Monday, November 21, 2011

The Cheese Steak Shop

The Cheese Steak Shop located in Arnaiz (formerly Pasay Road) in Makati is having a promo a buy one take one for all it's 7" sandwiches this November 22 to 24. With that, Jomar and I tried the following:

Premium Cheese Steaks with Bacon (P320)

Premium Cheese Steaks with Pepperoni (P320)

Large Fries (P150 with any soda)

1. They had real slow service. Maybe because they're new or something but it took them sometime to give us our food (or maybe we're just hungry impatient bunch during that time).
2. They give us incomplete orders. I received my drinks last and I need to demand for it together with my fries (maybe they still need to improve their overall process inside the kitchen).
3. The sandwiches itself wasn't that great. Maybe I expected more cheese and better tasting beef in my sandwich.
4. I liked their fries though. :)
5. The buffalo wings is okay but not something I would return to (I would prefer Buffalo Wings and Things any given day).

I guess that's it. Will I be coming back for more? Maybe after a few months when improvements or something happen.

**sorry for the blurry picture

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