire Pizza July 30, 2023 Honda Celebration of Lights
🔲 Little Ooties Mini Donuts
🔲 Los Tacos Hermanos
🔲 Lucha Libre Truck
🔲 The Mad Greek
☑️ Mama's Fish and Chips July 31, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Mahshiko July 3, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
🔲 Marhaba Lebanese Food
🔲 Master Chef's Kabob House
☑️ Max's Restaurant food truck December 11, 2021 "Maligayang Pasko, Vancouver!"
🔲 Meet2Eat
🔲 Melt City Grilled Cheese
🔲 The Mini Donut Factory
☑️ Miss Siam August 27, 2020 corner of West Broadway and Birch Street
☑️ MJ's Caribbean Cuisine June 11, 2022 Riley Park Summer Farmers Market
🔲 Mo Bacon Truck
☑️ Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck June 12, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Mr. Arancino July 3, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Mr. Donair
🔲 Mr. Frosty Ice Cream
☑️ Mr. Pretzels July 29, 2023 Celebration of Lights
☑️ Mr. Shawarma August 6, 2022 Robson Square
🔲 Mr. Taco
☑️ Mr. Tube Steak June 3, 2023 corner of West Georgia and Granville Street
☑️ Munchu Picchu June 5, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
🔲 Namaste Food Lovers
🔲 NaMi Vietnamese
🔲 Noona's Cucina
🔲 Old Country Pierogy
☑️ Overland Sandwich June 4, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ Praguery Ice Cream and Chimney Cakes December 14, 2022 PNE Winter Fair
☑️ Planted May 7, 2023 BMO Vancouver Marathon Street Festival
🔲 Potato Corner
🔲 Pretty Good Sandwiches
☑️ Rain or Shine Ice Cream Truck July 8, 2023 Khatsahlano Street Party
🔲 Ragazzi Pizza Co
☑️ REEL Mac and Cheese June 26, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Rice Bowls Paradise August 28, 2022 PNE Fair
🔲 Rocky Point Ice Cream
🔲 Rolled West Coast
☑️ Roasted Revolution August 28, 2022 PNE Fair
☑️ Rosie's BBQ and Smokehouse July 17, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Rosie's Curry & Spice Kitchen
☑️ SAJetarian June 25, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Saltspring Noodle Bar
☑️ Salty's Lobster Shack July 9, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Say Hello Sweets July 3, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Shameless Buns July 16, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Shawarma Time September 16, 2023 Car Free Day: Main Street
🔲 Sirius Craving
🔲 Slavic Rolls
🔲 Smoking Hot Donair
🔲 Steamworks Food Truck
🔲 Steve-O's Deep-Fried Sweets & Treats
🔲 Steve-O's Fried Chicken
🔲 Streetdogs
☑️ Super Thai June 11, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Sweet Avenue Bakery
🔲 Taco'N Todo
☑️ Taco Nori Sushi Tacos September 2, 2022 Richmond Night Market
🔲 Taco Tigre
🔲 Tacosaurus Vancouver
☑️ Takenaka July 3, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
🔲 Teapressu
🔲 Teriyaki Boys
🔲 Teriyaki Express
🔲 ThaiBox on Truck
🔲 Tin Lizzy Concessions: Best Grilled Cheese & Poutine
☑️ Tin Lizzy Concessions: Fishn' Chips & Chicken Tenders July 1, 2022 Canada Day at Canada Place
🔲 Tin Lizzy Concessions: Mini Donuts
☑️ Tokyo Katsu Sand June 19, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ Tornado Potato July 17, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
🔲 Twisted Potato
🔲 Urban Wood Fired Pizza
🔲 Via Tevere Il Saltimbocca
🔲 Wak Wak Burger
🔲 Wings Outdoor Grill
🔲 Yardie Grill Jamaican Cuisine
☑️ Yo-Bones BBQ July 10, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021

Shawarma and Dolmades from Shawarma Time Truck (with menu)

I just love Car Free Day on Main Street. My husband and I made a pact to prioritize food stalls without a physical store and food trucks that we have yet to try.

As we continued our stroll along Main Street, we spotted Shawarma Time Truck. I eagerly ordered one beef shawarma wrap and a side of dolmades, a Mediterranean delight I've adored (thanks to Super Dishes Egyptian Halal Cuisine).

