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Buy 14-inch Capiz Parol in Metro Vancouver

We have on hand  limited quantities of high-quality Parol (Christmas Lantern) from the Philippines. It's available for pickup in Richmond, BC. Only CAD 200 14-inch Boungavillae Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) 14-inch Boungavillae Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) from The Philippines is available now in Metro Vancouver 14-inch Starlight Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) 14-inch Starlight Capiz Parol (Christmas Lantern) from the Philippines available now in Metro Vancouver How to order Capiz Parol in Metro Vancouver? Complete this order form . Pick-up only in Richmond, BC. Payment will be cash  (exact amount only) on pick-up or prepaid using Interac E-Transfer . Visit the website for more pictures.

Lunch at Bao Down

We had a fun 3 hours of walking playing Pokemon Go. Now, it's time for a much-needed lunch break at Bao Down. Japoyaki Poutine Chicken karaage, sprouts, furikake, Japanese curry sauce, sweet tamari, and jalapeno FLY Rice Pork Belly sisig style, peppers onions, garlic fried rice, XO sauce, and fried sunny side up egg 2 worlds Collide Crispy pork, braised pork belly, chicharron, carrots & daikon, and hoisin glaze Morning Glory Longanisa Filipino sausage, bacon, egg, hash, hollandaise, garlic mayo, banana ketchup, and sweet soy I'm surprised at how delicious the food is here. I can't wait to come back.

Dinner at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

We're celebrating my younger sister's graduation with dinner at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar in Granville Island close to work. Pistachio Crusted Salmon Garlic mashed potato, bacon sauteed brussels sprouts, and maple butter Steak

Brunch at Slickity Jim's Chat & Choux

2021 Update: This place has now permanently closed in this location. Slickity Jim's Chat & Choux is a small breakfast place in the neighbourhood. They're only open between nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. The vibe is so homey and friendly. I like it. The food was great as well. Roasted red peppers, feta, and avocado benny served with roast potatoes. French Toast Topped with triple berry compote and brandy buttercream The Breakfast Two free run eggs sunny-side-up style with roast potatoes and whole-wheat toast with bacon on the side

Dinner at Earls

We want to watch the Whitecaps game, but we don't have a TV. We decided to have dinner here and catch the second half of the game. Oven Roasted Salmon Feta, caper, and dill aioli, jasmine rice, and seasonal vegetables The salmon was delicious. Thankfully, it's what hubby ordered. I tried the Beyond Burger and it was dry. It's such a disappointment because Earls vegetarian burger was delicious, but it's no longer available. Beyond Burger 100% plant based burger, tomatoes, onions, lettuce pickles mayonnaise and mustard on a toasted brioche bun. Earls, please bring back your vegetarian burger.

Dessert at Trees Organic

Maple Walnut Cheesecake

Dinner at Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

Friday night means dinner out to make things feel better. Signature Beef Quartet Noodle Soup Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken

Mother's Day Lunch at MASA Japanese Restaurant

It's Mother's Day! We made a surprise breakfast for Mama, then we attended Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral. Afterwards, we had lunch at MASA Japanese Restaurant. Assorted Tempura Kara Miso Ramen Spicy miso flavoured soup base with chashu and egg. Miso Ramen Miso flavoured soup base with chashu and egg. We love you, Ma!

Dinner at Japadog

Before watching Detective Pikachu in Scotiabank Theatre, we decided to have dinner at Japadog across the street. Oroshi Freshly grated radish with a special soya sauce. East meets West. Avocado Topped with avocado, cream cheese, Japanese mayo, and soy sauce I love weekends!

Lunch at Aling Ening

I love Saturday and playing Pokemon Go. We also decided to drop by Fraser street where there's a block full of Filipino restaurants. We walked around and decided to eat at Aling Ening. Adobong Pusit, Langka, Laing, and Dinuguan with Turon Halo-Halo with Ice Cream

Friday Date Night with Husband at The Wicklow

Friday night and Whitecaps game at The Wicklow. Yorkshire Pudding Bowl Chips & Salsa Baked Mac & Cheese Carrot Juice

Cinco de Mayo celebration at Tacofino Taco Bar

Like last year , we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. This year we went to Tacofino Taco Bar in Gastown. Nachos Roasted jalapenos, feta, cheddar, Monterey jack, salsa Fresca, and crema Steak Taco Serrano peppers, pickled chayote & pineapple Pork Gringa Aged cheddar, salsa Fresca, and sour cream Pork Al Pastor Pineapple, pickled onion, and cilantro Veggie Gringa Aged cheddar, mushrooms, corn, salsa roja, and epazote Banana Churros Cinnamon sugar, spiced chocolate sauce I can't wait to see how we're celebrating next year.

Happiness found at Japadog

I love Japadog and not the hotdog itself but the flavour they create. As you can see from this blog, we go to Japanese restaurants frequently and Japadog recreates those flavour profiles in hotdog sandwich form. Plus they have french fries drenches in Japanese Curry Sauce. Two things I love in one dish. Terimayo and Okonomi Chicken Karaage and Curry Fries

Dinner at The Wicklow Public House

It's a very long week at work, so we decided to have a dinner date to make things better. Pulled Pork Poutine Braised pork, Kennebec fries, cheese curds, and house gravy Yorkshire Pudding Bowl Certified Angus beef, house gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, and horseradish creme fraiche Drinks Cake I love the food here!