Sunday, July 31, 2022

"Midnight" Snack from McDonald's

It's not really midnight, but it's an after-dinner meal. So after hanging out at Blenz, we walked around Indigo across the street and stayed at VSB Park for an hour.

I was craving McDonald's french fries, so before heading home, we ordered fries and chicken nuggets from McD's.

10-piece Chicken McNuggets and French Fries

It's a happy day! Plus, it's a holiday tomorrow, which means no work.

Dinner at Blenz Coffee

Happy Sunday! After my nap, the temperature inside and outside our apartment reached 30°C, so we decided to head to the nearest Blenz Coffee for drinks to keep cool.

I enjoyed my Lemon Shaken Iced Tea, while hubby likes his Caramel Sundae Chocochillo.

Lemon Shaken Iced Tea

Caramel Sundae Chocochillo

I was craving donuts and was pleasantly surprised that they offer beignets. It's alright.

Beignets from Blenz Coffee

For dinner, we ordered the beef roll and butter chicken wrap. The beef roll was unexpectedly delicious, while the butter chicken wrap was acceptable.

Beef Roll from Blenz

Butter Chicken Wrap.

Lunch from Costco Food Court

Happy Sunday! We're out of tortillas, so we went to Costco in Downtown Vancouver to buy in bulk alongside shredded cheese, cheese slices, and deli meat.

Before doing our grocery run, we had lunch at the Costco food court. We had two of the $1.50 hotdogs with drinks and French fries. I paid almost $7.00 for everything and was full afterwards.

Costco Hotdog and French Fries 

After groceries, we went home, and I took a nap with the background sound of the only MLS game today.

Bagel BLT breakfast sandwich for breakfast at Tim Hortons

Happy Sunday! As part of our usual routine, we grabbed breakfast at Tim Hortons before heading to Church.

There are no breakfast offers in the Tims app, so I ordered a sandwich that we haven't tried yet.

We ordered two Bagel BLT sandwiches, one with sausage and egg while the other with bacon and egg. I chose Everything Bagel for both.

It's alright. The bagel was denser than I remembered and wasn't toasted (there's no option to toast it when I ordered the sandwich in the app).

Bagel BLT with Sausage & Egg

Bagel BLT with Bacon & Egg

It's another hot day in Vancouver, so instead of coffee, we opted for Classic Lemonade and Strawberry Watermelon Real Fruit Quencher.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Dinner from Outtakes at Cineplex Marine Gateway

Happy Friday! It's movie date night, and we're finally watching Minions: Rise of Gru.

We planned to have dinner at Tims, but the lines were too long, so we went straight to the cinema and ordered at Outtakes for dinner.

Hubby had the Bacon Poutine while I had a Pulled Pork Hotdog. I love Outtakes pulled pork but prefer it on poutine.

Combo 3: 1x Large Popcorn and 2x Regular Soda

Bacon Poutine, French Fries, and Pulled Pork Hotdog 

Movie date night is incredible.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Dinner at Masa Japanese Restaurant

To end my day off, we had dinner at Masa Japanese Restaurant and I had my favourite Assorted Japanese Curry. We were also pleasantly surprised to see that they know have a Korean food section in the menu.

From the new section, we ordered the Kimchi Fried Rice and Korean fried chicken. I'm so happy for this addition!

Assorted Katsu Curry

Kimchi Fried Rice

The Kimchi Fried Rice is definitely better than Sushivan.

Korean Yangnyeom Chicken

I haven't had Korean fried chicken in a long time and I look forward to trying all the flavours that Masa has to offer.

Iced Chocolate and more at Waves Coffee House

Real-time writing is the best. To break from routine, I spent the rest of my afternoon at Waves Coffee House along West Broadway.

I absolutely love this branch. It's spacious and bright. The sun is blazing, and I am inside a relatively cooler coffee shop enjoying my Iced Dark Chocolate.

Iced Dark Chocolate 

Thank God for days like this when I can just enjoy and focus on my surroundings.

After a couple hours, where I was seated got sun rays, so I decided to move to one of the couches. I also ordered the Mango Fruit Shake (it's not good) and Chicken Fajitas Wrap (it's alright). I'll stick with chocolate from Waves. 😅

Mango Fruit Shake 

Chicken Fajitas Wrap

Lots of rice and cheese, a minimal amount of chicken.

