Friday, June 30, 2023

Elk Steak from Salmon n' Bannock | Canada Day 2023

We're starting our Canada Day long weekend, celebrating my last day at the job, and starting a new one with dinner at Salmon n' Bannock. I arrived from South Surrey early since my employers allowed me to leave early on my last day.

I ordered the Mushroom Vegetarian Risotto with the soup and dessert add-on, while hubby went with the Elk Steak.

The first thing to arrive is the Bison Soup. What does it taste like? Beefier beef would be my description. There's gaminess and a slight sweetness to the meat itself while the soup is seasoned perfectly. It's like a comforting hug which I need after a long commute.

Bison Soup from Salmon n' Bannock

Then, they served two warm bannocks with butter. It is a hearty and heavy bread. It is dense and slightly crumbly, with a perfect golden-brown crust on the outside and a soft, moist interior. I love it.

Signature Bannock with butter from Salmon n' Bannock

After finishing my soup came both our mains. Hubby ordered a medium rare elk steak, and it is gamey with such a distinct taste. I dipped it in the gravy, and the gaminess became more profound. It is perfect with the mashed potato. It helped balanced and tone down the gaminess. It is chewier and more tender than beef.

Elk Steak with Mashed Potatoes and seasonal vegetables from Salmon n' Bannock

My Mushroom Vegetarian Risotto with Anishinaabe wild rice is perfect. It is creamy and velvety, but the Anishinaabe wild rice adds a slightly chewy texture, an ideal contrast to the creaminess of the risotto. Meanwhile, the mushroom provides a meatier and tender texture. The combination of these ingredients creates a satisfying and comforting eating experience.

Rotating Vegetarian (Mushroom) Risotto made with Anishinaabe wild rice from Salmon n' Bannock

For our dessert, we enjoyed a Sweetgrass Cherries + Cream Trifle. It was sweet and light, quite the opposite of everything we've had today. The cherries provide a natural sweetness, while the creamy custard adds a smooth flavour. Of course, I love the crumbly layer of cake absorbing everything.

Sweetgrass Cherries and Cream Trifle from Salmon n' Bannock

After our fantastic experience, we received our bill. In other restaurants, you might get mint chocolate or a fortune cookie. For today, we received two freezies.

Freezies from Salmon n' Bannock

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