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Monday, March 27, 2023

Peach Quenchers from Tim Hortons

It's a beautiful clear day in Vancouver, so hubby and I decided to walk to the Tim Hortons location 2.0 kilometres away.

I ordered my favourite Potato Wedges and tried the Peach Quenchers.

Tim Hortons Peach Quenchers

The artificial peach flavour is generally not something I like, and this one is no exception. Peach is best enjoyed either in a pie or just the fruit itself.

The idea of Quencher, especially in hot summer months, is impressive, but I didn't enjoy the Tim Hortons Peach Quenchers.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sugar Loop Donut from Tim Hortons

The Tim Hortons Sugar Loop Donut is a sweet and delicious donut that is part of the Tim Hortons menu. The donut is made with a classic yeast dough that is shaped into a loop and deep-fried until golden brown. The outside of the donut is coated with a thick layer of granulated sugar, which gives it a crunchy and sweet texture.

By trying the Sugar Loop Donut I have found my favourite donut at Tim Hortons. It reminds me of the Chinese Donut I love from Kam Do Bakery in Richmond. It's basically fried donuts covered in sugar.

Sugar Loop Donut from Tim Hortons

It's such a simple, straightforward donut and, when done right, is fantastic. The Kam Do version is miles away better because it's freshly made daily, while Tim Horton's version is stale and dry. The simplicity is what I fell in love with.

Sugar Loop Donut from Tim Hortons

Overall, if you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a tasty treat, the Tim Hortons Sugar Loop Donut is definitely worth trying.

Chicken Noodle Soup from Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a beloved Canadian institution, known for its coffee, donuts, and a range of other menu items. One such item is the classic Chicken Noodle Soup, which is a popular choice for those looking for a warm, comforting meal on a cold day.

Do you know that feeling when you have a cold or fever and only want to snuggle under a warm blanket and have your favourite show in the background? For moments like that, I only want a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup, and Tim Hortons has an affordable, easily accessible one.

Chicken Noodle Soup from Tim Hortons

The soup comes in a standard-sized bowl and is made with tender chicken, hearty noodles, and a savory broth. The chicken is cooked to perfection and has a great flavor that pairs well with the noodles. The broth is rich and flavorful, with just the right amount of saltiness.

After the Chili, their Chicken Noodle Soup is my second favourite.

Overall, if you're a fan of classic Chicken Noodle Soup, then Tim Hortons is definitely worth a try. It's a great option for those looking for a quick, satisfying, and affordable meal on the go.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Creamy Chill from Tim Hortons

Are you looking for a refreshing treat to cool you down on a hot summer day? Look no further than Tim Hortons' Creamy Chill!

Since it's a beautiful clear day in Vancouver, we decided to walk west to the Tim Hortons location, more than 2 kilometres from our place to indulge by ordering potato wedges (my favourite!), a small Vanilla Creamy Chill, and a large Chocolate Creamy Chill.

Small Vanilla Creamy Chill and Large Chocolate Creamy Chill from Tim Hortons

This delicious frozen beverage is made with a creamy blend of milk, your chosen flavoring, and ice, resulting in a smooth and velvety texture that is perfect for sipping on a hot day. And the best part? You can customize your Creamy Chill with a variety of flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

We enjoyed the vanilla with our potato wedges in the store while we returned home carrying the large Chocolate Creamy Chill. Then, we drank it with our HelloFresh dinner.

Why do we have too much Tim Hortons food? My husband participates in a survey/research program which gives him a gift card. The most useful ones for us are Tims and DoorDash. Since these are "free" Tims, we get to play in Roll Up To Win - we won 3x coffee/hot beverages and a $25.00 Tim Card,

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut and Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies from Tim Hortons

Spring is almost here, and Tim Hortons is welcoming the season with the return of their Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut and the introduction of the new Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut and Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies from Tim Hortons

Most of the day, I was scrolling through the Tim Hortons mobile app to find a branch offering both Cadbury Mini Eggs treats. Most locations only have cookies, so when I spotted one with both donuts and cookies - I knew where to go.

We decided to have dinner at Tim Hortons and order my usual favourite Chili. We're also trying their Regular Roast Beef & Cheddar sandwich and Cream of Broccoli soup for the first time.

