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Lunch delivery from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

Happy Tuesday! It's rare for us to have anything delivered on a weekday, but well we have no viand to go with our rice so might as well order Filipino food. Last week, we had Chinese cuisine which goes well with rice, this week it's Filipino food. I have ordered from Klasik Inasal in the past and I ordered three same dishes: Shanghai Roll, Pork BBQ Skewer, and Eggplant Omelette ( Tortang Talong ). 2 orders of Pork BBQ Skewer and I apparently made a mistake and only ordered one serving of deep-fried Shanghai roll Eggplant Omelette (Tortang Talong)   Party Tray I ordered two viand (ulam) so we have something to eat for the rest of the week. Hubby kept saying will two be enough for the rest of the week. He doubts my food budgeting skills lol. I understand his hesitation since the "party tray" we ord

Day 0 of Vacation: YVR to NRT to NAIA

Vacation! The last 8 months is all about the next two weeks. We're off to the The Philippines to get married again! In this blog, I'll focus on the things we ate and we ate a lot! Breakfast and Lunch in YVR Our flight is at 2:25 PM (Pacific Time), but we're so excited that we're already at the airport at around 9:00 AM. We took a Yellow Cab going to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and knowing full well that the check-in counter will still be close, we grabbed breakfast at Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons for breakfast before we leave Canada By 12:00 NN, we're done checking in and going to security. We're enjoying our Chinese cuisine lunch at a place called Hanami Sushi (yes, I know, it's confusing). After lunch, I asked hubby to buy me Starbucks drinks. We're now waiting at the Gate. Starbucks! Japa

Lunch with Parents at Masa Japanese Restaurant

It's Costco day which means late lunch with my parents. It's our "payment" for driving us home with our groceries from Costco.

First time to watch the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club

Hubby's workplace is sponsoring a company event where we get to watch the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club live at the Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium. More importantly, there's free (unlimited) food. Sliders, hotdog, corn cob, and fried chicken The view of the field. The team lost the game, but I gained weight from all the delicious food.

Main Street Car Free Festival

It's an unplanned date, but we went to the Main Street Car Free Festival. We ate a lot and tried Shameless Buns for the first time. Shameless Buns The Little Sausage as our Main Squeeze and Sinigang Fries as our Side Chick The colourful jeepney-inspired food truck. Sakay Na! From Manila to Vancouver Say Hello Sweets Delicious ice cream to beat the summer heat. Coffee Ice Cream

Dinner at Smoke's Poutinerie

Friday night dinner before heading to the movies at Scotiabank Cineplex Theatre. Chipotle Pulled Pork Poutine Philly Cheesesteak Poutine (flat-iron steak, mushrooms, onions, cheese sauce, and red peppers)

Chacho? Chicken Nacho from KFC

KFC has unusual creations like the Waffle Double Down, but when I saw the Chicken Nacho from KFC, I just had to try it. Chicken Nacho