Sunday, June 4, 2023

Mochanut Mamon from

The main reason we went to Proudly Philippines: Food and Travel Fair was to get mocha mamon from I love fluffy soft mamon and enjoy the mocha flavour in desserts. So combining two of my favourite things in one soft bread is worth the walk across Granville Bridge.

Mochanut Mamon from KayeBakes.CA paired with tea.
The picture was taken while waiting for the water to boil for the tea.

We enjoyed the Mochanut Mamon with tea for breakfast today before going to Vancouver International Airport to pick up my parents, who were coming home from the Philippines. It's sweet, perfect with bitter tea. The mamon is soft and fluffy, but the addition of nuts provides a crunchy texture. It's absolutely perfect! It's an amazingly blessed Sunday already! Thank God for the many blessings.

The best Mamon in Vancouver is from

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