Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Weekly Special: Hojicha Mochi Soufflé Pancake at Fufú Pancake Café

After our food coma lunch at Suika, we walked around and window-shopped at Indigo, Staples, and Toys "R" Us. Then, we decided to have two Sweet Soufflé Pancakes from Fufú Pancake Café.

Tiramisu Soufflé Pancake
(3) stacked soufflé pancakes, mascarpone cheese whipped cream, espresso sauce, almond chunks, dark chocolate curls, espresso flake ice cream, cocoa powder

Hojicha Mochi Soufflé Pancake
(3) soufflé pancakes, hojicha infused whipped cream, (5) shiratamako mochi, azuki red bean paste, house-made hojicha sauce, vanilla ice cream, kinako powder

The Hojicha Mochi Soufflé Pancake is my favourite sweet pancake they have so far. It's not overly sweet, and I love the hojicha-infused whipped cream. The mochi and red bean paste are a nice touch to round up the dish.

For future me, below is a list of all the pancakes we've tried.

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