First up were the Dolmades, and they lived up to my high expectations. These delicate parcels, made with vine leaves stuffed with a flavorful mixture of rice, herbs, and spices, were a testament to the artistry of Mediterranean cuisine. Each bite was a burst of savoury, tangy, zesty goodness, and I savoured every one.

4 Pieces of Dolmades from Shawarma Time Truck
Grape vine leaves, stuffed with delicious rice, shaped into little rolls

The beef shawarma wrap had its own charm. The tender slices of beef were generously seasoned and spiced, delivering that signature shawarma flavour. However, it leaned slightly on the saltier side, a touch more than I prefer. Nonetheless, it was a satisfying experience.

Beef Shawarma Wrap from Shawarma Time Truck
Fresh-cut beef shawarma with tahini spreads and your choice of toppings and sauces

Shawarma Time Truck Menu

Below is a picture of the Shawarma Time Truck menu.

Shawarma Time Truck menu

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Frikandel Special from Dutchlicious | Dutch Street Market

Happy Sunday! We spent most of the morning and early afternoon in Downtown Vancouver. There's a Dutch Street Market north of West Georgia along Granville Street, and we stopped by a food trailer called Dutchlicious.

After perusing the menu, I decided to go for the most interesting - a frikandel and Dutch fries. Frikandel is skinless sausage topped with onions, curry ketchup, and mayonnaise. Because it is skinless, the exterior was crispy, while the interior was moist and tender.

The savoury sausage was topped with sweet onions and mayonnaise, but the unique condiment is the curry ketchup. It is a popular condiment in Germany and other European countries. It is ketchup mixed with curry powder, sauce, and other seasonings. It is tangy and slightly sweet with a hint of curry flavour.

I love curry and instantly loved the Frikandel topped with curry ketchup.

Combo 4 Dutch Fries (Large), 1 Frikandel Special

We also ordered Dutch fries and were uncertain about what makes it "Dutch." It's thicker than what you typically get from fast food chains and smelled unusually good, but it tastes like you're regular deep-fried potatoes.

According to my research, we should have ordered Dutch Fries Special. It's the thick-cut fries with mayonnaise, ketchup, onions, and ketchup curry. It sounds delicious.

I also noticed that their menu includes Indonesian influence, like satay and spring roll, which makes sense since Indonesia was a former Dutch colony.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Caramel Pretzel from Mr. Pretzels food truck

Growing up, the only pretzel I knew was the one covered in chocolate: Jack & Jill Chocolate Pretzels Sticks. When I arrived in Canada, I tried freshly made pretzels, which was fantastic. Today, I ordered pretzels drizzled with caramel from Mr. Pretzels' food truck during the Celebration of Lights in English Bay.

Caramel Pretzels from Mr. Pretzels

The pretzel is a slightly salty base that perfectly complements the sweet caramel. I enjoyed the delightful crispy crust while the inside remained soft and chewy. I wish I was not sharing it with my husband.

Duck Pizza from Little Devils Pizza food truck

Happy sunny Saturday! We went to a 5 PM Anticipated Sunday Mass today. Afterwards, we walked to English Bay to watch the Celebration of Lights fireworks display by the Philippines representative.

We were unprepared (no mat or lawn chairs), so we placed my jacket under a tree and enjoyed the Duck Pizza from Little Devils Pizza food truck.

Duck Pizza from Little Devils Pizza food truck
Garlic/Olive Oil base, duck confit, basil, hoisin sauce, fior di latte, chili oil

Hubby said it's delicious, but more duck is needed. 😅 It's truly something else, especially from a food truck. The pizza has a touch of sweetness because of the garlic and hoisin sauce. Meanwhile, the duck confit provides a savoury and meaty element which is perfect with the creamy and milky mozzarella cheese.

Overall, an exquisite and unique pizza.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Beef Polish Smokies and All Beef Smokies from Holy Smokes

Happy Friday! I survived my second week at my new job. It's a hot Friday, so we decided to go outside for dinner and hang out at a nearby coffee shop. Before heading to Blenz, we thought of dropping by VSB Park for TGIF (Thank Granville It's Food Trucks), but the event ends at 3:00 PM. We still managed to buy from a food truck: Holy Smokes. If you pass by the corner of Granville and West Broadway, you're most likely familiar with it.