To end our meal, we enjoyed the Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut and Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies.

Regular Roast Beef & Cheddar Artisan Sandwich

The Roast Beef was messy, and it's alright. Not something I'll order again. The lettuce and tomato were good. However, the beef was bland, and the bread was too thick. The ratio was off.

Regular Roast Beef & Cheddar Artisan Sandwich from Tim Hortons

Cream of Broccoli Soup

The Cream of Broccoli Soup was bland. No taste whatsoever. It was the first time that I asked for salt and used it. It's needed to bring out more flavour from the cream and broccoli.

Cream of Broccoli Soup from Tim Hortons

Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies

The Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies have a crunchy exterior, soft, chewy interior, and crispy mini eggs. I'll gladly order the cookies again, even without the mini eggs. It's my kind of cookie - crisp and chewy.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies from Tim Hortons

Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut

The Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut was alright. It's the Vanilla Dip donut with Cadbury Mini Eggs on top. If you're undecided on which one to get, go for the Cadbury Mini Eggs Cookies.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Seoul Food and Cheeseburger Poutine in BC Place

It's our first time in BC Place for the year. My primary goal is to take pictures of the menu to write this food guide blog post. My secondary goal is to try new items inside BC Place.

Korean-style Fried Chicken from Seoul Food in BC Place

For tonight, we ordered from the new concession stand: Seoul Food, serving Korean-style fried chicken. We ordered the Spicy Korean Glaze and Original Korean Fried Chicken.

Spicy Korean Glaze
Crispy Korean fried chicken drizzled with a spicy Korean glaze. Served on a bed of fries.

Original Korean Fried Chicken
Crispy Battered Chicken Breast, crisp lettuce, cheddar cheese, and special house sauce.

Unfortunately, both were dry as a dessert. So it drained moisture from my mouth that the first bite of the Cheeseburger Poutine (a new item from The Poutinerie) felt dry. I cannot in good conscience recommend Seoul Food. My husband pointed out that it was stale and must have been sitting there for at least 10 minutes. The flavour of the chicken was delicious, but it was so dry. If it came out fresh to order, it could be one of the must-try items inside BC Place.

Cheeseburger Poutine from The Poutinerie in BC Place

Because I was so disappointed with the fried chicken's dryness, I ordered the new Cheeseburger Poutine from The Poutinerie. The first bite felt dry, which I blamed on my earlier meal, but the cheeseburger was surprisingly good. I love the onions and how juicy the topping is. Flavour-wise, I still recommend the Shortrib Poutine.

Cheeseburger Poutine
Ground beef, diced onions, cheese curds, shredded cheddar, red wine gravy, and green onion.

I think I would like the cheeseburger poutine more if they find a way to melt the shredded cheese somehow.

The food may be bad this evening, thankfully the Vancouver Whitecaps FC won 5-0 tonight.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Guest Post: House Special Soup (Phở Dặc Biệt) for lunch at Little Saigon Yaletown

This post is written by my husband.

Yesterday, I met my manager for lunch. It is an extension of our 1-on-1 meeting. We went to Little Saigon in Yaletown and I ordered the House Special Soup (Phở Dặc Biệt).

House Special Soup (Phở Dặc Biệt)
Rare beef, brisket, meatballs & tripe

It has a little bit of everything and is perfect for a cold winter day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Nanaimo Bar from Blenz

It's snowing! We just came from church, and it was snowing on our walk home. We were looking to stop by and have tea and desserts on our way home, and aside from Tim Hortons, only Blenz Coffee is open.

I ordered a decaf breakfast tea, a Nanaimo bar, and a chocolate brownie. Yum!

Nanaimo Bar

Nanaimo Bar (if you're unfamiliar with this indulgent treat) is a Canadian classic that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is made from layers of chocolate, creamy custard, and a crunchy coconut-graham crust.

Chocolate Brownie

A bite of sweet dessert followed by a sip of hot, bitter tea is perfect for this evening. I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.

Salmon Cream Udon at Suika Snack bar

Happy Wednesday! There are days like today when all I need is a warm hug and my favourite food from Suika Snack Bar to make things a bit better. I absolutely love their Signature Beef Curry topped with Tonkatsu (Pork Loin Cutlet), while my husband ordered the Salmon Cream Udon from Today's Special menu.

