Wednesday, December 8, 2021

All-Cheese Ensaimada Box and Sweet & Savory Sampler Ensaimada Box from Ensaimada Moment | Magkasama Christmas Market 2021

I have a confession to make. I am not a fan of ensaimada, in general. I remember growing up; I just find it too sweet. So if I am in front of a bakery with lots of Filipino bread options, there are two bread I won't order (sorry, bread!) ensaimada and pan de coco.

With this premise, you might be thinking about why I ordered 8 ensaimada during Magkasama Christmas Market this year. Well, the description said there are savoury ensaimada and cheese ensaimada - who says no to cheese?

I am hoping Ensaimada Moment can change my general aversion to ensaimada.

Let's get started. We had all 8 ensaimada for breakfast today. 

All-Cheese Ensaimada Box from Ensaimada Moment

I reheated the All-Cheese Ensaimada Box for 30 seconds in the microwave, which melted some cheese on top.

All-Cheese Ensaimada from Ensaimada Moments

Because all the ensaimada looks the same, I couldn't identify which flavour is which (update: I found a flavor guide in Instagram, so I'll do my best to properly caption each ensaimada), but this is the first one I tried, and it's what I think is the Classic Ensaimada. It's the sweet one that made me dislike ensaimada, to begin with, but it's as good as it can go.

I am sure ensaimada lovers will absolutely go crazy with how delicious the ensaimada was.

The one above is the second one I tried. It's not as sweet as the first, but I am unsure of its flavours since the sweetness was still overpowering my tongue.

This is my favourite from the All-Cheese Ensaimada Box. There's still sweetness, but whatever cheese was used above counterbalances the sweetness with a bit of saltness. I surprisingly enjoyed it.

Salted Egg Ensaimada

The salted egg was shockingly my least favourite of the four. Because ensaimada is generally sweet, the salted egg became overpoweringly salty. I love it in bibingka, but not ensaimada.

Our breakfast would have ended here, but I felt hungry, so we decided to eat the remaining four ensaimada.

Sweet & Savory Sampler Ensaimada Box from Ensaimada Moments

I enjoyed the four ensaimada in this box more than the All-Cheese one, which is surprising. I reheated this one for 20 seconds to avoid the melted mess of the first one.

Sweet & Savoury Sampler Ensaimada Box

Pork Floss Ensaimada

I think this is pork floss, and I absolutely love it. It works well on top of the fluffy pastry.

Ube Halaya Ensaimada

I think this is ube, but I base it on the colour. It's a bit sweet but not overpowering, and I surprisingly enjoyed it.

I thought the ensaimada below and above would be as sweet as the one in the All-Cheese Box, but unexpectedly not. It's possible that the flavours just work better together, and one is not overpowering the other.

Overall, I'll order the Sweet & Savory Sampler Ensaimada Box again.

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