Friday, November 25, 2022

Chickpea Veg Burger for dinner at Brewhall

I am a dieting foodie. As someone who has been overweight all my life, losing weight is always a challenge. I used to be Obese Level II, but now I am down to Obese Level I, and of course, my goal is to be close to a healthy weight for my height and age.

With that all said, I love to eat. Good food makes me happy, and eating out is fun. I have learned to prepare delicious meals at home, so most of the week, I cook low-calorie meals for my hubby and me to help with my diet.

However, sometimes (on weekends), we eat out and end up pigging out. Like this evening, I am meeting with former colleagues turned friends for dinner at Brewhall. I have been looking at their menu all week, trying to decide what to get.

Chickpea Veg Burger

I ordered the Chickpea Veg Burger with a side of fries. The first bite was salty, but as I ate more of the burger, it became less salty, especially in the middle where most of the sauce is, then the last couple of bites was salty again. It's a good vegetarian burger, mainly because when every other restaurant would instead serve fake meat.

Chickpea Veg Burger
House-made veg patty, chipotle mayo, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

Shareables and Cocktails

Because I needed something unhealthy, we ordered Nachos for the table from the Shareable section of the Brewhall menu. It's worth whatever calories it has. Yum! I also ordered the Electric Blue Long Island from the Cocktails menu of Brewhall.

Electric Blue Long Island
A twist on a classic with blue curaçao

It was a fun evening with friends. It's our annual catchup to see how people's careers and work are doing. It's so fun to see everyone!

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