Salmon Cream Udon
Pan-fried udon in a rice salmon cream sauce with house-made salmon flake, ikura, and parmesan cheese on top.

Suika did not skimp on the salmon flavour of the Salmon Cream Udon. The salmon flake is covered in a salmon cream sauce topped with salmon roe. It's delicious! Try it before it's gone.

Chicken Dashi Kara-age
Juicy deep fried chicken thigh, crispy on the outside and filled with rich dashi shoyu flavour

If you love Japanese curry, then Suika's version is a must-try. It's my ultimate comfort food. But, of course, I also ordered the juicy, tender Chicken Dashi Kara-age.

Signature Beef Curry topped with Tonkatsu
Suika original stewed beef tendon curry topped with pork loin cutlet

My worries and problems are still there, but I find comfort that Suika will always provide my favourite meal.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Fat Elvis Sweet Pie from The Pie Hole

If food establishments are wondering if joining food events like the recently concluded 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is worth it, let me tell you that it is.

We went to The Pie Hole to try their Fat Elvis-inspired hot chocolate last month, and today we came back to enjoy a 5-inch version of the sweet pie because it's so delicious.

Fat Elvis Pie
One of our biggest pies and best-selling! In our golden double butter crust, we start with a layer of dark chocolate ganache, then top it with banana cream and peanut butter whipped cream. To finish this pie, we drizzle more chocolate ganache, house-made caramel and roasted peanuts. Fit for The King!

If you love peanut butter, chocolate, and banana, Fat Elvis is the best one. 🤤 If you're from the Philippines and are craving the Starbucks Bannofee pie, this is the closest you'll get.

Signature Beef Brisket Stew from Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

Happy Sunday! We attended the 11:00 AM Mass officiated by Archbishop Michael Miller. After Mass, we had lunch at Redbeef. I ordered my usual, and hubby tried the Signature Beef Brisket Stew Rice.

Signature Beef Brisket Stew from Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

The beef was tender, and the sauce reminded me of beef pares from the Philippines.

We also ordered the Mini BBQ Pork Buns for the first time. The buns were soft, and the BBQ pork was sweet. So my siopao craving is satisfied.

Mini BBQ Pork Buns from Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

My usual order of Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Cutlet Rice is as delicious as I remember.

Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken from Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

Chicken Cutlet Rice from Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

Redbeef is such a happy place. 💓

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Coconut Pineapple Pie from Jollibee Canada

For hubby's birthday, we had dinner at Jollibee in their Cambie (corner West Broadway) location and got to try the Coconut Pineapple Pie. This item is not displayed on the menu but was offered by the cashier.

We ordered to-go Palabok Fiesta party size, Jolly Spaghetti party size, a bucket of 6-piece Spicy Chicken Joy, and 3 Peach Mango Pies. I look forward to enjoying all of it at home. 🤤

Cheesy Yumburger from Jollibee Canada

I ordered the nostalgic Cheesy Yumburger with Jolly Crispy Fries and Pineapple Quencher for dinner. Meanwhile, hubby chose the Deluxe Chicken Sandwich with mashed potatoes and the same drink. He wanted the Aloha Burger, but it's not yet available here. ☹️

Deluxe Chicken Burger from Jollibee Canada

We also ordered the Coconut Pineapple Pie, which is not on the menu.

Coconut Pineapple Pie from Jollibee Canada.

According to hubby, it's like nata de coco with sweet pineapple bits inside the same flaky pie exterior you're familiar with. However, I still prefer the Peach Mango Pie.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Passionfruit Hot Chocolate and Cookies & Creme from Caffe Artigiano | 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

It's the last day of the 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival! Since it's also Valentine's Day, hubby treated me to hot chocolates at Caffe Artigiano at their Cambie Village location.

#09 Cookies & Creme and #10 Passionfruit Hot Chocolate from Caffe Artigiano

#09 Cookies & Creme

Available: January 14 - February 14, 2023

A blend of dark and white chocolate sauce, house made syrup, fresh whipped cream and dark chocolate cookie crumble.

Served with a chocolate cookie with white and dark chocolate chips.

