Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tim Hortons Dream Donut: Wildberry Cheesecake vs. Caramilk Filled Ring

Tim Hortons has been serving up donuts for decades, but their recent addition of Dream Donuts has brought some exciting new flavours to the table. I recently had the chance to try both the Wildberry Cheesecake Dream Donut and the Caramilk Filled Ring Dream Donut and let me tell you, it was a delicious battle!

The Contenders:

  • Wildberry Cheesecake Dream Donut: This beauty features a light and fluffy donut base filled with a sweet and tangy wildberry cheesecake filling. It's covered with a lavender-colour glaze topped with crushed candy bits.

  • Wildberry Cheesecake Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

  • Caramilk Filled Ring Dream Donuts: This decadent donut boasts a cake dough base filled with a rich, gooey caramel center. It's topped with chocolate glazed, drizzled with caramel and includes crushed Caramilk on top.

  • Caramilk Filled Ring Dream Donut from Tim Hortons

The Verdict:

(Spoiler alert: I might be a bit biased towards a surprising champion!)

While the Caramilk Filled Ring Donut delivers a classic and undeniably delicious caramel punch, I found myself surprisingly leaning towards the Wildberry Cheesecake Dream Donut. The combination of the donut, the sweet and tart cheesecake filling, and the delicate glaze creates a delightful flavour profile that's not overly sweet. The tartness of the cheesecake filling perfectly complements the sweetness of the donut, making for a well-balanced and refreshing treat.

A peek inside the Wildberry Cheesecake Dream Donut from Tim Horton

Caramilk Filled Ring Dream Donut

The Perfect Father's Day Treat (or Anytime Treat!)

I enjoyed both donuts while waiting for my dad to arrive at Vancouver International Airport for Father's Day. They were the perfect pick-me-up (or sugar rush, depending on how you look at it) while I waited for his flight from the Philippines.

So, which Dream Donut will you choose?

Whether you're a caramel fanatic or a fan of fruity and tart flavours, Tim Hortons' new Dream Donuts offers something for everyone. Head to your local Tim Hortons and grab yours today!

Below is the updated list of Tim Hortons Dream Donut

Tim Hortons' Oreo Double Stuf Dream Cookie: A Delicious Cookie Inception?

Tim Hortons has been serving up coffee and donut combos for years, but lately, they've been branching out into the world of gourmet cookies with their Dream Cookie line. Their newest flavour, the Oreo Double Stuf Dream Cookie, takes things to a whole new level of indulgence, and it sparked a hilarious conversation in my household!

The cookie itself is a dream come true for those who love a soft and buttery base. It's moist and crumbles perfectly in your hand, offering a delightful textural contrast to the star of the show: the Oreo. Here's where things got interesting for me.

My first bite was pure bliss. The sweetness of the creamy frosting combined with the familiar crunch of Oreo cookies was exactly what I craved. Then, my husband took a bite and remarked, "Why would they make a cookie out of a cookie?" It took me a moment (longer than I'd like to admit) to realize what he meant. Of course, Oreo is a cookie itself! Tim Hortons has taken the classic Oreo and turned it into a decadent topping for their already delicious Dream Cookie base.

Oreo Double Stuf Dream Cookie from Tim Hortons

This cookie really is a case of "meta" snacking. It's a cookie built on top of another cookie and works beautifully. The Oreo crumbles add a delightful textural surprise, and the frosting perfectly complements the sweetness of the cookies.

Whether you find the concept of a "cookie-ception" funny or simply ingenious, there's no denying that the Oreo Double Stuf Dream Cookie is a delicious treat. It's perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or sharing a fun moment with someone who might need a friendly reminder that Oreos are, in fact, cookies.

So head down to your local Tim Hortons and grab this delightful cookie creation.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Little Nachos from Browns Socialhouse for Sunny Patio Lunch

Happy Thursday! Our team lunch theme this week was Malaysian, but with our HR visiting all the way from Melbourne, Australia, we opted for a classic spot – Browns Socialhouse near the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we snagged a table on the beautiful patio. It was the perfect setting for a casual gathering, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air.

For lunch, I decided on my all-time favourite – nachos! Luckily, Browns offers a "Little Nachos" option, perfect for a lighter meal. These are your average, run-of-the-mill nachos. The chips were piled wide with a delicious combination of fresh ingredients.

