Saturday, December 4, 2021

Lunch from Shameless Buns

Today has finally arrived! It's the day we pick up our Magkasama Christmas Market goodies, but before I enjoy and write about each store, here's a little post about Shameless Buns and what we ordered today.

It'd be a crime if I went to Shameless Buns without ordering my favourite Sinigang Fries and trying new things.

Lunch from Shameless Buns

Limited Time: The Double "Spamwich"

Imagine the famous KFC double down (two boneless fried chicken as buns instead of well, buns), but rather, the "Spamwich" are two slices of Spam covered and fried with panko. Between the panko-covered Spam are spicy mayo, chicken adobo, caramelized onions, chipotle cheese sauce, sriracha mayo, crispy shallots, and green onions.

The Double "Spamwich" Combo with Sinigang Fries

Based on the description and as expected, it was salty. I have a pretty low salt tolerance (that's why my favourite chips are the less salt ones - I know, I'm weird). 

Closer look of The Double "Spamwich."

Up close and personal with The Double "Spamwich."

Don't get me wrong, the crispy outside and salty Spam would be impressive with rice (because that's how we roll, my Filipino blood is too pure 🤣 or has too much rice in it). Or even champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge) or even between pandesal that crispy panko-breaded Spam will be excellent. But with adobo (which has soy sauce), it has become one-note. The "Spamwich" might also be good with the Jackfruit Coconut or Embutido inside; both have a sweeter flavour profile than adobo.

Main Squeeze: Jacked Up Coconut

With the Jacked Up Coconut today, I am halfway through trying all the Shameless Buns Main Squeeze. I said this before, I love their version of ginataang langka. I'll be happy to buy it as is and enjoy it at home with rice. I surprisingly prefer the Jacked Up Coconut with the pandesal than on top of the fries.

Jacked Up Coconut
Jackfruit Coconut Adobo (Ginataang Langka), garlic calamansi aioli, tomato, green onion, and fried garlic

This is my favourite Main Squeeze (so far - will update when I tried the adobo, tapa, and embutido ones), followed by The Little Sausage, then Sir Spam-A Lot.

Side Chicks: Fili-Pino Cheeze Steak Fries

Aha! That's why the fries seem flavourful. It's their Palabok Fries topped with Tapa (Marinated Fries). It's delicious, especially the bite covered in their Chipotle Cheeze Sauce, but the Jacked Up Coconut Fries is still my favourite. I will order that every time, but I am on a "quest" to try everything on their menu and decide which one I like best.

Fili-Pino Cheeze Steak Fries
Crispy AF Palabok Fries, Tapa (Marinated Beef), caramelized onions, chipotle cheese sauce, chicharon, sriracha mayo, and green onion.

We haven't tried two remaining Side Chicks - the Adobo Fries and Sausage Party.

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