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Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes

I continue my support of Filipino businesses and entrepreneurs by ordering Ube (purple yam) cake from Kaye Bakes. Kaye Bakes for Celebration Today we're celebrating three things: my mom's birthday, my youngest sister's high school graduation, and father's day. It only fits to order some cake, and I thought a cake we can't buy from Costco would be fitting. How I ordered from Kaye Bakes? I reached out on their Facebook page Tuesday to ask if they can do a Saturday delivery or if it's too late. I also asked for prices and if they can deliver. They were able to deliver on a Saturday at Richmond. I paid via Interac-E Transfer. Ube Cake Purple yam is famous in the Philippines. The colour is unique, and it's delicious! We love Ube cake in the Philippines, and I didn't think we would be able to enjoy some here in Canada. Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes You should hear the glee from my younger sister. She loves Ube cake the most among all of us

Lunch from MASA Japanese Restaurant

Happy Saturday! ハッピーサタデー It is a clear, sunny day in Vancouver. Hubby decided to take a jog around the Seawall while I run errands, and once I am done, we met up near Granville Island. For lunch today, we have decided to order from MASA Japanese Restaurant. It's a small local business near South Granville (along West Broadway at Hemlock Street). It's on the second floor of the building, on top of the Circle K convenience store. They offer an extensive Japanese food menu ranging from sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, Japanese curry, udon, and even ramen. I've tried different MASA dishes in the past (it's one of our go-to places for Japanese comfort food), and for today we have ordered mostly new things. Our order from MASA Japanese Restaurant for today If you know me by now, I almost always order the same dish from restaurants. Why take the chance of ordering a bad dish when I am sure that I'll enjoy the one I want? 😁 However, I am willing to try appetizers and desserts at

Lunch from Suika

Finally! I haven't had my favourite Japanese curry from Suika since December of last year. I can't believe I survived the first quarter of 2021 without having a taste of that delicious dish. We went to Suika today to order our usual dishes to-go since dine-in services are closed. Signature Beef Curry with Tonkatsu I can't believe how much I missed this dish. It's as good as I remember. I also ordered extra curry sauce on the side. Double Tonkatsu Set (2 pieces of fried pork loin cutlet served with ground roasted sesame tonkatsu sauce, white rice, cabbage salad, and miso soup) The Double Tonkatsu has become hubby's standard order, and he enjoyed that the tonkatsu sauce came mixed already. Yum! Crispy Chicken Karaage (Deep fried chicken thigh served with Japanese salt and pepper) Our usual side is their chicken. We didn't order desserts today and decided to grab a cake from Meinhardt during our weekly grocery run. If you can, please support your local restaurants

Godzilla VS Kong BURGERS from Carl's Jr.

I usually don't write news or things I look forward to in this blog, but this particular promo got me excited. We watched (marathon) the Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters last year just for fun and I am looking forward to watching Godzilla vs Kong. I want to watch it in Cineplex UltraAVX (i.e moving chairs!), but alas COVID-19, so when I saw this promo from Carl's Jr. Canada I got excited. I'll keep you updated once I find the time to order it. As of this post, the Godzilla Thickburger  and Kong Chicken Sandwich  is not yet in the SkipTheDishes Carl's Jr. Canada menu. I also tried ordering for pickup directly from the website and both burgers are not yet there. I'm located in Vancouver, BC. Carl's Jr. Godzilla Thickburger and Kong Chicken Sandwich Source: I can't wait to try both! If you know how to get both burgers, please leave a comment below.

My IKEA Food Subscription Experience: Swedish Meatballs Bundle

IKEA is doing a trial run of their food subscription service here in Vancouver. Our zip code qualifies, so I thought, why not try and see how things work out. How to join? Ordering is easy. You just go to the IKEA Food Subscription page and check if your postal code is included in its service area. They have two boxes, a "Swedish Meatballs Meal Bundle" for $50.49 (including tax) and a "Swedish Treats Bundle" for $33.46 (including tax). I got both. The Experience Payment Issues I know it's a trial, and I expect that there will be challenges along the way. IKEA sent me an email confirming my order, and I am excited. After 12 hours, they sent me another email confirming my order with a different order number. It seems like they processed my subscription twice and charged my credit card twice for $83.95. I am unhappy. I called them as soon as I saw the second charge. I want to know if I made a mistake when placing the order or what's going on. The folks handlin

Birthday Dinner from Chop Steakhouse

It's my sister's birthday, so we decided to celebrate at my parent's place. My sister has already been vaccinated, and we're so happy since she's a frontline worker. My brother and youngest sister are almost always home except for walking to a nearby Shoppers. It's my mom who goes to the groceries once a week. Hubby and I are the same. Hopefully, our small bubble stays safe and healthy. Anyway, for my sister's birthday, she wants food from Chop Steakhouse. 11 oz medium Centre Cut New York with fresh seasonal vegetables (green beans and beets) and Yukon Gold mashed potatoes Honestly, for steak delivered, it's one of the best steaks we've had. Even better than The Keg . The steak is perfectly seasoned and delicious. Miso Glazed Salmon with loaded baked potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables The salmon is good. I still prefer the one from The Keg. We also failed in understanding how the loaded baked potatoes work. The order arrived with little container

