Sunday, July 30, 2023

Pad Thai and Green Curry from Little Bangkok Thai Kitchen 2

My husband and I are rarely in International Village. It's only our second time at the mall, specifically to watch a movie (The First Slam Dunk) at Cineplex Odeon. Before the film, we grabbed dinner from Little Bangkok Thai Kitchen 2 in the food court and got combos 1 and 5.

Meal combo 1 has pad Thai (with your choice of protein, we went for shrimp), while meal combo 5 includes green or red curry (I chose chicken for protein). Each combo had a spring roll, salad, soup, and a pop.

I had low expectations of the stall, so I am happy to share that we were fed delicious Thai food.

Meal Combo 1 from Little Bangkok Thai Kitchen 2
Pad Thai, spring roll, salad, soup, and pop

The shrimp pad Thai had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavour. Meanwhile, the soup is standard chicken stock, the spring roll has a crispy exterior, and the salad provides freshness.

Meal Combo 5 from Little Bangkok Thai Kitchen 2
Chicken green curry with rice, spring roll, salad, soup, and pop

My chicken green curry had the delicate balance of creamy coconut milk, fragrant green curry paste, and tender chicken. I also enjoyed the vegetables it came with, like bell peppers, carrots, and Thai eggplants. I almost finished the rice it came with.

Assorted Mini Cheese Tart from Pablo Japanese Bakery Cafe

 We have been eyeing the corner of West Broadway and Cambie for when a new specialty shop Pablo Cheese Tart will open.

We saw it open last weekend, but was on our way home so today before heading to the movies downtown we stopped by to try their Japanese-style cheese tart.

First, the crust is not as flaky as Portuguese tarts. It's more like a pie crust? Or maybe the crust of quiche. The filling is also creamier than expected.

We tried four available mini cheese tart flavours:

  • Chocolate Mini
  • Matcha Mini
  • Blueberry Mini
  • Roasted Chocolate Almond Marshmallow Mini
The chocolate and blueberry are excellent representative of each flavour. They're both safe bets.

My favourite is the matcha because of the strong matcha (green tea) bitter flavour which is such a great contrast to the sweet crust.

Assorted Mini Cheese Tart from Pablo

The Roasted Chocolate Almond Marshmallow Mini Cheese Tart is such a messy thing to eat! It has a good gooey chocolate flavour topped with roasted marshmallow anf almond. It's like an elevated s'more.

I'll happily order the Matcha Mini Cheese Tart again. I recommend dropping by Pablo to try the many different flavours. The store smelled so good too.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Caramel Pretzel from Mr. Pretzels food truck

Growing up, the only pretzel I knew was the one covered in chocolate: Jack & Jill Chocolate Pretzels Sticks. When I arrived in Canada, I tried freshly made pretzels, which was fantastic. Today, I ordered pretzels drizzled with caramel from Mr. Pretzels' food truck during the Celebration of Lights in English Bay.

Caramel Pretzels from Mr. Pretzels

The pretzel is a slightly salty base that perfectly complements the sweet caramel. I enjoyed the delightful crispy crust while the inside remained soft and chewy. I wish I was not sharing it with my husband.

Duck Pizza from Little Devils Pizza food truck

Happy sunny Saturday! We went to a 5 PM Anticipated Sunday Mass today. Afterwards, we walked to English Bay to watch the Celebration of Lights fireworks display by the Philippines representative.

We were unprepared (no mat or lawn chairs), so we placed my jacket under a tree and enjoyed the Duck Pizza from Little Devils Pizza food truck.

Duck Pizza from Little Devils Pizza food truck
Garlic/Olive Oil base, duck confit, basil, hoisin sauce, fior di latte, chili oil

Hubby said it's delicious, but more duck is needed. 😅 It's truly something else, especially from a food truck. The pizza has a touch of sweetness because of the garlic and hoisin sauce. Meanwhile, the duck confit provides a savoury and meaty element which is perfect with the creamy and milky mozzarella cheese.

Overall, an exquisite and unique pizza.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Hastings-Sunrise Bagel Sandwich from Rosemary Rocksalt

It's my 4th team lunch at my current work, and our co-founder chose a bagel. I ordered from Rosemary Rocksalt because they're in Uber Eats.

I ordered Hastings-Sunrise with Rosemary Rocksalt Bagel and a side of potato wedges.

Hastings-Sunrise with Rosemary Rocksalt Bagel

The tender brisket between a toasted salty bagel, melted cheddar, and soft egg is the perfect sandwich hitting all textures. I enjoyed it.

