Saturday, November 12, 2022

Meat Sandwiches from Das Smoked Meat Haus (#48) in Vancouver Christmas Market 2022

We're at the opening day and hour of Vancouver Christmas Market 2022 for the season, and after enjoying the Farmer Sausage from Bratwurst Haus, we went to Das Smoked Meat Haus. The "Continental Sausage" sign on their booth gave the impression that they also sell sausages or bratwurst.

Since they only have two sandwiches on their menu, we ordered both in their original sizes. The Original Size is substantial already. Now I wonder how big the Grande Size is.

Original Smoked Meat Sandwich
Bonjour! Visions of Montreal smoked meat dancing in your head! The king of deli sandwiches starts with Canada Grade A Beef Brisket, cured, seasoned with a secret family recipe, then slowly smoked and sliced paper thin.

Original Roast Beef Au Jus Sandwich
Mouth-watering Canada Grade A Beef is seasoned and slow-roasted for hours, sliced thin, and dipped in au jus before it's served on a brioche bun.

Both sandwiches are delicious. Hubby preferred the Smoked Meat, while I love the Roast Beef. I'll be happy to order either again.

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