Friday, December 24, 2021

Lunch from Japadog Drive-Through

Happy Friday and almost Christmas! 🎄 Today my parents picked us up from our place. We're going to celebrate Christmas at their place. Before heading there, we went grocery shopping at H-Mart in Richmond. Our theme for Christmas dinner is Korean cuisine.

After grocery shopping, we dropped by Lansdowne because my sister had to buy a tripod, and since my mom was already starving, we grabbed lunch from the Japadog.

My mom thought we should eat at the food court inside Lansdowne, but I am still paranoid about COVID, so buying a food truck and bringing it home seems the best idea.

Left: Kurobuta Terimayo and Kurobuta Okonomi
Right: Karaage and Wagyu Beef Terimayo

The Kurobuta Terimayo and Kuronuta Okonomi are for my parents, while hubby and I ordered Karaage and Wagyu Beef Terimayo. Surprisingly, I didn't enjoy the Karaage, and I think that's the first Japadog I didn't order.

We also ordered four different Shaked Fries flavours: Butter & Shoyu, Shichimi & Garlic, Aonori, and Black Pepper. I think the Butter & Shoyu is still the best. However, if you want something spicy, the Shichimi & Garlic is a delicious option.

For future me, here's a list of Japadog based on the menu in the McArthurGlen location with a link to which ones you've tried.
  1. Kurobuta Terimayo
  2. Kurobuta Okonomi
  3. Kurobuta Oroshi
  4. Kurobuta Love Meat
  5. Spicy Cheese Terimayo
  6. Yakisoba
  7. Ebi Tempura
  8. Tonkatsu
  9. Hot Spicy
  10. Yakiniku Rice
  11. Croquiette
  12. Karaage (today)
  13. Wagyu Beef Terimayo (today)
  14. Avocado
  15. Cilantro

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