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Lunch delivery from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

Happy Tuesday! It's rare for us to have anything delivered on a weekday, but well we have no viand to go with our rice so might as well order Filipino food. Last week, we had Chinese cuisine which goes well with rice, this week it's Filipino food. I have ordered from Klasik Inasal in the past and I ordered three same dishes: Shanghai Roll, Pork BBQ Skewer, and Eggplant Omelette ( Tortang Talong ). 2 orders of Pork BBQ Skewer and I apparently made a mistake and only ordered one serving of deep-fried Shanghai roll Eggplant Omelette (Tortang Talong)   Party Tray I ordered two viand (ulam) so we have something to eat for the rest of the week. Hubby kept saying will two be enough for the rest of the week. He doubts my food budgeting skills lol. I understand his hesitation since the "party tray" we ord

Breakfast at Ikea Restaurant

Our family loves breakfast from Ikea. It's cheap and good enough. Plus, if you come in early (9:30 AM) you get free coffee.

Pinoy Dinner at Plato Filipino

My Pinoy heart is happy to see and eat all this. :)

Sashimi at Kisha Poppo

Dinner Date at White Spot

We're eloping tomorrow! This is our last dinner date as a boyfriend-girlfriend couple. Tomorrow, we'll be husband and wife. Spaghetti with Meatballs Baby Back RIbs Ceasar Salad

Lunch at PICA

This sun-dried tomato with mushroom soup has the power to make Monday so much better. Sun-dried tomato with mushroom soup and chicken BLT sandwich

First date at Suika

I have been to Suika with colleagues and I am so glad that the boyfriend is now able to try this. Katsu Curry Double Tonkotsu Set Cheesecake Salmon Sashimi

Dinner at Pajo's in YVR

The boyfriend arrived today from the Philippines for a 1-month vacation. The first order of business: fish and chips for dinner at Pajo's. Salmon Fish & Chips Fish and Chips from Pajo's

Lunch at Vina Vietnamese in Metrotown

Late Lunch at Japadog

Okonomi and Yakisoba Curry Fries

Dinner at Thai Son

Despite its name, Thai Son is actually a Vietnamese restaurant. Last dinner with the family before I get hitched in two weeks. Vermicelli Bowl

Uncle Fatih for Office Delivery

Our team loves Uncle Fatih for our weekly team lunch! Colorfun pizza from Uncle Fatih