Thursday, November 17, 2022

Non-Alcoholic Apfelwein from Apfel Haus at Vancouver Christmas Market

The non-alcoholic warm apple wine is enough to make me fall in love with my husband again.

I have been dating my husband for more than 11 years, yet today felt like a first date. We shared a warm cider, walking around the Vancouver Christmas Market on a clear, crisp, lovely evening with live Christmas carols playing in the background. It feels like I'm in a Hallmark movie without all the drama but all the love.

A cup of Apfelwein

My issue with taking pictures of drinks is it's hard to make it pretty on its own, yet here we are. The Apfelwein is the perfect non-boozy drink to keep you warm and maybe in love while inside the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Das Apfel Haus

In Germany, the translation for cider is 'Apfelwein', which means 'apple wine'.

Apfelwein was first produced in Frankfurt, due to the surrounding area being one of the richest fruit producing regions in Germany. Over time, some of the freshly pressed apple juice was allowed to fermant and become alcoholic.

Unlime American ciders, which are sweet, German cider has a tart, sour taste. This is because less preservatives and sugars are added in the process, giving it a more natural flavour.

Fun Fact: Frankfurt has become the most popular place to visit in Germany to taste Apfelwein.

Apfel Haus inside the Vancouver Christmas Market

Below is a list of vendors we have tried so far in the Vancouver Christmas Market:

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