Potato Wedges from Rosemary Rocksalt

The potato wedges arrived soggy after 20 minutes of delivery time. It's still impressive, though. You can see that it's real potatoes.

Facing North

I ate my lunch on the rooftop of the building with the gorgeous view of lush mountains and blue skies. Thank God for all the blessings.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Food Adventure at Surrey Fusion Festival

Summer weekends are all about attending and enjoying different festivals and events. We find ourselves in Surrey today to support the 2023 Filipino Fiesta Extravaganza. While researching that event, I discovered the Surrey Fusion Festival happening nearby on the same weekend. It is the biggest multicultural event in BC (according to their website).

I haven't seen anything like this! I saw food booths from six continents (sorry, Antarctica). It was pretty overwhelming. We decided to focus on African nations since our only experience with their cuisine was when we had dinner ONCE at Simba's Grill.

But, before that, we dropped by the Indigenous Village.

Bannock from Bannock Queen Bakery

Yay! I'm always happy to support Indigenous businesses, and I love Bannock. This one is not deep-fried like West Coast Bannock, so it's not as airy, but it's still surprisingly soft and light. It's not as heavy and dense as what I am familiar with.

Classic Bannock with butter from Bannock Queen Bakery

After finishing our Bannock, our first stop was the Democratic Republic of Congo. After perusing the menu and going near the counter, the lady said their food was not yet ready. Sad. We had planned to come back but were food coma already.

Ugali (Fufu) from Rwanda

We had zero knowledge of African cuisine, so we ordered unfamiliar things. They offered rice with chicken & cassava leaves or ugali (fufu) with chicken & cassava leaves. Of course, I went for the ugali (fufu).

Hubby and I found a spot with tables and chairs under a tent in the middle of one of the gardens. Hubby was reading to me what ugali (fufu) is.

Ugali, also known as fufu in some regions, is a traditional staple food in many African countries, including Rwanda. It is made from maize flour (cornmeal) mixed with water and cooked to a thick, dough-like consistency.

Ugali (Fufu), Chicken, and Cassava Leaves from Taste of Rwanda

Ugali has a dense and firm consistency. It's like sticky rice but chewier. It absorbs the sauce from the chicken stew and the cassava leaves. The cassava leaves stew looks like our Filipino Laing but without the coconut milk and spiciness.

Mandazi from Zambia

After enjoying our Ugali from Rwanda, we stopped by Zambia and got the Mandazi. It's a popular snack in various African countries, including Zambia.

Mandazi from Zambia

It is a deep-fried doughnut or fried bread with a mildly sweet taste. The exterior is crunchy and golden brown, while the interior is soft and pillowy.

Beef Suya from Nigeria

We die with this one. The beef suya was tender and easy to chew, and the flavour was remarkable. However, it was topped with spicy flavouring. I took the first bite and immediately told my husband it was spicy. I love hot food, so my hubby knows when I say something is spicy (for me), it probably is. It's a delicious spicy but still too much for us.

I removed the powder from some pieces so my husband could try it. We found a beautiful spot under the trees and got chairs to cool down. My lips felt puffy and numb afterwards.

Suya is a popular Nigerian street food made from thinly sliced beef marinated in a mixture of spices before being grilled or babecued over an open flame.

Beef Suya from Nigeria

After finishing the suya and listening to nearby entertainment, I started to doze off. I took a 15-minute nap enjoying the cool breeze.

Holland Park, Surrey

After my nap, we got free freezies (ice candy) from real estate developer, Parkway. Then, we walked through the rest of the booth to find anything else interesting. I am full, so choosing one last meal at the festival is essential.

Lamb Chop, Sausage, and Corn from Namibia

We settled on a lamb chop, sausage, and corn from Namibia because it's the only one not offered in other African countries' booths.

Corn, Sausage, and Lamb Chops from Namibia

The lamb chop is tender and succulent, grilled to perfection, bursting with savoury and smoky flavours. Meanwhile, the Namibian sausages (boerewors) are grilled over an open flame. Lastly, corn is a staple in many dishes and the same with links. It is grilled in an open flame adding smoky sweetness to the maize.

Sago't Gulaman from Philippines

To end our food adventure, we wanted cold sweets. We're hoping Kumare in the Philippines booth offers halo-halo, but sago't gulaman hits the spot too.

Sago't Gulaman from Kumare

We enjoyed our sweet drink on the walk to the King George station.

