Saturday, August 14, 2021

Lunch at Japadog

Happy Saturday! Hubby and I went shopping today at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Vancouver Airport, then for lunch, we decided to enjoy a meal at Japadog.

We ordered two Japadog.

Ebi Tempura

Shrimp tempura, seasoned rice, and seaweed

It's so unusual to see rice between hotdog buns. The only reason we ordered this is because we're going through their menu and this is the next one on the list.

Love Meat Japadog

Arabiki pork, torched cheese, special meat sauce (beef) 

The Love Meat Japadog is perfect for those who wants a more familiar American hotdog. It's not as "out of this world" like other flavours.

Plain Takoyaki
Japanese octopus dumplings

Butter & Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Shaked Fries

The takoyaki and fries is pretty standard. If you crave for takoyaki or fries, this will hit the spot.

Omatcha Parfait

We ended our delicious meal with Omatcha Parfait. It has green tea ice cream, red beans paste, Japanese mochi, corn flakes, vanilla ice cream, and Japanese matcha jelly. It's perfect after walking around the outlet mall during a hot summer day, just like today.

For future me, here's a list of Japadog based on the menu in the McArthurGlen location with a link to which ones you've tried.
  1. Kurobuta Terimayo
  2. Okonomi
  3. Oroshi
  4. Love Meat (today)
  5. Spicy Cheese Terimayo
  6. Yakisoba
  7. Ebi Tempura (today)
  8. Tonkatsu
  9. Hot Spicy
  10. Yakiniku Rice
  11. Croquiette
  12. Karaage
  13. Wagyu Terimayo
  14. Avocado
  15. Cilantro

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