Hello! I grew up in the Philippines and moved to Canada right before my 26th birthday. I love food, and I love Vancouver, where I'm currently living with my husband. My parents and siblings are living in Richmond (a close enough city with its own culinary offerings).

What I love about Vancouver (and Canada)?

Diversity. In my wildest dreams (when I was in the Philippines), I never thought I'll be able to try African or Lebanese cuisine from people who grew up in those places and brought their culture and food to this part of the world.

Seasons. I thought of going back to the Philippines, but then I saw the beautiful autumn leaves, saw the flowers during spring, and experienced snow for the first time. It was too fantastic to leave all these things behind.

Home. Vancouver is my home now. Although I terribly miss my friends and the food in the Philippines, Canada is my home now. My family is here. My husband is here. We have started a blessed life here. It's not perfect, but it's home.

Why create this blog?

I have so many images of food, and I am not a fan of posting them on Facebook for my friends to see. I don't really want to create another social media account (e.g. Instagram) to upload it, so I thought of making a blog instead. Thus, Smooch Food is born. Smooch is a verb meaning to kiss or cuddle. I love food, I eat it, and I enjoy taking photos of it to remember.

Side bonus: It makes me happy to promote local businesses in my own way.