Chicken Isaw and Red TJ Hotdog from Zugba | 2023 Surrey Fiesta Extravaganza

After Sunday mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel, hubby and I took a bus back to Surrey Central Station to visit the 2023 Surrey Fiesta Extravaganza.

We have yet to try three food booths, one of which is Zugba. A local (Surrey) Filipino restaurant.

I saw chicken isaw (intestine) and a red Tender Juicy brand hot dog! I also got Filipino pork BBQ and banana cue.

Banana Cue, Red Tender Juicy Hot Dog, Chicken Isaw, and Pork BBQ from Zugba

I love the isaw! It tastes clean - no funkiness. The Filipino pork barbecue was tough, so I can't recommend the piece I got. Meanwhile, the banana cue was sweet and soft.

My favourite and most nostalgic is the red Tender Juicy hotdog (grilled)! I feel like a 5-year-old kid back in the streets of the Philippines.

Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich and Wrap from Tim Hortons

Happy, blessed Sunday morning to you! We start our day earlier than usual today since we plan to go to Surrey to attend Mass. Before taking transit to Surrey, I opened my Tim Hortons app to order breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to see new items: Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich and Smoky Honey Bacon Farmers Wrap. I got both.

Smoky Honey Bacon Farmers Wrap from Tim Hortons

Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich from Tim Hortons

The base is similar to their usual breakfast sandwiches and farmers' wrap. What makes it new and different is the smoky honey bacon. It's perfectly sweet and savoury and a bit sticky. I enjoyed it. Definitely better than their usual bacon.

I wrote and published this while inside the bus. Editing will happen when I get home later today.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Mocha Torte from Sweet Obsession

My dad requested a mocha cake from my sister, and because they lived close to Sweet Obsession, and got a Mocha Torte.

Mocha Torte from Sweet

I love mocha cake, and this one hits the spot. 🤤 I worry about where to get delicious mocha cake, and now I know.

Mocha Torte from Sweet Obsession
Six thin layers of vanilla sponge and mocha buttercream coated in chocolate ganache

It was soft and not overly sweet. My dad loves it too.

Dim Sum and more at Continental Seafood Restaurant

We celebrate our dad's birthday with a family dinner at Continental Seafood Restaurant in Cambie Road, Richmond, BC.

We arrived at the restaurant at 5:00 PM for an early dinner. I love the service - they're so attentive to us since there are only two other occupied tables.

We got the following items:

  • Pork & Shrimp Dumpling
  • Deep Fried Taro Samosa
  • Pork Spring Roll
  • Half & Crispy Chicken
  • Shrimp Scallop Dumpling
  • Deep Fried Squid with Salt & Pepper
  • Shrimp Spring Roll
  • Baked BBQ Pork Bun
  • Soya Sauce Chow Mein
  • Roasted Pork
  • BBQ Pork
  • Yangzhou Fried Rice

Everything was delicious and unique. That's all you need to know. Kidding; skip the Half & Crispy Chicken.

Half Crispy Chicken from Continental Seafood Restaurant

The Baked BBQ Pork Bun reminded me of asado bola-bola siopao. The Pork & Shrimp Dumpling (siu mai) is better than the Shrimp Scallop Dumpling.

Baked BBQ Pork Bun from Continental Seafood Restaurant

Deep Fried Taro Samosa, Pork & Shrimp Dumping, and Shrimp Scallop Dumpling from Continental Seafood Restaurant

Both spring rolls are crunchy on the outside and delicious on the inside. It's just a matter of preference if you like pork or shrimp. If spring rolls are not your thing, you can skip it. But it's better than other Chinese restaurants around.

Shrimp Spring Roll and Pork Spring Roll from Continental Seafood Restaurant

I have a secret love for deep-fried taro, so I always get it in the rare times I see it. Meanwhile, my younger sister has always been fond of deep-fried squid with salt & pepper, so we always order it.

Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper from Continental Seafood Restaurant

I wanted to compare the Roasted Pork and BBQ Pork with HK BBQ Master. The roasted pork was not as crispy, while the BBQ pork was not as sweet but still tender.

Any 2 BBQs (Roasted Pork and BBQ Pork) from Continental Seafood Restaurant

The best part of the meal is Yangzhou fried rice. It's the best in Metro Vancouver that I've tried so far.

Yangzhou Fried Rice from Continental Seafood Restaurant

After dinner, we drove back to my parents' place to eat cake while watching Mission Impossible (1996).