Dinner from Save-on-Foods

Not ordering from restaurants has been challenging because I want food cooked by someone else. LOL. Thankfully most groceries offer hot meals that you can microwave. Below are some dishes we got from Save-on-Foods. Red Dragon Roll from Bento Express Red Dragon Roll Chicken Alfredo Pasta Macaroni and Cheese I thought the Mac and Cheese were better than the Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

Celebrating Pi Day with Pies from the grocery

Pi Day this year is a little different for hubby and me. We decided to not order from restaurants for 40 days starting Ash Wednesday as part of our fasting. The only loophole will be eating with people outside our household, which essentially means with the family in Richmond. That said, we couldn't order pies. Thankfully, there are frozen pies in our local grocery, so we decided to buy three different savoury pies. Aussie Pie Guy We got two different flavours of pies from the Aussie Pie Guy brand. Aussie in its packaging Aussie baked in an air fryer because I don't have an oven. Salmon Pie Salmon Pie from Aussie Chef Fenrick Frozen Chicken Pot Pie from Chef Fenrick Baked Chicken Pot Pie from Chef Fenrick Of all the three pies, I enjoyed the Chicken Pot Pie the most. I kinda wished I grabbed more Chef Fenrick pies. There's always Pi Day next year!

Lunch at Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

I have been eating Redbeef every month this year (given - it's only February). We went to Costco today and I asked my parents where they want to eat and my dad LOVES Redbeef Noodle Kitchen. I treat my parents to restaurants I love in Vancouver and Redbeef is the only one that my dad loves (others are so-so for him). Of course, I am more than happy to treat them to delicious food and spend quality time. Chicken Cutlet Rice One thing you should know about me by now is I am consistent with the food I order from my favourite restaurants. As expected, I ordered my favourite Chicken Cutlet Rice and a side of salt & pepper popcorn chicken. Spicy Beef Noodle Soup My brother ordered the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. The meat looks tender and the noodles has a nice bite and texture, but the soup doesn't penetrate the noodles as much. Pan-fried Beef Wraps The Pan-Fried Beef Wrap is my mom's favourite so I got two orders to make sure we'll be able to eat some. Last time she finished

Hubby's birthday cake from Yum Sweet Shop

Happy birthday to my dearest husband! I asked him what he'd like for his birthday and he said ice cream cake because he hasn't had it. I was planning to order from Marble Slab Creamery, but they were close yesterday. I was scrambling to find another ice cream cake vendor. I need a small one since if we get the big ones from Dairy Queen, it will be too big for our fridge. I found Yum Sweet Shop! Hubby is happy with his ice cream cake and I enjoyed my red velvet cake as well. The best part is we could finish it without having leftovers! I love the Ice Creamery Yum & Sweet Shop paper bag Ice Cream Cake Slice Salted caramel and vanilla ice cream layered with chocolate and marshmallow cake Happy Monday!

Hubby's Birthday Lunch delivery from AJ's Brooklyn Pizza Joint

Happy birthday to my dearest husband! I asked him what he'd like for his birthday and he said ice cream cake because he hasn't had it. He also wanted pizza and he's very specific that it needs to be from a small, local business and not a pizza chain. I have no idea where to order from, so I made a search for the best pizza in Vancouver and found AJ's Brooklyn Pizza Joint. Spicy Four Cheese Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Ricotta, Fresh Parmesan, Topped with Mike's Hot Honey The Spicy Four Cheese is sweet because of the honey and salty from the different cheeses. It was perfect. The Supreme New Yorker Calabrese, spicy sausage, pepperoni topped with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese. The Supreme New Yorker is flavourful and spicy because of the meat. Somehow, I prefer the Spicy Four Cheese. I can't believe it took me this long to order New York-style pizza that you need to fold to eat. It was delicious! It's nothing compared to the pizza I get from pizza chains. Meatbal

Valentine's Day lunch delivery from Basil Pasta Bar

I have no idea why but my idea of a romantic meal involves pasta. I was searching for the best pasta places nearby, but I kept coming back to Basil Pasta Bar because I am certain  that it will be delicious and that I won't be disappointed (as long as I don't add extra cheese to everything LOL). Pesto Shrimp Linguine with extra meat A delicious pesto shrimp linguine made with pesto cream sauce, shrimp, spinach, and white wine. This dish is garnished with basil and Parmesan cheese. Maple Bacon Conchiglie Maple bacon conchiglie made with marinara sauce, pure maple syrup, bacon, red onions, mushrooms, red peppers, and corn. This dish is garnished with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Minestrone Soup A thick soup made with vegetables.

Lunar New Year Lunch delivery from Grand Chinese Restaurant (Yaletown)

Happy Lunar New Year! We ordered our favourite Chinese dishes for lunch today from a new restaurant - Grand Chinese Restaurant in Yaletown. Beef Rolls We love beef rolls! The best one is still from Peaceful Restaurant , but this comes a close second. What's the difference? This one has a thicker wrap, but the beef and sauce are as delicious. Xiao Long Bao It's hard to judge the Xiao Long Bao when it's delivered and not fresh from a restaurant kitchen, but it's still good. Pan-Fried Pork Buns Inside of the Pan-Fried Pork Buns I discovered that I prefer pan-fried pork buns over steamed ones. However, this one has more dough than filling.  Shanghai-style Chow Mein This is my favourite dish from Grand Chinese Restaurant and I give this the "award" of becoming my favourite Shanghai-style chow men. It's slightly sweet but has that great flavour. I don't think I have tried a Shanghai-style chow mein which I will crave and would want to eat again. Dan Dan Nood