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Buy 14-inch Capiz Parol in Metro Vancouver

We are offering  limited quantities of high-quality Parol (Christmas Lantern) from the Philippines. Special Sale of 14-inch Capiz Parol from the Philippines - only $150 CAD. By September 2021, the price of each Capiz Parol will be $200 CAD. 14-inch Boungavillae Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) 14-inch Boungavillae Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) from the Philippines available now in Metro Vancouver 14-inch Starlight Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) 14-inch Starlight Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) from the Philippines available now in Metro Vancouver How to order Capiz Parol in Metro Vancouver? Complete this order form . Pick-up only in Richmond, BC. Payment will be cash  (exact amount only) on pick-up or prepaid using Interac E-Transfer . Visit the
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Lunch from Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

Happy Thursday! I ordered from Kulinarya Filipino Eatery nine days ago, and I love their food so much I ordered again today. However, since it's already Thursday, I only ordered three items to enjoy hopefully until early next week, and I'm most likely order from them (or another Filipino restaurant in DoorDash) by Monday or Tuesday. As mentioned in my previous Kulinarya post, there are no nearby (within 1-2 km radius) Filipino restaurants to our current place. As such, I need to use DoorDash or other delivery apps to enjoy Filipino favourite dishes. Backstory:  I live in a 2-person household - it's just hubby and me. I used to (still sometimes do) cook one Filipino dish (ulam)  a week to reheat and eat with rice for the whole week for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, we usually eat pasta, bread (sandwich), or toasted bagel. I always thought that going to the groceries, lovingly preparing a meal is saving us money. And I think that's still true. But since I'm not fee

Dinner from KFC

Happy Sunday! We're watching the Gold Cup games today, and I am seriously craving fried chicken. We ordered KFC using the DoorDash app. I love the Popcorn Chicken Poutine and will order it again. Boneless Box for hubby Popcorn Chicken Poutine Zinger Sandwich Zinger Sandwich Box It's the perfect meal to end the weekend.

Gelato from D'oro Gelato & Caffe

It's a hot summer day in Vancouver and perfect for ice cream. We're walking along Robson street in search of dessert and spotted D'oro Gelato & Caffe. I love the display of the many Italian desserts they offer. Coffee Gelato This is the best coffee gelato I've had! The coffee flavour is so strong. Dark Chocolate Ice Cream We ordered our gelato in a cup to prevent mess, and we ordered extra waffle cones because they're delicious. D'oro Gelato & Caffe Gelato Flavours Gelato Flavours Desserts in display I want to try all their desserts! It looks so good. By the time we arrived at Sunset beach, our gelato is gone. Happy Saturday!

AYCE Korean BBQ Lunch at Dae Bak Bon Ga

Happy Saturday! 즐거운 토요일 I got my second dose of vaccine today, and as a celebration that hubby and I are now vaccinated, we walked along Robson Street from Canada Place in search of a place to have lunch. I was thinking of going to Ramen Danbo, but the line is ridiculously long, and I saw a sign for all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ. I was craving for Korean BBQ even though we just had it last Wednesday for dinner . We had Set B, and I ordered one of each meat they have to offer, some of the dishes, and all sides (except rice). Of the dishes, I would recommend the Jumukbab (Rice Balls) and if you like dumplings getting the deep-fried dumplings is a good idea too. Otherwise, focus your attention on getting the meat. From the sides, I enjoyed the kimchi and sweet potato. They're both good palate cleansers when the meat is too much. AYCE Korean BBQ AYCE Korea BBQ Meat on the grill We only did one round because hubby was full already. I wonder if there are other good AYCE Korean BBQ in

Thank Granville It's Food Trucks: List of participating food trucks

The South Granville Business Improvement Association (SGBIA) organized Thank Granville It's Food Trucks (TGIF) . Every Fridays and Saturdays from 11 in the morning until 8 in the evening from June through Labour Day, there will be a rotating lineup of food trucks located along West 10th Avenue at Fir Street in front of the Vancouver School Board building. The location is close to transit, and parking is also available for anyone interested.  The source of information below is from the spreadsheet on the South Granville BIA website . However, it seems like they are changing things every so often and I'll do my best to keep up . List of Food Trucks in TGIF Here is a table of all the food trucks that are going to be part of TGIF. This is according to the initial list available in the TGIF website. Food Trucks ✓ Beavertails ✓ Brownie Bakers Cazba

Birthday Dinner at Royal Seoul House Restaurant

Happy birthday, Pa! It's our dad's birthday and to celebrate we had Korean BBQ. We originally wanted Japanese BBQ from Gyu-Kaku, but we're seven people (me and my hubby, my parents, and three siblings), and they couldn't accommodate our big group. As such, we end up in Royal Seoul House Restaurant, which is the closest Korean restaurant to our place. We ordered our usual - Combo B (beef, pork, and chicken), Deep Fried Pork Dumplings, Seafood Pancake, and Japchae. Moreover, my brother and I are feeling adventurous, so we ordered two new dishes that we don't usually order: Ttok-Bokki (it's my first time trying it) and Deopbap. Deopbap Rice topped with assorted veggies in a hot stone bowl with pork. I am not a fan of their Deopbap, but to be fair, I am eating other dishes with a stronger flavour, so I couldn't appreciate it as much. Ttok-Bokki Stir-fried rice cake, veggies, and fish cake with a spicy sauce Ttok-Bokki is something you will frequently see when wa

Lunch from Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

Happy Tuesday! I am too lazy to cook or even grab groceries yesterday. So today, we ordered a lot of food from Kulinarya Filipino Eatery for the whole week. The only downside of our neighbourhood is that there are no Filipino restaurants or a food source nearby. As such, I have to use DoorDash to get my favourite Filipino dishes delivered. Feast from Kulinarya Filipino Eatery If you know us by now, we have a consistent list of Filipino dishes we almost always order: Kare-Kare, Filipino-style pork BBQ, and lumpiang shanghai (Filipino spring rolls). Unfortunately, Kulinarya doesn't have pork BBQ. The food arrived on time and was well packaged. For lunch, we ate a portion of the Beef Kare-Kare and Laing. Next, we finished the Spring Rolls and Turon . Finally, I placed the Canton Bihon Mix and Chicken Adobo on the fridge. Beef Kare-Kare Beef and vegetables in a thick savoury peanut-based sauce I am so happy that Kulinarya can now deliver to our address. It means I can order Kare-Kare a

Mango Cheesecake from Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee

I am obsessed with the seasonal cheesecake flavours of Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee. Matcha Cheesecake last June 6 Taro Cheesecake last June 26 Mango Cheesecake today My favourite is still the Matcha Cheesecake, but the Mango Cheesecake has mango chunks in them. Although, the mango flavour is not that strong on the cheesecake itself. Mango Cheesecake from Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee Top-view of Mango Cheesecake slice Mango Cheesecake with Matcha Latte and Chai Latte Happy Sunday!