Soya Sauce Chow Mein from Continental Seafood Restaurant

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Beef Teriyaki Box from SUSHI UOmo Restaurant

For team lunch this week, a colleague from Cork chose Japanese cuisine (specifically sushi). Since we're having it delivered and it's 30°C outside, I am worried that raw fish delivered might not be a good idea; that's why I went for the Beef Teriyaki Box.

It was a lot of food, and I finished it all! I have tried a better Japanese bento box, but judging it since it was delivered seems unfair. Everything was packed well (no spills), and it was edible.

Beef Teriyaki Box delivered from SUSHI UOmo Restaurant
Appetizer tempura, beef teriyaki with rice, California roll, salad, and house appetizer

My teriyaki box came with appetizer tempura (2 pieces prawns and 3 pieces vegetables), beef teriyaki with rice, California roll, salad, 2 pieces gyoza, and miso soup. I was happy and surprisingly didn't feel a food coma after.

For my amusement, below is a list of our team lunch so far:

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Melon Pan, Mochi, and Curry Bread from Kanadell Japanese Bakery

At the Chinatown Festival, we spotted Kanadell Japanese Bakery, selling all sorts of delicious pastries. We picked three.

Melon Pan

Japanese melon pan is a sweet and popular baked treat. It's a sweet, soft bread that reminds me of Filipino ensaimada without cheese topping.

Melon Pan from Kanadell Japanese Bakery

It is called a melon pan due to its characteristic melon-like shape and crisscross pattern on the surface. The flavour is rich, buttery, and slightly sweet bread.

I love it! We got the original flavour, but there are so many other options. I need to find a closer Japanese bakery.

Curry Pan

My favourite food is Japanese curry; when I see a Japanese bakery selling anything with curry, I buy it. We had the curry pan for dinner. It's delicious beef curry with diced potatoes, carrots, and peas. It's a satisfying dinner.

Curry Pan from Kanadell Japanese Bakery

The breaded crust provided a crunch, while the inside of the dough was soft and absorbed the curry sauce pretty well.

Mini Mochi Bites

I love soft, chewy, and slightly sticky mochi, and this little pack has six assorted flavours.

Assorted Mini Mochi Bites from Kanadell Japanese Bakery

  • Matcha - It has a slight hint of bitter green tea.
  • Earl Grey - It's subtle.
  • Chocolate - Rich and velvety with satisfying chocolate flavour.
  • Black Sesame - I wish there was more black sesame flavour, but the little I have is perfect.
  • Coffee - The bitter coffee is not as strong because it's overpowered by the sweet mochi.
  • Red Bean - I love red beans. It's my favourite of all the mochi flavours. It's sweet and creamy.

White Rabbit Cookie from The Kouign Café

After walking around the Chinatown Festival, we decided to stop by The Kouign Café to try White Rabbit Cookie.

I have a confession: this is only my second time in Chinatown since coming to Vancouver in 2015. And I was researching places and food to try last night around Chinatown, and the only café on the list is The Kouign and their White Rabbit Cookie.

White Rabbit Cookie (Mochiko and wheat flour blend cookie, lightly studded with dark chocolate chips, and baked with White Rabbit Candy and Maldon sea salt),
The Speculoos Sky (Cold brew iced Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, Speculoos chantilly cream, and caramel drizzle), and
The Golden Fog (Mango and passionfruit earl grey tea with condensed milk)

My childhood memory of the White Rabbit is not good. I remember it giving me terrible headaches when I was a child. 🥹 I avoided it. I was hesitant to try the White Rabbit cookie because of it, but when I touched it and noticed how buttery it was, I knew it'll be a moist yet crispy edges cookie. The White Rabbit is a bonus texture, but the cookie is already impressive. All I can think of is my sister, who will absolutely love it.

Fried Bannock from West Coast Bannock

When you have a big sign in your booth declaring that you're the best bannock on the West Coast, you increase people's expectations.

My only bannock experience is with Salmon n' Bannock, and their bannock is baked. Since West Coast Bannock fry theirs, it's lighter and oily. Most things are better fried, and this one is too. It's airy and fluffy.

OG Bannock from West Coast Bannock
Fresh fried Bannock with butter.

It reminds me of Schiarc' or Pizzette Fritte (Fried Bread) from Italian Day on The Drive and even Beavertails.