After 5:00 PM, hubby also went to Waves and ordered Matcha Frapp-eh and the Breakfast Bagel, which is much better than the Fajita Wrap and Mango Fruit Shake.

Breakfast Bagel

Matcha Frapp-eh

We also ordered an oatmeal cookie and a double chocolate muffin.

Oatmeal Cookie and Double Chocolate Muffin

Breakfast at Lan Fong Yuen

Hubby and I are doing our best to support as many restaurants and coffee shops along West Broadway that are affected by the sky train's construction.

Today, I took another day off to be able to sleep in. Last night, we watched the Honda Celebration of Lights fireworks display at English Bay.

I happily woke up at 9 AM, and we had breakfast at 11 AM at Lan Fong Yuen. They close early (like 3 PM) and are not open on weekends, so this is our only chance to try their food.

I had the Guacamole Chicken Burrito while hubby ordered the Guacamole Sandwich. Unfortunately, they don't have guacamole since there's none in our breakfast.

If you're in the area, I recommend the Chicken Burrito. The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the sauce it came with was also delicious. Overall, I'll be happy to come back and order it again.

Guacamole Chicken Burrito 

Guacamole Breakfast Sandwich 

Red Bean Buns

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Tiramisu SoufflĂ© Pancake at FufĂș Pancake CafĂ©

After our salty lunch at Olive Garden, my youngest sister, mom, and dad drove to Vancouver to enjoy Japanese souffle pancakes at FufĂș CafĂ©.

Ever since trying their soft pancakes for the first time, I have wanted to bring my youngest sister here. I knew she was going to love it. My mom loved it too. Even my dad who doesn't like sweets enjoyed the pancakes.

Tiramisu Souffle Pancake
3 stacked souffle pancakes, mascarpone cheese whipped cream, espresso sauce, almond chunks, dark chocolate curls, espresso flake ice cream, and cocoa powder

I love the crunch from the almond chunks. It's such a great contrast from the pillowy soft pancakes.

Tiramisu Souffle Pancake

Nutella & Caramelized Banana Souffle Pancake
Three souffle pancakes, Nutella whipped cream, caramelized banana, Nutella sauce, roasted hazelnut, double chocolate raspberry ice cream, and icing sugar

Nutella & Caramelized Banana Souffle Pancake

Yay! I am so grateful to spend time with my parents and sisters today.

Shrimp Scampi, Unlimited Soup and Breadsticks at Olive Garden

Happy Wednesday! We watched the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Canadian Championship game last night, so today I took a day off so I can wake up later than usual.

My youngest sister and I also planned a road trip to Langley, BC, to have lunch at Olive Garden with our parents.

Spinach Artichoke Dip
A blend of spinach artichoke and cheeses served warm with flatbread crisps.

The flatbread crisps were terrific, but the dip is unfortunately too salty. Whatever blend of processed cheese they used has a lot of salt to be enjoyable. I thought it was me, but my dad noticed it too.

Zuppa Toscana
Spicy Italian sausage, fresh kale and russet potatoes in a creamy broth

The Zuppa Toscana was delicious. Thanks, past self, for taking a note to order this over the Chicken and Gnocchi.

Shrimp Scampi
A lighter take on a classic! Shrimp sautĂ©ed in a garlic sauce tossed with asparagus, tomatoes, and angel hair.

I thought the saltiness from the Spinach Artichoke lingered in my mouth that's why the Shrimp Scampi tasted salty, but when I arrived home and asked my hubby to try my leftover, he said the same thing without my prompting. The two items I chose were salty. :(

I ordered a $7.00 to-go pasta because I ordered an entree. We enjoyed the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce at home for dinner, and it came with four breadsticks. Thankfully, the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce is not salty.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Most Expensive Food in BC Place | Canadian Champion Finals 2022

Happy Tuesday! The Vancouver Whitecaps FC is going to the Canadian Champion Finals! Hubby said we should watch in person because we don't know when they'll have the finals here at home again.

As soon as the date was finalized, I emailed Seth (our Whitecaps salesperson) to buy two tickets.

Since it's the finals, ordering the two most expensive items in BC Place seems only fitting.

The Beast's Rib from Beast on Fire

The rib is the most expensive item in BC Place. It cost CAD 38.00 CAD + tip.

The Beast's Rib
Long bone beef rib, barbecued to perfection, served with kettle chips.

