Friday, November 11, 2022

Korean BBQ Dinner at Gang Nam Korean BBQ

Happy Friday! I'm finally able to celebrate my birthday with my siblings. So naturally, I want a Korean BBQ, and we end up at Gang Nam Korean BBQ in Richmond, BC.

I ordered a lot, but it's enough for our party of six.

BBQ Dinner Combo I and G

I ordered BBQ Dinner Combo I, which includes pork belly, pork jowl, and pork bulgogi and BBQ Dinner Combo G which has rib eye, pork belly, GN bulgogi, and pork bulgogi. Unfortunately, I only took a picture of our raw meat once and didn't have a photo of any of the marinated meat.

Each combo gets a choice of a stone bowl and either pajeon (seafood pancake) or japchae.

Free Banchan

Bulgogi Stone Bowl and Spicy Pork Stone Bowl as part of our BBQ Dinner Combo

Japchae as part of our BBQ Dinner Combo

This is my favourite japchae from all the Korean restaurants in Vancouver that I have tried.

Seafood Pancake as part of our BBQ Dinner Combo

Fried Gyoza

You can skip the gyoza and order the Fried Chicken instead. Unfortunately, I missed taking the photo of the Fried Chicken that we ordered. My youngest sister loved it.

Overall, the food is delicious, albeit expensive. The service was friendly and prompt, especially for a small, busy restaurant.

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