Signature HK BBQ Pork from Ember Hong Kong BBQ | Chinatown Festival

I don't have much experience with Hong Kong-style pork barbecue except for trying some from HK BBQ Master in Richmond. Today, we went to Chinatown Festival and saw Ember Hong Kong BBQ. We ordered their Signature Hong Kong Barbecue Pork, the last one. They're sold out since we went there on the festival's second day.

Signature Hong Kong Barbecue Pork from Ember Hong Kong BBQ

It was served without rice which is a bummer since sweet and savoury barbecue needs rice to help tone it down. It has a caramelized outer layer, while the meat is juicy and tender. However, it's not as soft as HK BBQ Master. Overall, a delicious bite of pork, but the Filipina in me needs rice.

Red Bean and Green Tea Dorayaki | Chinatown Festival

After Sunday Mass, we took a bus going to Chinatown today. In the last 8 years (since moving to Canada), this is my second time in this area.

Our first bite of food at the Chinatown Festival is Green Tea Dorayaki. It's too sweet. I wished the green tea provided bitterness, but it's also sweet.

Maybe I'm not a fan of Dorayaki in general.

Green Tea Dorayaki grabbed at Chinatown Festival.

What is dorayaki? It is a traditional Japanese dessert consisting of two small pancake-like discs that sandwich a a sweet filling.

Camper Day Donut from Tim Hortons

Good morning! For breakfast this beautifully blessed Sunday, we went to Tim Hortons and ordered our usual (Sausage & Bacon Farmers Wrap).

When we arrived at the store to pick up our mobile order, I noticed the Camper Day Donut, which is essentially Chocolate Glazed topped with sprinkles.

Camper Day Donut from Tim Hortons

Since it's still early, the donuts are still relatively fresh, so it's different from the usual stale. It's also chocolatey sweet, with the sprinkles providing crunch.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Mochachillo and Matchachillo from Blenz Coffee

After eating our smokies from ever-present Holy Smokes, we hang out at Blenz Coffee.

I chose the Mochachillo, while my husband went for the Matchachillo. We also ordered a Lemon Poppyseed Muffin, which we also had from Waves Coffee.

Matchachillo from Blenz Coffe

The Mochachillo is bittersweet. It's pretty in your face, while the Matchachillo also has a strong matcha flavour, according to hubby.

Mochachillo from Blenz Coffee

The Lemon Poppyseed Muffin is sweeter than the one they have at Waves, where there's zucchini.

Lemon Poppyseed Muffin from Blenz Coffe

We'll stay at this Blenz location until closing time. Maybe. We'll see.

Beef Polish Smokies and All Beef Smokies from Holy Smokes

Happy Friday! I survived my second week at my new job. It's a hot Friday, so we decided to go outside for dinner and hang out at a nearby coffee shop. Before heading to Blenz, we thought of dropping by VSB Park for TGIF (Thank Granville It's Food Trucks), but the event ends at 3:00 PM. We still managed to buy from a food truck: Holy Smokes. If you pass by the corner of Granville and West Broadway, you're most likely familiar with it.

Holy Smokes! Food Stand

For dinner, we ordered one Beef Polish Smokies and an All Beef Smokies with all the extra paid topping of mayonnaise, cheese, and caramelized onions.

All Beef Smokies from Holy Smokes

Let's first discuss how much I love the perfectly toasted buns. The exterior is slightly crispy, while the interior is still soft. Directly on the bun are caramelized onions bringing a touch of sweetness, which is an excellent contrast to the savoury sausage. Lastly, the shredded cheese is melted all over everything. Top the sandwich with creamy mayonnaise and slightly tangy ketchup, and you get a perfect bite.

Beef Polish Smokies from Holy Smokes

Focusing my attention on the two smokies - all beef is moist and juicy with a snappy exterior. Of course, it tastes beefier than the beef polish smokie,   which has a more complex taste. I can't pinpoint what spice improved it, but both are enjoyable.

I hope you're having a fantastic Friday.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Hot Pero-Peri Chicken Bowl from Nando's

It's my second team lunch, and one of my colleagues in Melbourne, Australia, picked Nando's which happened to be available in all three global offices! I think I need to explain things further. I started a new job two weeks ago, and my new work has three offices: HQ in Melbourne and an office here (Vancouver) and Cork, Ireland. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Nando's is available in all three cities.

PERi-PERi Chicken Bowl and Naughty Natas from Nandos's

I ordered the Peri-Peri Chicken Bowl (Hot), and boy, was it spicy! Thank God I didn't pick the Extra Hot. It's the perfect bowl of spicy, juicy chicken, savoury rice, soft roasted red peppers, bitter arugula, sweet corn, and creamy hummus. It has all the flavours and balancing textures.

