Sunday, July 24, 2022

Breakfast at White Spot | Weekend in Squamish

 It's our dad's 60th birthday, and to celebrate, we're spending the weekend at Squamish, BC.

Happy Sunday! We're heading back home to Vancouver, but before that, we decided to have breakfast at White Spot. I didn't even know White Spot offers breakfast, but I am happy to enjoy the good food.

Nat's Hearty Breakfast
Two eggs (sunny side up), bacon, sausage, and multi-grain toast. Endless smash brown potatoes.


Classic Benedict
English muffin topped with thick-cut back bacon, two poached eggs, & hollandaise. Endless smash brown potatoes

I am not a fan of bacon, but the thick-cut back bacon with the Classic Benedict was unexpectedly excellent. Now, I wish there was a White Spot nearby to enjoy it again.

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