Holy Smokes! Food Stand

For dinner, we ordered one Beef Polish Smokies and an All Beef Smokies with all the extra paid topping of mayonnaise, cheese, and caramelized onions.

All Beef Smokies from Holy Smokes

Let's first discuss how much I love the perfectly toasted buns. The exterior is slightly crispy, while the interior is still soft. Directly on the bun are caramelized onions bringing a touch of sweetness, which is an excellent contrast to the savoury sausage. Lastly, the shredded cheese is melted all over everything. Top the sandwich with creamy mayonnaise and slightly tangy ketchup, and you get a perfect bite.

Beef Polish Smokies from Holy Smokes

Focusing my attention on the two smokies - all beef is moist and juicy with a snappy exterior. Of course, it tastes beefier than the beef polish smokie,   which has a more complex taste. I can't pinpoint what spice improved it, but both are enjoyable.

I hope you're having a fantastic Friday.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Coffee Toffee and Salted Caramel Rain or Shine Ice Cream | Khatsahlano Street Party

To end our afternoon at Khatsahlano Street Party, we lined up at the Rain or Shine Ice Cream food truck.

Salted Caramel from Rain or Shine Ice Cream food truck

I'll go on record in saying that Rain or Shine has the best ice cream in Vancouver, in my opinion. Best gelato goes to Uno Gelato.

Coffee Toffee from Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Both flavours are delicious. My coffee toffee was slightly bitter and sweet. It's perfect for this hot afternoon.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

The Classic Burger and Poutine from B&B Concessions: Gourmet Burgers

We arrived at Canada Place for the Canada Together event celebrating Canada Day. We checked out the available food trucks and chose B&B Concessions: Gourmet Burgers and Fries. Similar to last year, we had Poutine on Canada Day. We also ordered The Classic Burger.

It was a generous portion of Poutine with hot gravy, melted cheese curds, and fries.

Poutine from B&B Concessions: Gourmet Burgers

The burger is huge! It's loaded with all the usual toppings - tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickle, and cheese. The standout flavour is the mustard at the bottom. It's unexpected and surprisingly worked well.

The Classic Burger from B&B Concessions: Gourmet Burgers and Fries Food Truck

Happy Canada Day!

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Chicken and Fish Katsu from Tokyo Katsu-Sand Food Truck

 Hubby and I travelled to Burnaby to see the festivities at Pinoy Festival.

Pinoy Festival 2023 at Burnaby

There were a lot of booths for Filipino merchandise, Filipino realtors, immigration consultants, and different groups and societies. Unfortunately, there were only four food vendors (not counting Macao Imperial Tea), and they're set up side-by-side. The line is crazy for each one, and they're on top of each other. It's hard to know which line goes to which vendor.

That's why we opted for the food truck Tokyo Katsu-Sand even though the Filipino Pork BBQ skewers smell so good. 🤤

We ordered the Chicken-Katsu and Fish-Katsu. Both are delicious, but the fish is definitely better. Because the bread is perfectly toasted and crispy, the delicate meat of the fish provides such a soft contrast.

Deep-fried chicken cutlet, shredded cabbage, homemade chicken-katsu sauce, and mustard-mixed mayonnaise

I'll go for the fish again next time. Or maybe the Ebi will be back, and we can try it too.

Deep-fried black code cutlet, shredded cabbage, homemade tartar sauce, and homemade fish-katsu sauce

The Pinoy Fiesta was fun, but I prefer the Proudly Philippines Food and Travel Fair just because there are more food options. 😁 Hubby suggested that each Filipino society could sell its own product or partner with a food vendor for one (imagine buying Bicol Express or Pili Nuts from the Bicol Association).

I'm still deciding whether to travel to Surrey for Extravaganza; we'll see what our schedule is like then. 😁

Sunday, June 11, 2023

BurgerHolic from Burger Holic Food Truck

Happy Sunday! I joined 7,000 fun runners at RBC Run for the Kids today. After the run on a beautiful cloudy day, I am famished. I had a banana at 7:30 AM and needed a proper meal.

