Saturday, June 17, 2023

Seattle Dog from Dog in the Park | Seattle Center

It's most likely that you've heard of New York Pizza and Chicago Dog, but I doubt if you're familiar with "Seattle Dog." If you're looking for that one place to try near the Space Needle for lunch, head over to the Dog in the Park food stand before or after the Space Needle.

What is a "Seattle Dog"? It starts with your usual hotdog sandwich of, well, a hotdog in a bun but topped with grilled veggies and cream cheese. Yes, CREAM CHEESE on a hotdog sandwich. It sounds outrageous.

Seattle Dog from Dog in the Park near the Space Needle
The grilled hot dog is served in a toasted bun topped with cream cheese and grilled veggies.

How did it taste like? The hot dog is perfectly cooked, which is always a good start. I surprisingly love the slight char and bitterness from the grilled vegetables. The cream cheese did add creaminess like cheese would, but the smoothness and slight tanginess were offputting for me. I prefer my cream cheese as a dip and on top of a toasted bagel.

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