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Lunch delivery from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

Happy Tuesday! It's rare for us to have anything delivered on a weekday, but well we have no viand to go with our rice so might as well order Filipino food. Last week, we had Chinese cuisine which goes well with rice, this week it's Filipino food. I have ordered from Klasik Inasal in the past and I ordered three same dishes: Shanghai Roll, Pork BBQ Skewer, and Eggplant Omelette ( Tortang Talong ). 2 orders of Pork BBQ Skewer and I apparently made a mistake and only ordered one serving of deep-fried Shanghai roll Eggplant Omelette (Tortang Talong)   Party Tray I ordered two viand (ulam) so we have something to eat for the rest of the week. Hubby kept saying will two be enough for the rest of the week. He doubts my food budgeting skills lol. I understand his hesitation since the "party tray" we ord

Christmas Lunch Date at Vancouver Fish Co.

Merry Christmas! We're going to pick-up our Yule Log cake from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts at 1:00 PM. We left our home at 11:30 AM so we can grab lunch at Go Fish. Unfortunately, I think they're closed. I told hubby that we should have lunch at Vancouver Fish Co. We've been here before but never together. When he used to work nearby, his team would almost always have their team lunch here. I've been here maybe twice for work meetings as well. Anyway, today it's just me and hubby celebrating life, love, and all the blessings today (a day before Christmas). We started our meal with drinks and a bowl of soup. A couple iced tea for drinks West Coast Seafood Chowder The first spoonful of the chowder was disappointing, but I like it more as I eat more. As I bite into the different flavou

Lunch at Suika

Suika is my favourite restaurant in Vancouver and primarily because of the Signature Beef Curry with Tonkatsu. It's the best one I have tried in the city. Today is probably the last time we're going to have lunch there for the year. We do our best to eat at Suika once a month, that's how much I love their food. Takoyaki Risotto Deep fried octpus ball filled with rissoto. Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flake on top Crispy Chciken Kara Age Deep fried chicken thigh served with sea salt and pepper. Signature Beef Curry with Tonkatsu SUika original stewed beef tendon curry with pork loin cutlet Double Tonkatsu Set 2 pieces fried pork loin cutlet using special fresh panko. Served with 2 kinds of dipping sauce

Brunch at De Dutch Pannekoek House

We're picking up a package from Oak Street at 16th Avenue and decided to have brunch at nearby De Dutch Pannekoek House. It's nice to eat at a restaurant after more than a month. Boer's Breakfast: Two eggs, sausage, ham, DeBakin, a piece of toast, hash browns, and a small pannekoek. Seafood Dutch Beneditcs (English muffin topped with smoked wild BC salmon and shrimp sautéed in lemon butter, two eggs, hollandaise sauce, and two servings of hash browns Hot Chocolate and Coffee I love my Seafood benedict! The shrimps is amazing.

Puffcream for desserts at Popina Canteen

One of the reasons why I created this blog is to remember what I ate from different restaurants. It's been helpful today. I remember we have tried Puffcream in the past, but I can't remember which one we've tried, so I open this blog on my phone and searched for Puffcream. Apparently, I have tried the Old Fashioned, so today we know we have to try something else. Essentially, a Puffcream is a freshly baked cream puff served with soft-serve ice cream. The toppings are different depending on which one you pick. Today, picked "Hubby." "Hubby" Puffcream - hard shell chocolate sauce, pretzels, and peanut butter My hubby holding the Hubby Puffcream. Yummy! I love the contrast between the crunchy and salty pretzels and soft-serve ice cream. I also ordered shoestring fries, which were crispy and perfect with the Puffcream. Yay for the weekend!

Lunch at Granville Island Public Market

Yesterday was my last day at work. Today, I dropped by the office to return my equipment. Afterwards, we grabbed lunch from Granville Island Public Market and ate it by the water. Everything is beautiful and amazing until a seagull attacked. Thankfully, I was able to protect my precious pizza. Clear day and the beautiful view while enjoying Pizza from Pizza Pzazz. The Greek Pizza slice from Pizza Pzazz This photo was taken then a seagull hit my head. Thankfully I didn't drop it. For our second lunch, I ordered from my favourite stall from the Granville Island Public Market - Gourmet Wok. I love the kung pao chicken, pork BBQ, and fried fish. Fried Fish, Pork BBQ, and Kung Pao Chicken on top of fried rice from Gourmet Wok Happy beautiful Saturday!

