Friday, November 22, 2019

Soufflé Pancakes for Dessert at Fufú Café

It's Friday night! Hubby and I are walking around the neighbourhood looking for Pokemon Go Team Rocket Grunts to battle while discussing where to have dinner. I told hubby that we should go to that relatively new place we saw.

We arrived at Fufú Café.

Soufflé Pancakes

First, we didn't expect that it will all be sweet pancakes. Now, do we have desserts first before dinner or just come back after? Of course, we stayed and have desserts first! :) #LifePriorities

Fufú Café

Before I continue with my experience, let's research and answer:

What's a Soufflé Pancake?

The ingredients for Souffle Pancakes are similar to regular pancakes. Souffle Pancakes are all about the eggs. Egg yolks and egg whites are separated, and the whites are beaten to make the meringue.  Just like how you would make savory/sweet souffles or chiffon cakes.  The egg whites are beaten until stiff peaks form, and then are folded gently and carefully into the rest of the batter.  The souffle pancakes are extra fluffy because the air bubbles hold their shape inside the pancake batter.  As a result, the pancakes are super airy, like souffle. -

Based on this description, let's continue with Fufú Café.

From the list of pancake choices, we picked Matcha Mochi Soufflé Pancakes. True to the description, it's airy and fluffy, like soufflé. I told hubby, it tasted like an egg, so I think the egg is the key to create this, and I was right. The perfect bite is a slice of pancakes, a mochi, some ice cream, and white chocolate covered with the matcha whipped cream.

Top-view of Matcha Mochi Soufflé Pancakes

Side-view of Matcha Mochi Soufflé Pancakes
Menu Description: Two stacked soufflé pancakes, shiratamako mochis, house-made matcha sauce, matcha whipped cream, double chocolate raspberry ice cream, white chocolate flakes, and matcha powder.

We finished the whole thing in less than 10 minutes, and we waited for 20 minutes to get it.

Colourful aftermath
I'll definitely come back with my siblings. My brother and youngest sister will enjoy this.