Saturday, July 9, 2022

Food Trucks at The Khatsahlano Street Party

Is it safe to say that the Khatsahlano Street Party is one of Vancouver's biggest free summer street parties? Imagine walking from Burrard Avenue to Macdonald Street along West 4th Avenue, and there are food vendors, food trucks, and booths selling all sorts of things from Tupperware to clothes to a gym membership. If that's not enough, every side street (seven of them) has a beer garden and a stage with live performances.

View from Burrard Avenue

We walked the stretch starting from Burrard Avenue and scouted the food options. Most of the vendors are restaurants in the area that set up booths on the street. Then, west of Vine is where all the food trucks are, and that's where we decided to hang out.

Shaved Ice from Kona Ice

It was a hot but cloudy day until a couple hours when the sun decided to show up, which meant shave ice. We thought of getting ice cream, but we don't see shaved ice that often, so we lined up at the Kona Ice food truck.

Shaved Ice from Kona Ice

Available sizes and flavours from Kona Ice

Flavour Dispenser: We chose Watermelon Wave and Pina Colada

Half Watermelon Wave and Half Pina Colada

You choose a cup, and they fill it with ice, then you can choose from the many available flavours. It's refreshing on a humid summer day.

Lunch from Dim Sum Express

Last week, I told my husband that I had not seen a Chinese food truck that sells dim sum. Then, we spotted Dim Sum Express. We decided to order their Chow Mein Combo and Dimsum Combo.

Chow Mein Combo includes Shrimp Dumpling, Pork Dumpling, Pan-Fried Dumpling, Spring Roll (2), and Chow Mein.

Dim Sum Combo includes Shrimp Dumpling, Pork Dumpling, Pan-Fried Dumpling, Sticky Rice Dumpling, Spring Roll (2), and BBQ Pork Buns.

If I reencounter Dim Sum express, I won't order the combo but will choose the Shrimp Dumpling and Pork Dumpling. They're both good. On a different note, I like their menu display (the whole said of their truck). It makes what they serve easier to see and read.

Dim Sum Express Food Truck Menu

List of Food Trucks at The Khatsahlano Street Party

Below is a list of food trucks at the event that I saw and I am only listing food vendors on wheels.
  1. Hurricane Potato
  2. Praguery Ice Cream and Chimney Cakes
  3. Slavic Rolls
  4. Smoking Hot Donair
  5. Kyu Grill
  6. Teriyaki Boys
  7. Old Country Pierogi
  8. Tornado Potato
  9. Thai Box on Truck
  10. Mr. Pretzels
  11. Dim Sum Express
  12. Juicy Green Express
  13. Rain or Shine Ice Cream truck
  14. Wak Wak Burger
  15. Takenaka Japan
  16. Mom's Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  17. Big Red's Poutine
  18. Japadog
  19. Kona Ice
  20. Frying Pan
  21. The Taco Tigre
  22. Roasted Revolution
  23. Salty's Lobster Shack
  24. Shameless Buns
  25. Rosie's Curry & Spice Kitchen
  26. Dos Amigos
  27. TACO'N Todo
  28. Steamworks
  29. Chickpea
  30. Crack On Van
  31. Rocky Point Ice Cream

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