The festival afterwards had six food trucks, and it was my first time seeing the Burger Holic food truck. We ordered the first item on their menu BurgerHolic. I made it a meal with canned Nestea Iced Tea and medium-sized Crunchy Coated Fries.

Peeking inside the bag of my Burger Holic order

The burger patty is so juicy and perfectly cooked, while the lettuce is crunchy. The tomatoes provided freshness to the burger, and there was a pickle to help with the greasiness. My favourite part is the bun. It's toasted and flattened in butter, providing so much flavour and different crispiness while the middle of the bun is still soft.

#1 BurgerHolic from Burger Holic Food Truck
6 oz Juicy Beef Parry, Signature BH Sauce, ketchup, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles

My husband loves the fries too. It's surprisingly crunchy. We usually expect soggy fries from food trucks, but this is a pleasant exception.

Crunchy Coated Fries from Burger Holic Food Truck

I love this food truck! I can't wait to try their other burger.

Burger Holic Food Truck menu

Below is the Burger Holic Food Truck menu.

Burger Holic Food Truck menu

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Jumbo All-Beef Dog and Bratwurst Sausage from Mr. Tube Steak

For lunch, we got a Jumbo All-Beef Dog at Bratwurst Sausage from a staple food truck on the corner of West Georgia and Granville Street, Mr. Tube Steak.

Both are perfectly cooked with a snappy exterior and juicy inside. The bun is surprisingly toasted as well. I also love the Chipotle sauce and tried their House Special Sauce. The best thing about Mr. Tube Steak is you can add as many toppings and sauces as available on the side table.

Jumbo All-Beef Dog from Mr. Tube Steak

Bratwurst Sausage from Mr. Tube Steak

According to their promotional tarp, they have been serving Vancouver since 1992! Amazing.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sabich and Falafel Bowl from Planted Food Truck

Happy Sunday! My husband finished the BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon. Woohoo! Congratulations, Love. After his run, we checked out which food trucks were available in the Street Festival. There's Roasted Revolution, Japadog, Dos Tacos, and Planted. We have tried the first three so it makes sense to try Planted.

I ordered the Hetzi Hetzi Bowl, which means getting half Sabich and half Falafel bowl.

Hetzi and Hetzi Bowl from Planted Food Truck
Half Sabich (house-made pita, hummus, tahini, zhug, amba, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, fried eggplant & cauliflower, pickled red onions, and chopped parsley)
Half  Falafel (house-made pita, tahini, amba, zhug, pickled red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, shifka peppers)

It's the most moist falafel I have ever tried. Yum! I enjoyed the fried cauliflower and eggplant. There's also heat coming from shifta peppers. The hummus is perfectly creamy. I love everything!

Below is the menu of Planted Food Truck.

Planted Food Truck Menu

Saturday, May 6, 2023

S'more Signature Bubble Waffle from Crema Ice Cream & Desserts

After a deliciously savoury lunch enjoying all my favourite Taiwanese food, I saw a lady holding a bubble waffle and saying aloud, "I want one!" They're available from Crema Ice Cream & Desserts food truck. I love the bubble waffle addition to their menu. It provides a crispiness to the creamy ice cream.

We ordered the S'more Signature Bubble Waffle and chose Cookie Monster for our one scoop of ice cream. We happily ate the dessert near Avondale Park.

S'more Signature Bubble Waffle from Cream Ice Cream & Desserts food truck
Cookie Monster ice cream, vanilla waffle, chocolate sauce, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows.

My favourite part of the dish is that portion of scorched marshmallows. The slight warmth from the char made it so good! It's like how freshly baked bread smells and tastes. Perfect dessert right here.

What is Bubble Waffle?

According to ChatGPT, "Bubble waffles, also known as egg waffles, are a popular street snack in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. They are made from a batter that is cooked in a special bubble waffle maker, which creates a unique shape and texture with crispy edges and soft, chewy pockets."

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Food Adventure at the PNE Winter Fair

My hubby and I went to the first night of the PNE Winter Fair to see the beautiful lights display and check out the food scene.

For details about the event, check out this post. If you need the PNE Winter Fair food menus and prices, this is where you need to be.

