Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Week 11 of HelloFresh

HelloFresh is back in our home this week. We skipped last week because of the lack of exciting recipes.

Gochujang Sugar-Glazed Shrimp
Sticky, sweet and succulent shrimp are the stars of this lip-smacking stir-fry. We've paired them with crisp, sesame veggies to make this delicious dish one to remember!

I have a confession. I didn't add sugar to this meal because I just don't like adding sugar to any dish (unless I'm baking). Thankfully, the food came out delicious. The rice can absorb the sauce, and the shrimp were perfectly cooked.

Veggie Black Bean Curry with Lime-Coconut Quinoa
This delightful black bean curry lightly sweetened with veggies on a bed of coconut quinoa will hit all the right spots for those with a hankering for a South Asian-inspired veggie dish!

PRO Tip: Squeezing lime on top gives the dish that's extra oomph in flavour.

Ground Lamb Turkey Navarin Stew with Creamy Mashed Potatoes
This French-inspired turkey stew is packed with the aromatic trifecta of onions, celery, and carrots. Minced turkey and creamy mashed potatoes make it the perfect dish to satisfy your comfort food craving.

The navarin stew was too salty, but hubby said I should mix it with mashed potatoes and it works better that way.

Carb Smart Stir-Fried Beef with Green Beans and Peppers
This one-pan wonder brings dinner together in a flash! Ginger adds zesty zip to this stir-fry of hearty beef and plentiful veggies, with no starch in sight.

The simplest and easiest to cook among the ingredients today. It's also the only one we ate for one meal instead of splitting between  two meals. It's delicious too and will work well with rice. However, the description mentioned ginger but there's no ginger in the ingredients list or instructions. Not sure what's that about.

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