Saturday, June 17, 2023

Maple Bacon Mini Doughnut from Daily Doughnut Company | Pike Place Market

My mom is celebrating her birthday on the same weekend as Father's Day, so we decided to take a road trip to Seattle, WA.

We arrived at Pike Place Market shortly before 10:00 AM, and I lined up for the Daily Doughnut Company. You can totally spend a day in Pike Place Market lining up for the many good places here.

I ordered a half dozen of the Plain Doughnut and another half dozen of Maple Bacon.

Plain Mini Doughnuts from Daily Doughnut Company inside Pike Place Market

My younger sister, the baker in the family, loved the doughnut. She accurately described it as a savoury deep-fried doughnut that's not sweet. I got the plain because I always worry about doughnuts being too sweet, but not in this case. I think adding the sweet topping is the way to go.

Maple Bacon Mini Doughnut from Daily Doughnut Company inside Pike Place Market

I enjoyed the crispy exterior of the plain mini goodness while I loved the balance of sweet and salty of the Maple Bacon mini doughnut.

This is the best way to start in Seattle.

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