Thursday, December 9, 2021

Filipino Spaghetti from Shameless Buns | Magkasama Christmas Market 2021

There are three things you should know about Filipino households.

  1. All Filipino households have a rice cooker. When my younger sister moved out, my housewarming gift was a rice cooker and rice. 🤣
  2. All Filipino households have their own variation of the adobo. The only thing consistent with an adobo recipe is it has chicken and/or pork, soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic, and whatever version you have at home is the best. Well, at least, that's how my siblings and I think with our dad's adobo. 💓
  3. The same can be said about Filipino-style spaghetti. It's sweet and savoury with cut-up hotdogs, and any Italian will get upset with our culture's rendition of the spaghetti. Every household has its own version of their mom's (or grandma's) spaghetti, and we think our mom's spaghetti is the best. 🍝
All this introduction just to introduce the Filipino Spaghetti from Shameless Buns. Of course, I'll be biased and think that my mom's spaghetti is still the best. However, enjoying the Filipino Spaghetti from Shameless Buns is like that scene in Ratatouille when Anton Ego (food critic) was transported back to his childhood.

Filipino Spaghetti from Shameless Buns

I felt that way. It's like eating the spaghetti served by our neighbour during a children's party (the child in my memory is that kid I played with all the time outside our home before I became a tween). It was delicious and nostalgic. While devouring the pasta (with perfect noodle-sauce ratio), I could hear the laughter and visualize the balloons and party hats in my head. Then, of course, there's also pabitin and my mom's panic voice that I should wipe my face covered in spaghetti sauce. 

Reheated the Shameless Spaghetti on the pan. This is half of the container.

I hope all food can make you feel like this. The only thing missing is a piece of Tasty (it's what we called a sliced loaf bread when I was a child because it's a famous brand we were familiar with where we lived).

I will absolutely rebuy this, and if Shameless Buns can make a combo with toasted pandesal (and butter) on the side, that'll be genuinely nostalgic. The thought is making me smile ear-to-ear already.

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