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Where to get Buko Pie in Vancouver?

I am craving for Filipino buko pie, but I don't know where's the best place to get one that will deliver to our home. I asked the Facebook group I belong to and below are their suggestions: Vancouver Restaurants with Buko Pie Kumare Restaurant and Bakery - They have a branch in Richmond, Delta, and Vancouver. Hapag Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Grill - Two people, recommended the buko pie from Hapag. They're located in Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Aling Mary's - They're located in Main Street, Vancouver, and I have ordered a buko pie from them in the past, but I know they don't deliver. Home-Based Online Vendor with Buko Pie Pinay Bakes - Facebook page - Two people recommended their buko pie. Ruby Lyn Dacanay - She's the first one to send me a private message and pictures of the buko pie, and it looks great. Do you know of other places in Vancouver that serve buko pie? Leave a comment

Dinner at Jitlada Thai Restaurant

For dinner tonight, we went to Jitlada. It's one of the last three restaurants we haven't tried in this block. Gaeng Kiew-Wan (Green Curry) and Pad Thai Green Curry Menu Description : Green curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, squash, eggplant, bell pepper and Thai basil Pad Thai Menu Description : A signature Thai noodle dish. Pan-fried Thai rice-noodle in tamarind sauce with prawns, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, green onion and topped with peanuts Golden Angel Wings Menu Description: Boneless chicken wings stuffed with pork, shrimp, carrot, mushroom, vermicelli noodles and Thai herbs. Served with delicious homemade Chilli plum sauce. Dessert of the Day

Lunch at Carl's Jr.

I took the day off today and met with mother to have lunch and catch up. We went to Carl's Jr. It's the only branch in Vancouver.

Lunch at Tandoori Kona Restaurant

Tandoori Kona Restaurant is at a strip meal along Cambie Road. They serve delicious Indian food. Hubby and I ordered too much, as you can see. Aloo Palak Menu Description: Spinach and Potatoes Tandoori Chicken Menu Description: Traditional boned chicken tandoori We ordered Tandoori Chicken because hubby pointed out that "tandoori" is in the restaurant name so it must be good. Vegetable Samosa Menu Description: Triangular Pastries with vegetable fillings Gulab Jamuns Menu Description: Round Indian cake balls in syrup This one is too sweet for us and we love our sweets!

Lunch at Bourbon St. Grill

This is the best deal in the Richmond Center food court. For less than $15, you can get a plate full of your choice of meat, vegetable, and carbs. Food from Bourbon St. Grill

Lunch at Café Crêpe

After a day of shopping around beautiful Downtown Vancouver, we decided to have lunch at Café Crêpe. The crêpe is highly recommended (of course). The burger is pretty good too, while the 4 Cheese Cavatappi Pasta is alright. Nutella with banana and hazelnut crêpe with an ice cream scoop 4 Cheese Cavatappi Pasta Menu Description: Gruyere, white cheddar, grana Padano with a parmesan cream Signature Burger Menu Description: 6oz patty, sliced white cheddar, mushrooms, bacon, tomato slice, red onion, arugula, mustard fig aioli, and Portuguese bun

Dinner at Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods

We're beating the Wednesday hump day with healthy sandwiches and warm soup from Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods. Turkey Sandwich and Butternut Squash Soup Beet Sandwich

A reminder of home at Max's Fried Chicken in Vancouver

I crave Kare-Kare, so hubby and I end up at Max's Fried Chicken, a famous restaurant back in the Philippines. When you're here, be sure to get Kare-Kare, eat it with bagoong (shrimp paste), and cover your rice with the thick sauce. Then, get some fried chicken too. I usually end up ordering an extra cup of rice when I'm here. Kare-Kare Max's Fried Chicken

Aling Mary's and Josephine's

Aling Mary's and Josephine's are the two closest Filipino restaurants to our place so we frequent both places when we're craving for Filipino food (that I can't cook).

Pho for Dinner at Express Pho

It's raining outside and winter is coming soon so a warm pho for dinner seems the perfect call. We went to the closest one at our place, Express Pho along West Broadway (between Granville and Hemlock). #10 Large #18 Large