Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Mr. Hotcakes at Vancouver Christmas Market

In this blog, I mentioned a few times that my hubby has a sweet tooth, while I prefer savoury things. We have tried only one sweet vendor in the Vancouver Christmas Market compared to the eight savoury-focused vendors.

Tonight I gave hubby a reign on which sweet vendor we should try, and he opted for Mr. Hotcakes. I hesitated because it looked a little plain, but oh boy! I am happy to be wrong. Don't judge a food by its picture on a poster. It was delicious!

Original Hotcake with Whipped Cream from Mr. Hotcakes

It came out fresh from the girdle, still hot! We chose the Original Hotcake with Whipped Cream, and both agreed this would work well with ice cream. More reason to come back!

The hotcake was soft, while the whipped cream provided a subtle sweetness, and when we reached the bottom, we discovered it was stuffed with sugar(?). All you need to know is it's delicious and deserves a line!

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