#09 Cookies & Creme from Caffe Artigiano

#10 Passionfruit Hot Chocolate

Available: January 14 to February 14, 2023

A luscious blend of dark chocolate and house made passionfruit syrup carefully blended with oat milk, topped with a passionfruit cheesecake whipped cream.

Served with a sugar dusted passionfruit crinkle cookie.

#10 Passionfruit Hot Chocolate from Caffe Artigiano

Black Pepper Beef Poutine from FryWay 87 | La Poutine Week 2023

FryWay 87 has its unique fried menu and shares a kitchen and store with Chirpyhut Fried Chicken in Cambie Village.

Black Pepper Beef Poutine from FryWay 87
A juicy and tender chunk of beef with crispy fries and cheese curds served with our special black pepper gravy.

First, the black pepper gravy is so delicious and quite unique. I daresay it's the best one of the five poutines in Vancouver we tried. Then, the fries were hot and crispy, but the real winner was the chunk of beef. It's too tender, juicy, and fatty. I'll be happy to eat that on its own or on top of rice (my Filipino-ness is coming out again).

Black Pepper Beef Poutine from FryWay 87

Popcorn Chicken Poutine from Chirpyhut Fried Chicken | La Poutine Week 2023

It's the last day of La Poutine Week 2023 and also Valentine's Day, so we decided to visit two places that are part of the event. The first is the Popcorn Chicken Poutine from Chirpyhut Fried Chicken along Cambie Street.

Popcorn Chicken Poutine from Chirpyhut Fried Chicken

My attempt to get a perfect bite of popcorn chicken, fries, and cheese curds soaked in gravy.

They have delicious fried chicken: lightly breaded, deep-fried, crispy skin and juicy meat. The fries were hot and crisp, and the gravy was warm and had a nice consistency. Overall good poutine.

Couple's Combo

Since it was Valentine's Day, I felt greedy (which I regretted the following morning when the weighing scale showed my weight) and ordered the Couple's Combo. It came with 1 pistol leg, 2 drumsticks, 4 chicken wings, a snack platter, fries, corn, and two drinks.

Imagine having all that food and two poutine! Sheesh. We ate the pistol leg and finished our drinks, but everything else we were bringing home.

1 Pistol Leg from Chirpyhut Fried Chicken

Juicy inside and crunchy outside. Yum!

Chicken Wings and Drumsticks underneath

Lightly breaded and juicy inside

Snack Platter from Chirpyhut Fried Chicken

Such a food coma evening!

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Afternoon Tea Set 2 at Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe | 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Happy Sunday! After Mass, we grabbed breakfast at Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe to try their Afternoon Tea Set 2 hot chocolate flavour. It's drink number 12 of the 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival.

It's a unique hot chocolate that tastes like milk tea. Unusually good. 🤤

#12 Afternoon Tea Set 2

Description on the 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival website:

Inspired by Hong Kong-style afternoon tea sets. This spiced milk tea and coffee milk hot chocolate uses Valrhona Caramélia 36% milk chocolate which is known for its soft, rich and voluptuous undertones of rich, milky flavour and salted butter caramel. Served with a crunchy egg tart.

#12 Afternoon Tea Set 2 from Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

We enjoyed it with flaky buttery Bacon & Onion scroll and Ham & Cheese scroll.

Bacon & Onion Scroll from Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Ham & Cheese Scroll from Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Below is a list of all the hot chocolate flavours we have tried so far.

  1. #02 Florals and Slice from 49th Parallel Coffee + Lucky's Doughnuts
  2. #12 Afternoon Tea Set 2 from Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe
  3. #69 Mandorlata Calda from Giovane Caffè
  4. #70 Amerena Calda from Giovane Caffè
  5. #73 Plus de Cerises, Mon Chérie from The GOOD Chocolatier
  6. #74 My Fat Vegan Dream from The GOOD Chocolatier
  7. #122 Fat Elvis from The Pie Hole
  8. #132 Le Cent from Thierry Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe
  9. #136 The Drink of Kings from Uno Gelato
  10. #137 Vancouver Sunny Rush from Uno Gelato

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Le Cent from Thierry Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe | 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Our 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival adventure continues. We're near Main Street corner West Broadway this evening, and I'm so surprised that only one hot chocolate source is open later than 7:00 PM, and that's Thierry Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe.

