Thursday, November 17, 2022

St. Paul's Hospital Donor Celebration at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

My hubby and I have been donors to St. Paul's Hospital for the last four years, but we got invited to their Donor Celebration at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre for the first time. I guess because this is the first year, our support exceeded a specific amount.

After work (5:00 PM), we hurriedly took an Uber to Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre to ensure that we'll be on time for the program scheduled to arrive at 5:30 PM.

Since this is a food blog, I'll share the pictures I took of the refreshments they served.

Christmas Dinner in a Jar (sorry for the blurred picture)
Whipped potatoes, mushrooms and sage dressing, Brussels sprouts, cranberry relish, roasted turkey, and gravy.

Can we make this Christmas Dinner in a Jar a thing? It's a fun way to eat all the delicious things in a typical Thanksgiving meal - turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies (in this case, Brussels sprouts), gravy, and cranberry sauce. I love it!

We thought of just staying in one area but noticed that there seemed to be a path past the screen and podium. There was an alcohol bar and a snack bar further into the room. There are cookies (a lot of variety), tarts, mini cupcakes, cakes, coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate with little marshmallows. It's a little kid's dream or an adult with a sweet tooth. We stayed here for the rest of the event, but we're not shameless and only got one of each type to share.

Tarts, mini cupcakes, and cookies in dessert plate number 1.

Candy cane cream puff, colourful cookies, and red velvet mini cupcakes for dessert plate number 2.

Mini Cake Roll for dessert plate number 3.

After the event, we went downstairs to join the countdown for the lighting of Lights of Hope, which looked amazing.

Lights of Hope in Vancouver

My dream next year is to have our names in one of the stars. But, we gotta keep working hard so we can continue to share our blessings with St. Paul's and other non-profits in Vancouver.

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