Lunch at Sushivan

My parents went inside our apartment for the first time ever. They usually drop off things, but they don't go inside. Today was different just because my brother needed to use the Healthy Wave Mat I have to relieve the wrist pain he's feeling. Anyway, after an hour at home, we all went to have lunch at Sushivan. We ordered a lot and my mom is happy with how delicious everything was. Spider Special Roll (Crab Meat, Cucumber, Avocado, Lettuce, Soft Shell Crab, and Tobiko) I still think the Awesome Special Roll is the best of the four I have tried so far. Creamy Udon for brother Soy Garlic Chicken Karage (Deep-fried chicken coated in soy sauce) Seafood Tempura (Assorted Tempura + Seafood) Beef Teriyaki and Sashimi Bento Box for hubby Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box Korean-style Ramen with Chicken for me Happy Wednesday!

Lunch at Redbeef Noodle Kitchen

My parents went to Costco and purchased some things for us. As a thank-you, we had lunch at Redbeef Noodle Kitchen. I have been wanting to bring them here since I know my dad loves noodle soup like pho and ramen. I ordered my usual and I think I will keep ordering it. I kinda wish I can order Taiwanese-style sausage on the side. Chicken Cutlet Rice Sliced Garlic Pork with Rice Black Pepper Beef Brisket Stew Rice with Mushroom Crispy Spicy Chicken Pan-Fried Beef Wraps Happy lunch! My mom loved the Pan-Fried Beef Wrap so much that she finished the whole thing.

Dinner at Royal Seoul House

Happy Saturday! This is such a productive day for me. I had a haircut after 15 months, grabbed groceries, and with parent's help picked up a new office desk just for me (I no longer have to work at our dining table). As thank you to my parents, we had dinner at Royal Seoul House because my mom loves Japchae. Ugeoji Galbi Tang (Beef Bone Soup with Cabbage) Seafood Pancake (Pan-Fried Assorted Seafood with Veggies) Japchae (Stir-Fried Potato Noodle with Assorted Veggies and Beef) Deep-Fried Pork Dumplings Banchan Combo B (Marinated Short Ribs, Marinated Beef, Marinated Chicken, and Spicy Pork) Grilling Our Combo B I miss Korean BBQ, so this is such a happy meal, plus I get to spend it with my parents. Happy Saturday!

Lunch at Rayhan Mediterranean Restaurant

Yay for outside food. We're picking up a package nearby and decided to grab lunch from Rayhan Mediterranean Restaurant. For our appetizer, we ordered a veggie samosa. It was bigger than we anticipated. Crispy Samosa Inside of the Samosa For our lunch, I picked a Mixed Plate, and hubby chose Mixed Wrap. We both picked chicken and falafel. I was selfish when I didn't want to share my Mixed Plate, but of course, I did. The Mixed Plate is fantastic! Falafel and Chicken Mixed Plate Mixed Wrap with a side of fries Mixed Wrap We ordered large baklava for dessert, which looked small compared to the samosa but still a good portion for sharing. We enjoyed our lunch for around 20 to 30 minutes, and I'm surprised at how many customers I've seen come and order take out from this place. This is our first time eating in this neighbourhood, and it's amusing. Happy Thursday!

Lunch at PICA's Blue Hat Bakery

We haven't been near the office in months. Today, I have some errands to run in the area and we thought of grabbing lunch from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts Blue Hat Bakery. I miss their sandwiches and soup as well as the nice people who work there. We ate our food in their patio. Thankfully, it has stopped raining by the time we got there. Sandwiches We ordered two sandwiches: ham and brie and chicken rustico. Both were delicious and perfectly toasted. Ham and Brie Sandwich Chicken Rustico sandwich Soup For soup, we shared a large bowl of chili. A Bowl of Chili Pastry You don't go to Blue Hat and not be tempted with the danishes and cakes they have on display. We ordered a chocolate almond danish and apricot almond danish. Chocolate Almond Danish and Apricot Almond Danish If you're in the area, get coffee or grab some of their frozen food to take home and be sure to be nice to the wonderful people who work at PICA's Blue Hat Bakery.

Lunch at Olive Garden in Langley, BC

My sister called me early Friday morning asking if we want to go with them to Langley to have lunch at Olive Garden the following day. I said yes because I have been craving pasta all week. I have been thinking about getting carbonara from Domino's Pizza, which I enjoy. After a 30-minute drive to Olive Garden, we had lunch. Of course, we have to enjoy ourselves together separately. Hubby and I enjoyed a private lunch together while my parents and three siblings sat it on another table on the other end of the restaurant. Appetizer To start our lunch date, we ordered A Sampler Italiano with Calamari, Fried Mozzarella, and Lasagna Fritta. A choice between soup and salad came with our main course, so we both ordered their creamy soup. A Sampler Italiano For the appetizer sampler, we picked calamari, fried mozzarella, and lasagna Fritta. My favourite of the tree was calamari. The mozzarella was not the best one I've tried, and it wasn't hot when it arrived at our table. The lasa