Little Nachos from Browns Socialhouse
Corn, black beans, jalapeΓ±o, cilantro, jack cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole

The base consisted of crispy tortilla chips, the perfect foundation for all the goodness. A layer of sweet corn and earthy black beans added a touch of sweetness and heartiness. Slices of fresh jalapeΓ±o kicked things up a notch with a pleasant heat, balanced by the cool and refreshing pico de gallo.

Little Nachos from Browns Socialhouse
Corn, black beans, jalapeΓ±o, cilantro, jack cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole

Jack cheddar cheese, melted to gooey perfection, tied everything together with a sharp and creamy flavour. Then came the real stars of the show: dollops of cool sour cream and creamy guacamole. The coolness of the sour cream cut through the richness of the cheese, while the creamy guacamole added a burst of fresh avocado flavour. Finally, a sprinkle of fresh cilantro added a vibrant, citrusy finish.

Even though our lunch theme wasn't Malaysian, Browns Socialhouse delivered a classic and satisfying meal. The "Little Nachos" were the perfect size for a lighter lunch while satisfying my nacho craving.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

A Delicious Journey Through Italian Day on The Drive

It's the second year that we've been swept away by the vibrant sights, sounds, and, most importantly, the incredible tastes of Italian Day on The Drive. Our five-kilometre trek from our apartment to Commercial Drive was a beautiful adventure under the bright Vancouver sun. Armed with hats, sunscreen, water, and empty stomachs, we were ready to dive into the heart of the festival.

Apollini from Antise

The first stop was a classic Italian treat – the Apollini from Antise. This crispy pastry shattered with a delightful snap, revealing a creamy vanilla filling. A dusting of powdered sugar added a touch of playful indulgence, though it did leave a light dusting on my shirt (thankfully white!).

Apollini from Antise

Apollini from Antise

Sausage and Peperonata on a Bun from Il Centro

Next up was a sausage and peperonata on a bun from Il Centro. I was impressed by the sausage. Unlike some sausages that can be dry and tough, this one was incredibly tender and flavorful, bursting with savoury goodness in every bite. The perfect pairing was the tangy peperonata, a medley of peppers cooked down to a sweet and slightly spicy relish.

Sausage and Peperonata on a Bun from Il Centro

Sausage and Peperonata on a bun from Il Centro

Sausage Skewer and Grilled Corn from Triple A Market

Triple A Market's sausage skewer and grilled corn were revelations. The skewer featured a delightful combination of colourful grilled peppers and zucchini punctuated by juicy pineapple slices that perfectly balanced the savoury sausages. The char from the grill added a smoky depth that made each bite even more delicious. And, of course, perfectly grilled corn, its sweetness a welcome contrast to the other flavours.

Grilled Italian Sausage and Skewers from Triple A Market

Skewer from Triple A Market

Grilled Corn from Triple A Market

Shroom Pizza from Local Pizzaiolo

My husband took the lead on ordering the Shroom Pizza from Local Pizzaiolo. This vegetarian masterpiece boasted a creamy porcini base, gooey mozzarella, and a generous medley of roasted mushrooms. Finished with shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano and a fragrant drizzle of truffle oil, each bite was an explosion of savoury and earthy flavours.

Shroom Pizza from Local Pizzailo

Arancini from Local Pizzailo

We also shared an Arancini (a fried rice ball filled with cheese and tomato sauce), but while it was good, Mr. Arancino still holds the crown for our favourite.

Arancini from Local Pizzaiolo

Arancini filled with cheese and tomato sauce from Local Pizzailo

Truffle Fries from Local Pizzaiolo

The final act of our culinary adventure was the Truffle Fries from Local Pizzaiolo. Crispy golden fries were generously coated in a rich truffle aioli, their intoxicating aroma filling the air. A sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano and fresh Italian parsley added pops of salty and verdant notes, making this a truly decadent side dish.

