Thursday, December 2, 2021

Reunion Holiday Dinner at The Wicklow Pub

It was cold but surprisingly clear skies this evening in Vancouver when I met some of my former colleagues. Since moving to Canada six years ago, I don't have any friends, and the best place to make a social (and professional) connection is at work. That's why every year (except last year), I organize a reunion dinner around December to gather everyone and catch up.

I had a fantastic time catching up with my friends about career, recruitment, housing, mortgages, cryptocurrency, falling buildings, even the Marcoses. I laughed so hard at the jokes and banters, and I was food coma from the delicious food.

Super thank you, The Wicklow Pub, for hosting us. They allowed us to use the private room exclusively, meaning we could talk and laugh as loudly as possible. I miss these guys and the fun we have at work, but I am more than happy to keep organizing these events to see each other once (maybe twice) a year.

For tonight, I finished the nachos myself and got peer pressured to order yam fries because everyone has it.


Yam Fries

I am sleepy now, so I'll edit and maybe add more details tomorrow. Maybe.

Thank God for giving me beautiful friends in Canada and keeping them all safe and healthy in the middle of the pandemic.
  • May A, Jo, and Ja find employment and work soon in a place where they'll be appreciated and supported.
  • May everyone else continue to grow and bless their current employers.
  • Keep them and their families safe, healthy, and happy today and every day for the rest of their lives.

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