Thursday, July 28, 2022

Iced Chocolate and more at Waves Coffee House

Real-time writing is the best. To break from routine, I spent the rest of my afternoon at Waves Coffee House along West Broadway.

I absolutely love this branch. It's spacious and bright. The sun is blazing, and I am inside a relatively cooler coffee shop enjoying my Iced Dark Chocolate.

Iced Dark Chocolate 

Thank God for days like this when I can just enjoy and focus on my surroundings.

After a couple hours, where I was seated got sun rays, so I decided to move to one of the couches. I also ordered the Mango Fruit Shake (it's not good) and Chicken Fajitas Wrap (it's alright). I'll stick with chocolate from Waves. 😅

Mango Fruit Shake 

Chicken Fajitas Wrap

Lots of rice and cheese, a minimal amount of chicken.

After 5:00 PM, hubby also went to Waves and ordered Matcha Frapp-eh and the Breakfast Bagel, which is much better than the Fajita Wrap and Mango Fruit Shake.

Breakfast Bagel

Matcha Frapp-eh

We also ordered an oatmeal cookie and a double chocolate muffin.

Oatmeal Cookie and Double Chocolate Muffin

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