Truffle Fries from Local Pizzailo

Salted Macadamia Honey and Hazelnut Gelato from Il Mondo Caffe & Gelato

To cool off after our flavorful feast, we couldn't resist indulging in gelato from Il Mondo Caffe & Gelato. My salted macadamia honey was a symphony of textures – the smooth, creamy gelato studded with crunchy macadamia nuts. The honey swirled throughout added a touch of sweetness that perfectly complemented the nutty richness. My husband opted for the hazelnut gelato, but let's just say there's a reason I declared the macadamia the champion!

Salted Macadamia Honey Gelato from Il Mondo Caffe & Gelato

Hazelnut Gelato from Il Mondo Caffe & Gelato

Our journey through Italian Day on The Drive was a true celebration of all things delicious. Every bite was an explosion of flavour and texture, from the light and airy Apollini to the decadent truffle fries. While Mr. Arancino may still hold the Arancini crown, we discovered a treasure trove of new favourites. And with a scoop of creamy gelato, the day ended on a perfectly cool and refreshing note. I can't wait to see what culinary delights Italian Day brings next year!

List of Food Trucks in Greater Vancouver Area | Checklist

Below is a list of food trucks in Vancouver, BC Canada. This is not a comprehensive list and if you want to add your food truck here, please send me a message in Instragram.