#132 Le Cent

Available January 30 - February 12, 2023

For the purists out there - 100% pure hot chocolate, topped with whipped farmhouse crème fraîche and served with a vanilla choux caramel on the side.

- Description from the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

#132 from Thierry Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe

This is my second favourite hot chocolate so far. Nothing beats a 100% pure hot chocolate, and to push it over the edge, it is topped with creamy whipped crème fraîche. If you have not tried crème fraîche, the consistency and texture are like ice cream without the sweetness.

The only reason Fat Elvis from The Pie Hole is still my favourite is because of the crunchy peanut element.

#132 Le Cent from Thierry Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe

Below is a list of all the hot chocolate flavours we have tried so far.

  1. #02 Florals and Slice from 49th Parallel Coffee + Lucky's Doughnuts
  2. #69 Mandorlata Calda from Giovane Caffè
  3. #70 Amerena Calda from Giovane Caffè
  4. #73 Plus de Cerises, Mon Chérie from The GOOD Chocolatier
  5. #74 My Fat Vegan Dream from The GOOD Chocolatier
  6. #122 Fat Elvis from The Pie Hole
  7. #132 Le Cent from Thierry Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe
  8. #136 The Drink of Kings from Uno Gelato
  9. #137 Vancouver Sunny Rush from Uno Gelato

Blaze Beef & Bacon Poutine from Blaze Gourmet Burgers | La Poutine Week 2023

Happy Thursday! My husband is picking up his racing kit at Forerunners. Afterwards, we walked to Blaze Gourmet Burgers to try their Blaze Beef & Bacon Poutine, that's part of La Poutine Week.

Blaze Beef & Bacon Poutine

This is the third poutine we've tried that's part of La Poutine Week, and it's the best one so far. First, I love the ground beef and bacon on top. The gravy was perfectly seasoned, although it could be warmer to melt the cheese curds. Lastly, the fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Blaze Beef n' Bacon Poutine
3.5 oz Beef ground chuck, double smoked bacon, cheese curds, crispy onion frites, gravy on the side

Classic Blaze

The burger is perfect. The beef was juicy, the cheese was melted, and the tomatoes and lettuce were fresh. It's as classic as it gets.

Classic Blaze
6oz patty on a regular bun, Blaze secret sauce, cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and pickles

Mushroom Lovers

It's everything you love on a Classic Blaze but with the additional heat from jalapeños and earthiness from the mushrooms.

Mushroom Lovers
6oz patty on a regular bun, Blaze secret sauce, swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, banana peppers, jalapeños, crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomato

This is such an excellent burger place. Vancouver is such a great foodie town with hidden gems everywhere.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Mandorlata Calda and Amerena Calda at Giovane Caffè | 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

It's a beautiful rainy Sunday and perfect for trying a couple more hot chocolates that are part of the 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival.

Both hot chocolates are not sweet. Think of the sweetest hot chocolate you've ever tried and water it down. That's what both chocolate tastes like.

Hot Chocolates from Giovane Caffe

The Amerena Calda stayed warm under the mountain of whipped cream while the Mandorlata Calda was definitely miles colder.

If you can't decide which one to get, the vanilla amaretto cookie served with the Amerena Calda is definitely on the sweeter side, which is perfect for both hot chocolates.

I like the crunch from the crushed almond bits on the Mandorlata Calda.

If you ever get both hot chocolates, I recommend ordering one of the sweet treats on the counter.

Below is the description of both hot chocolates in the Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival website.

#69 Mandorlata Calda

Rich cocoa powder and creamy almond butter. With its hint of cinnamon, topped with cinnamon sprinkles and crushed almond bits, this hot chocolate features traditional Italian almond flavour.

Served with a cantucci cookie on the side.

#69 - Mandorlata Calda

#70 Amerena Calda

A dark chocolate cherry-infused hot chocolate made with plant-based milks, topped with chantilly cream and dusted with chocolate shavings. This drink is a nod to the Italian Tartofu.

Served with a vanilla amaretto cookie.

#70 Amerena Calda

Below is a list of the flavours and vendors we have enjoyed so far.

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