PERi-PERi Chicken Bowl from Nandos's
Portuguese rice topped with PERi-PERi chicken, arugula, roasted red peppers, corn, and hummus.

We ordered our lunch via UberEats, and they're having a promo of buy 1 take 1 on Naughty Natas, so we got to enjoy one each. It's the fantastic ending to a delicious lunch. It's sweet, flaky, and creamy. I want more.

Naughty Natas from Nando's
Traditional Portuguese custard tart

Thank God for the many blessings. We enjoyed our lunch on the rooftop of our office building.

I love Nando's delivery bags.

For my amusement, below is a list of our team lunch so far:

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Brunch menu at Boston Pizza includes Breakfast Pizza

Happy, blessed Sunday! My husband and I attended the 9:00 AM Sunday mass. Afterwards, we walked to the Boston Pizza closest to our home, which had a big sign "Brunch now available at 10:00 AM." We're their first customers for the day.

It's a small brunch menu and uses ingredients they already have. Sorry, there are no pancakes or waffles here. You will find breakfast pizza and omelettes.

Hubby picked the first two items on their brunch menu: Breakfast Pizza and Southwest Breakfast Bowl.

Breakfast Pizza from Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza's dough was surprisingly light. The breakfast pizza is like eggs benedict, but instead of the usual English muffin, it's on top of pizza dough, and instead of poached egg, you get it scrambled. The Hollandaise sauce is used instead of the usual tomato-based pizza sauce.

Breakfast Pizza (Individual 8") from Boston Pizza
Signature pizza dough topped with Hollandaise sauce, pizza mozzarella, scrambled eggs, smoky bacon, green and red peppers, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese.

You also get bacon, green and red peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and pizza mozzarella. It's good pizza.

Southwest Breakfast Bowl from Boston Pizza

The chipotle sauce brings the heat. It's essentially hashbrowns with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes, a scoop of guacamole, and lots of green onions. I didn't taste a Hollandaise, but the chipotle sauce is terrific. It's a unique breakfast bowl.

Southwest Breakfast Bowl from Boston Pizza
Scrambled eggs served over lightly fried hash browns with bacon, cheddar cheese, pizza mozzarella, tomatoes, guacamole and green onions. Finished with Hollandaise sauce and a drizzle of our Ancho Chipotle sauce.

Cactus Cut Potatoes from Boston Pizza

We ordered one Cactus Cut Potatoes because we kept seeing a promotion for it during the Toronto Blue Jays game last Thursday. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I love it. It's crispy and has chip-like thinness, while the cactus dip is slightly spicy yet creamy.

Cactus Cut Potatoes
Spicy and thinly sliced fried potatoes served with our signature cactus dip.

Cactus Cut Potatoes
Spicy and thinly sliced fried potatoes served with our signature cactus dip.

Today's brunch put me in a food coma, so our next meal is brinner (breakfast for dinner). I have pancakes in the pantry and sausage rounds in the fridge.

Boston Pizza Brunch Menu

Below is the brunch menu of Boston Pizza on West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

  • Boston Pizza (Individual 8") - $13.49
    Signature pizza dough, topped with Hollandaise sauce, pizza mozzarella, scrambled eggs, smoky bacon, green and red peppers, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese.
  • Southwest Breakfast Bowl - $14.99
    Scrambled eggs served over lightly fried hash browns with bacon, cheddar cheese, pizza mozzarella, tomatoes, guacamole, and green onions. Finished with Hollandaise sauce and a drizzle of our Ancho Chipotle sauce.
  • Brunch Burrito - $13.99
    Grilled tortilla filled with roasted red peppers, roasted red onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and scrambled eggs. Served with a side of hash browns, salsa, and sour cream.
  • Bacon Cheddar Omelette - $13.99
    Egg omelette with smoky bacon, cheddar cheese, pizza mozzarella, roasted red peppers and green onions. Served with hash browns and garnished with marinated tomatoes.
  • Florentine Sunrise Omelette - $13.49
    Egg omelette with baby spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, pizza mozzarella and feta cheese. Served with hash browns and garnished with marinated tomatoes.
  • Kids Breakfast - $8.99
    Two scrambled eggs served with hash browns and two bacon strips. Choice of milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, or orange juice.

They must improve their menu to include coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. I had to look for it on their main menu close to desserts.

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