Sunday, June 11, 2023

BurgerHolic from Burger Holic Food Truck

Happy Sunday! I joined 7,000 fun runners at RBC Run for the Kids today. After the run on a beautiful cloudy day, I am famished. I had a banana at 7:30 AM and needed a proper meal.

The festival afterwards had six food trucks, and it was my first time seeing the Burger Holic food truck. We ordered the first item on their menu BurgerHolic. I made it a meal with canned Nestea Iced Tea and medium-sized Crunchy Coated Fries.

Peeking inside the bag of my Burger Holic order

The burger patty is so juicy and perfectly cooked, while the lettuce is crunchy. The tomatoes provided freshness to the burger, and there was a pickle to help with the greasiness. My favourite part is the bun. It's toasted and flattened in butter, providing so much flavour and different crispiness while the middle of the bun is still soft.

#1 BurgerHolic from Burger Holic Food Truck
6 oz Juicy Beef Parry, Signature BH Sauce, ketchup, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles

My husband loves the fries too. It's surprisingly crunchy. We usually expect soggy fries from food trucks, but this is a pleasant exception.

Crunchy Coated Fries from Burger Holic Food Truck

I love this food truck! I can't wait to try their other burger.

Burger Holic Food Truck menu

Below is the Burger Holic Food Truck menu.

Burger Holic Food Truck menu

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