Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Assorted Bibingka Box from Bellie Bake | Magkasama Christmas Market 2021

Bibingka is a staple rice cake in the Philippines during Christmas. I remember my mom and I went to Simbang Gabi (literally translates to "Night Mass") at 4:30 in the morning and we would always buy bibingka which we enjoyed at home for breakfast.

Where to get Bibingka in Vancouver?

Finding bibingka in Metro Vancouver is a challenge, but thankfully as part of Magkasama Christmas Market, Bellie Bake made available a box of assorted bibingka.

Assorted Bibingka Box from Bellie Bake

It includes the Classic Salted Egg and Cheese, Ube Macapuno, Coffee Milo Crumble, and Sapin-Sapin (Ube, Coconut, Langka (jackfruit)). We had all four for breakfast this morning. I reheated it in the air fryer (because I don't have an oven toaster) making sure to keep an eye out just in case it burns and they came out amazing.

Classic Salted Egg and Cheese Bibingka

Ube Macapuno

Coffee Milo Crumble

Sapin-Sapin (Ube, Coconut, and Langka)

We started breakfast with the Classic, followed by the Sapin-Sapin, then Ube Macapuno, and the Coffee Milo Crumble last.

I am surprised that the Sapin-Sapin is my favourite. I love the hint of langka and subtle taste of ube. I can't decide if I prefer the Classic or Coffee Milo Crumble more. I enjoyed the bitterness from the coffee on top of the latter, but the salted egg in the former is something I always enjoyed.

My least favourite is the Ube Macapuno. I guess the others are just too flavourful, so Ube Macapuno got left behind.. All of them are as soft as a bibingka should be. Reheating in the air fryer (or oven toaster if you have one) is always a good call.

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