List of Food Trucks in Vancouver
Food Truck Enjoyment Date Event
πŸ”² Acai Dude
πŸ”² Aloha Poke
πŸ”² Aperitivo Truck
☑️ Ay Mamacita! August 14, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food trucks
☑️ B&B Concessions: Gourmet Burgers and Fries July 1, 2023 Canada Together at Canada Place
πŸ”² B&B Concessions: Crepes
πŸ”² Baba's House
☑️ Bao Buns April 28, 2023 Richmond Night Market
πŸ”² Bara Bara Trini Street Food
☑️ Baja's Food July 17, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Beavertails July 10, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Betty's Greek Honey Ballz
πŸ”² Big Chip Truck
πŸ”² Big Red's Poutine
πŸ”² Bistro Van
☑️ Boca'O June 11, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ Boteco Brasil October 1, 2023 BC Culture Days: Flavours of Fall
πŸ”² Bread and Cheese
☑️ Brownie Bakers July 16, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Burger Holic June 11, 2023 RBC Run for the Kids 2023
☑️ Camion Cafe September 16, 2023 Car Free Day: Main Street
πŸ”² Cannoli King
πŸ”² Cazba
πŸ”² Chickpea
πŸ”² Chou Chou Crepes
πŸ”² Come Arepa
☑️ Corn Dog King August 28, 2022 PNE Fair
☑️ Crack On July 31, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Cravings Kettle Corn July 1, 2022 Canada Day at Canada Place
☑️ Crema Ice Cream & Desserts July 29, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Cuba Street Food
πŸ”² Cultivate Food Truck
πŸ”² Disco Cheetah Korean Grill
☑️ Dim Sum Express July 9, 2022 The Khatsahlano Street Party
☑️ Dos Amigos Tex-Mex July 2, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Double Decker Diner
πŸ”² Egg Blanket
πŸ”² English Bay Mini Donuts
☑️ Food Daddy Persian Cuisine August 21, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Fijian Fusion
πŸ”² Footlong Freakk Fries
☑️ The Frying Pan September 24, 2023 Car Free Day Denman Street (at their restaurant)
πŸ”² Fusion Icy
πŸ”² G's Donair
πŸ”² Henry’s Hip Eats
πŸ”² Holi Masala
☑️ Holy Smokes July 14, 2023 corner of West Broadway and Granville Street
☑️ Hugs Mini Donuts July 9, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
πŸ”² Hunky Bills Perogies
πŸ”² Hurricane Potato
☑️ Indish June 12, 2022 RBC Run for the Kids 2022
πŸ”² Innocent Ice Cream
πŸ”² International Perogies
πŸ”² Its All About Grill
☑️ Jamaican Mi Juicy August 19, 2023 PNE Fair
☑️ Japadog December 24, 2021 at Lansdowne Parking Lot
☑️ The Jerk Shack July 2, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
πŸ”² JJ's Hot Cobs
πŸ”² JJ's Trucketeria
πŸ”² Juicy Green Express Inc.
πŸ”² Just in Time
πŸ”² Kampong - Taste of Malaysia
☑️ Kona Ice July 9, 2022 The Khatsahlano Street Party
☑️ KYU Grill July 2, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ La Callejera Mexican Street Food June 25, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ La Taqueria June 1, 2021 near Vancouver Art Gallery
πŸ”² Lee's Donuts
πŸ”² Lemon Heaven
πŸ”² Lilac Pastry
☑️ Little Devils Wood Fire Pizza July 30, 2023 Honda Celebration of Lights
πŸ”² Little Ooties Mini Donuts
πŸ”² Los Tacos Hermanos
πŸ”² Lucente's Osteria
☑️ Lucha Libre Truck May 5, 2024 BMO Vancouver Marathon
πŸ”² The Mad Greek
☑️ Mama's Fish and Chips July 31, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Mahshiko July 3, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
πŸ”² Marhaba Lebanese Food
πŸ”² Master Chef's Kabob House
☑️ Max's Restaurant food truck December 11, 2021 "Maligayang Pasko, Vancouver!"
πŸ”² Meet2Eat
πŸ”² Melt City Grilled Cheese
πŸ”² The Mini Donut Factory
☑️ Miss Siam August 27, 2020 corner of West Broadway and Birch Street
☑️ MJ's Caribbean Cuisine June 11, 2022 Riley Park Summer Farmers Market
πŸ”² Mo Bacon Truck
☑️ Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck June 12, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Mr. Arancino July 3, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Mr. Donair
πŸ”² Mr. Frosty Ice Cream
☑️ Mr. Pretzels July 29, 2023 Celebration of Lights
☑️ Mr. Shawarma August 6, 2022 Robson Square
πŸ”² Mr. Taco
☑️ Mr. Tube Steak June 3, 2023 corner of West Georgia and Granville Street
☑️ Munchu Picchu June 5, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
πŸ”² Namaste Food Lovers
πŸ”² NaMi Vietnamese
πŸ”² Noona's Cucina
πŸ”² Old Country Pierogy
☑️ Overland Sandwich June 4, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ Praguery Ice Cream and Chimney Cakes December 14, 2022 PNE Winter Fair
☑️ Planted May 7, 2023 BMO Vancouver Marathon Street Festival
☑️ Potato Corner December 16, 2023 "Maligayang Pasko, Vancouver!"
πŸ”² Pretty Good Sandwiches
☑️ Rain or Shine Ice Cream Truck July 8, 2023 Khatsahlano Street Party
πŸ”² Ragazzi Pizza Co
☑️ REEL Mac and Cheese June 26, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Rice Bowls Paradise August 28, 2022 PNE Fair
πŸ”² Rocky Point Ice Cream
πŸ”² Rolled West Coast
☑️ Roasted Revolution August 28, 2022 PNE Fair
☑️ Rosie's BBQ and Smokehouse July 17, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Rosie's Curry & Spice Kitchen
☑️ SAJetarian June 25, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Saltspring Noodle Bar
☑️ Salty's Lobster Shack July 9, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Say Hello Sweets July 3, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Shameless Buns July 16, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
☑️ Shawarma Time September 16, 2023 Car Free Day: Main Street
πŸ”² Sirius Craving
πŸ”² Slavic Rolls
πŸ”² Smoking Hot Donair
πŸ”² Steamworks Food Truck
πŸ”² Steve-O's Deep-Fried Sweets & Treats
πŸ”² Steve-O's Fried Chicken
πŸ”² Streetdogs
☑️ Super Thai June 11, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Sweet Avenue Bakery
☑️ Taco'N Todo September 23, 2023 Culture Days at Pacific Arts Market
☑️ Taco Nori Sushi Tacos September 2, 2022 Richmond Night Market
☑️ Taco Tigre May 10, 2024 The Shipyards Night Market
πŸ”² Tacosaurus Vancouver
☑️ Takenaka July 3, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ TAPS and TACOS September 4, 2023 Car Free Day: Denman Street
πŸ”² Teapressu
πŸ”² Teriyaki Boys
πŸ”² Teriyaki Express
πŸ”² ThaiBox on Truck
πŸ”² Tin Lizzy Concessions: Best Grilled Cheese & Poutine
☑️ Tin Lizzy Concessions: Fishn' Chips & Chicken Tenders July 1, 2022 Canada Day at Canada Place
πŸ”² Tin Lizzy Concessions: Mini Donuts
πŸ”² Tochi
☑️ Tokyo Katsu Sand June 19, 2022 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2022
☑️ Tornado Potato July 17, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021
πŸ”² Truckin’ BBQ
πŸ”² Twisted Potato
πŸ”² Urban Wood Fired Pizza
πŸ”² Via Tevere Il Saltimbocca
πŸ”² Wak Wak Burger
πŸ”² Wings Outdoor Grill
πŸ”² Yardie Grill Jamaican Cuisine
☑️ Yo-Bones BBQ July 10, 2021 Thank Granville Its Food Trucks 2021