We left our home later than I would like, but it's a weekday, so it is what it is. We arrived at the Pacific Coliseum entrance a couple minutes before 6:00 PM.

Winter Lights inside the PNE Winter Fair powered by BC Hydro

We first walked around to see all the lights displayed and checked all the sections of the whole fair. Then, I took photos of the menu to write my post.

Beef Chili from Chili Hut

If you need something to keep you warm, Mr. Arancino sells onion soup, while Mom's Grilled Cheese offers tomato soup. However, the Chili Hut near the Duelling Pianos is the primary food vendor focusing on chili and soup.

We ordered the Beef Chili, which was served on sourdough bread. It was $14.00. It was decent chili but needed a bit more salt and pepper.

Beef Chili Bowl
House-made beef chili with kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas, and mixed vegetables. Served in a sourdough bread bowl with all the toppings.

After eating our Beef Chili, we admired the lights in the Winter Creatures display. Then, dessert!

Mehple from BeaverTail

I let hubby choose our dessert, and he went for the BeaverTail because, as he pointed out, we rarely see them.

The line wasn't too bad, but the wait was close to 10 minutes. It was freshly made and still perfectly warm, even on a cold evening.

We ordered the Mehple, which is all about the Canadian maple flavour on top of their signature fried dough.

Mehple from BeaverTails
Maple-flavoured spread & maple sugar crunch

We ate while walking back to the next food stall we wanted to try.

Chicken & Holiday Waffle from Hot & Crispy Chicken

Hot & Crispy Chicken is a permanent fixture in PNE Fair, and I am happy to see them during the Winter Fair offering the same stuff with the addition of two-holiday menu items.

We ordered the Chicken & Holiday Waffle. It tastes like a turkey dinner in chicken and waffle format. All the stuffing flavour is stuffed in the waffle,   while the perfectly juicy and crispy chicken serves as the vehicle for the warm gravy as it gets transported to my mouth.

Chicken & Holiday Waffle
2 pieces of chicken, sage & chicken stuffing waffle, cranberry glaze, and gravy

It's my favourite thing we tried this evening.

Cinnamon Sugar Chimney Cake Praguery

After the delicious meal, I had my eye on the Praguery. I am on a Chimney Cake hunt since enjoying one at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Much to the surprise of the lady selling the Praguery, I ordered the Chimney Cake covered in just Cinnamon Sugar - no ice cream or spread inside. It's similar to what I tried at the Vancouver Christmas Market (VCM).

Cinnamon Sugar Chimney Cake from The Praguery

Focusing on just the chimney, Praguery cooked it better than what's in the VCM. At least I now have a source of delicious chimney cake in Vancouver that's available year-round. I just need to keep an eye out for their food truck.

We ate our cake while walking towards the Cocoa Hut.

Hot Chocolate from Cocoa Hut

It seemed silly to enjoy the PNE Winter Fair without a hot drink, so we ordered Hot Chocolate from Cocoa Hut.

It was decent hot chocolate, but not worth $4.00.

Hot Chocolate from Cocoa Hut
With a choice of whipping cream and topped with sprinkles

Before ordering our last meal, we checked out the Winter Live Shows and surprisingly enjoyed it.

The Magic of Santa Holiday Musical in Holiday Theatre

Christmas Poutine from UnRoutine Poutine

For our last meal at the PNE Winter Fair, we went to UnRoutine Poutine which is also a staple of the PNE Summer Fair, but this time they're offering a Christmastime Poutine.

Christmas Dinner Poutine from UnRoutine Poutine
Vegetarian gravy, diced turkey, sage & thyme stuffing, cranberry, and cheese curds.

It has everything you like about a turkey dinner, but fries replace mashed potatoes. All the flavour of stuffing and thyme is there. The turkey was decided and easy to eat, covered in a delicious gravy. The only letdown is the fries. They're not crispy. It couldn't maintain whatever crispiness was originally there because of all the sauce.

We ate our poutine inside the Dueling Piano hut, which I think is the best area for adults to enjoy their meal with live music in the background.

Duelling Pianos inside the PNE Winter Fair

We finished shortly after 9:00 PM, and the fair was nearly empty. So we were able to take more pictures without the crowd.

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