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Beef Empanada and Veggie Turnover from Small Victory Bakery

Happy Saturday! We woke up after noon, so I made grilled cheese on the air fryer for a quick first meal. After taking a quick shower, we started preparing for Mass. Before going to Church, we stopped by Small Victory Bakery.

For the past week, I've been fascinated by The Georgia Straight's Golden Plate award and decided to make a checklist of which I visited. I have visited the top two in the bakery category: Breka Bakery and purebread. The only spot I have yet to try is Small Victory.

We went to their South Granville location and were greeted with a spacious bakery. My hubby ordered the Beef Empanada with Parsley Chimichurri while I went with the Veggie Turnover. 

What's the difference between the two? Both are turnovers, a general term for a pastry with a savoury filling. Empanadas, however, are a specific type of turnover originating in Spain and Latin America. They often feature a crescent moon shape and fillings like seasoned meat, cheese, or vegetables.

Beef Empanada with Parsley Chimichurri from Small Victory Bakery
Slow-cooked beef chunk cooked with peas, carrots, and onions rolled in a classic empanada dough.

Beef Empanada with Parsley Chimichurri from Small Victory Bakery
Slow-cooked beef chunk cooked with peas, carrots, and onions rolled in a classic empanada dough.

The Small Victory's turnover has a flakier crust than the empanada, but they're both delicious. Of course, the beef was terrific and topping it with chimichurri adds a bit of heat.

Veggie Turnover from Small Victory Bakery
Carrots, red pepper, celery, sundried tomatoes & nut-free pesto rolled in a puff pastry.

Veggie Turnover from Small Victory Bakery
Carrots, red pepper, celery, sundried tomatoes & nut-free pesto rolled in a puff pastry.

For dessert, I spotted and got half a dozen mini croissants covered in sugar. It's such a bite-size guilty pleasure.

Mini Croissant from Small Victory Bakery

Hibiscus Rose Iced Tea and Iced Lemon Black Tea from Small Victory Bakery

Because it's warm outside, we also got a couple of cold drinks: hibiscus rose iced tea and iced lemon black tea. They're not overly sweet and refreshing, especially since the temperature is above 20°C.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Pep 150 and Hawaii slice from Straight Brooklyn Pizza

Happy Thursday! For our company-paid team lunch today, we ventured to the pizza paradise known as Straight Brooklyn Pizza, just a stone's throw away from the office. Knowing their reputation for generous slices and killer combos, we opted for their two-slice and a pop deal for an excellent $12.50.

Since I'm a pizza aficionado (having sampled everything else in their display case!), I decided to branch out and try the classic Hawaiian and the intriguing Pep 150.

Hawaii Pizza from Straight Brooklyn Pizza
Ham, pineapple

The Hawaiian did not disappoint! It was a testament to the timeless combo of savoury ham and juicy pineapple. Each bite was a delightful explosion of flavour – the perfect balance between sweet and salty. But let me tell you, the Pep 150 was the real showstopper.

Pep 150 from Straight Brooklyn Pizza
150 slices of imported cup n' char pepperoni

This slice was a symphony of deliciousness. Imagine a perfectly greasy canvas (in the best way possible!) adorned with generous slices of imported cup-and-char pepperoni. The char added a smoky depth that perfectly complemented the rich pork, making it the quintessential pizza slice. It was, quite simply, pizza perfection.

Overall, Straight Brooklyn Pizza lived up to the hype. Their portions are fantastic, the quality of ingredients shines through, and the flavours are truly unforgettable. This is the spot if you're looking for an authentic New York-style pizza experience!

Monday, June 3, 2024

Chicken Carbonara and Steak & Stout Pie from The Pie Hole

After a long day at work, hubby and I decided to unwind by taking a walk. We stretched our legs for a leisurely 2.5 kilometres and found ourselves conveniently in front of The Pie Hole's new West Broadway location. Perfect timing!

We couldn't resist diving into their savoury pies. We shared a 5-inch Chicken Carbonara and a 5-inch Steak and Stout. The crust was exactly what you crave in a pie: flaky layers that shattered with a satisfying crunch, revealing a buttery undertone.

The Steak and Stout was a revelation. The rich, savoury filling boasted a robust undercurrent from the dark stout. It melded beautifully with the tenderness of the beef sirloin, creating a symphony of textures and flavours. Hubby, however, seemed less attuned to the subtle beer notes.

Steak & Stout Pie from The Pie Hole
A Pie Hole signature. Slow-cooked beef sirloin in rich, dark stout beer with carrots and onions.

The Chicken Carbonara was a delightful surprise. Succulent chicken pieces nestled in a luxuriously creamy alfredo sauce. The sauce was a perfect balance of savoury cheese and a hint of peppery bite. Bacon crumbles added a salty touch, while peas and onions provided pops of freshness and sweetness. It captured the essence of a classic carbonara but in a warm, comforting, and oh-so-portable form encased in that beautiful flaky crust.

Chicken Carbonara Pie from The Pie Hole
Creamy housemade alfredo sauce, big chunks of chicken, bacon, peas, onions, and lots of cheese are baked into The Pie Hole's signature Double Butter Crust.

By the end of our walk, I felt completely rejuvenated. The fresh air, delicious food, and quality time with hubby had washed away all the workday stress. We savoured the rest of the walk home, taking in the beauty of the day. It was pure bliss. Thank God!

For future me, below is a list of things you have tried in The Pie Hole.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Scottish Shortbread from Elysian Coffee Roasters

Vancouver's coffee scene is bursting with flavour, and today, my tastebuds took a delightful trip to Scotland thanks to an Elysian coffee shop. Their Scottish shortbread was a revelation, and the pairing with an iced chai latte was pure perfection.

For the uninitiated, Scottish shortbread is a buttery, crumbly biscuit that melts in your mouth. Unlike its American counterparts, which are loaded with sugar and extras, the beauty of shortbread lies in its simplicity. Traditionally, it's made with just three ingredients: flour, butter, and sugar. The result is a melt-in-your-mouth indulgence that's perfect for afternoon tea or a decadent anytime treat.

Elysian's shortbread perfectly captured the essence of this Scottish classic. It was rich and crumbly, with a perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of saltiness. Each bite delivered a burst of buttery goodness, leaving me wanting more.

Scottish Shortbread from Elysian Coffee Roasters

Now, let's talk about the inspired pairing: iced chai. The warm, spiced notes of the chai (think cinnamon, cardamom, ginger) cut through the richness of the shortbread beautifully. The cold chai provided a refreshing counterpoint to the warm, buttery biscuit, making each bite an exciting contrast of textures and temperatures.

This combination was a match made in heaven. The sweetness of the shortbread was tempered by the chai's spices, while the cold drink helped to cleanse the palate between bites. It was a delightful symphony of flavours and textures that left me feeling utterly satisfied.

If you're looking for a delicious and authentic Scottish shortbread experience in Vancouver, look no further than Elysian Coffee Shop. And if you're feeling adventurous, grab an iced chai latte to complete the experience. You won't be disappointed!

Obsessed with Filipino-style Chicken Barbecue from Dale's Food and Products

We spotted Dale's chicken barbecue at the Proudly Philippines: Travel and Food Fair at Robson Square today, and let me tell you, their chicken is incredible!

This Filipino-style barbecue is marinated in a sweet and savoury sauce that coats the entire piece, creating a glazed exterior and an unbelievably juicy interior. It comes with garlic java rice and buttered vegetables, perfectly soaking up that delicious sauce. Needless to say, I'm hooked!

Chicken Barbecue from Dale's Food and Products

Dale's has become my favourite Filipino food vendor in Metro Vancouver. Their food is just on another level. I'm hoping they'll be at more events so I can try their pork ribs BBQ (which looked amazing!).

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