A piece of rib

The Beast's Rib was juicy and tender. The barbecue sauce can be better. The Filipino in me wants to eat this with rice. I wish it came with salt & vinegar chips to cut through the fattiness of the ribs.

Is it worth CAD 38.00? I'm not sure since I don't order ribs when going to restaurants. It's delicious, and the serving size is decent, but I think I'd rather enjoy ribs in a restaurant and get better sides than a bag of Miss Vickie's Original flavour,

Smash Goldburger from Beast Unleashed

This burger costs CAD 35.00 + tip. Why is this burger so expensive? There's foie gras on top of the beef patty. Plus, it's served with a Gold Brioche bun.

Smash Goldburger
Foie gras, carnivore beef patty, aged cheddar, smoked back bacon, pickled onion, house recipe sauce, served on a Gold Brioche bun.

Smash Goldburger

This is an okay burger. It's definitely not worth it for the price. The foie gras adds an additional depth of flavour, but the patty was dry, and the buns were even toasted. One food item to avoid.

After enjoying our meal, we watched the Whitecaps win against Toronto FC to become the Canadian Championship.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Lunch at Shizenya

We're back in Vancouver! We arrived home shortly after 10 in the morning. We unpacked a bit but walked to church for Sunday Mass. Afterwards, we went to Shizenya for lunch. I am craving rolls, and while there are five options near our home, we have not been to Shizenya, so here we are.

Sakura Blossom Roll
Fresh real crab with mayonnaise, spicy albacore tuna, cucumber, organic avocado, brown sushi rice, and wild sockeye salmon.
Sauce: Creamy Maple Sauce

Dragon Magic Roll
Wild sockeye salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, organic brown sushi rice, grilled eel and organic avocado on top
Sauce: Homemade anago sauce

Both rolls are delicious, but I think the Dragon Magic Roll is better. It's creamy because of the cream cheese and avocado. The salmon is fresh and sweet. Then, there's a crunch from the fresh cucumber.

Assorted Tempura
Tiger prawn (4 pieces), sockeye salmon (2 pieces), and vegetables (5 pieces)

The sockeye salmon tempura was delicious, and I'll gladly order that again.

Mochi Ice Cream
Green Tea and Black Sesame Ice cream wrapped in Mochi skin

The black sesame mochi ice cream is better than the green tea one.

Breakfast at White Spot | Weekend in Squamish

 It's our dad's 60th birthday, and to celebrate, we're spending the weekend at Squamish, BC.

Happy Sunday! We're heading back home to Vancouver, but before that, we decided to have breakfast at White Spot. I didn't even know White Spot offers breakfast, but I am happy to enjoy the good food.

Nat's Hearty Breakfast
Two eggs (sunny side up), bacon, sausage, and multi-grain toast. Endless smash brown potatoes.


Classic Benedict
English muffin topped with thick-cut back bacon, two poached eggs, & hollandaise. Endless smash brown potatoes

I am not a fan of bacon, but the thick-cut back bacon with the Classic Benedict was unexpectedly excellent. Now, I wish there was a White Spot nearby to enjoy it again.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Dinner at The WaterShed Grill | Weekend in Squamish

It's our dad's 60th birthday, and to celebrate, we're spending the weekend at Squamish, BC.

After a quick side trip to Whistler and spending a couple hours at Alice Lake, we had dinner at The WaterShed Grill.

To start, I had the Gin Fizz while hubby ordered the Blueberry Lemonade. It was scorching hot in our patio seat by the river, and the ice on our drinks melted immediately.

Left: Blueberry Lemonade (Blueberry vodka, blue curacao, and lemonade)
Right: Gin Fizz (Gin, cucumber, strawberry puree, fresh lemon, & soda)

For our appetizer, we tried their Crab Cakes. It was delicious and steaming hot. We're off to a good start here.

Crab Cakes
Wild rock crab, house-seasoned and pan-fried golden brown, basil aioli, lemon and mixed greens

I chose the salmon burger for our main meal while hubby had the river burger. It was a good salmon burger, but the river burger is definitely the better burger. You can never go wrong with perfectly cooked beef patty and bacon.

Salmon Burger with Poutine
Wild sockeye salmon fillet, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato and wasabi mayo

River Burger with Onion Rings
6 oz house-made local free-range beef, bacon, cheddar, house mayo, and peppercorn sauce

To end the meal, we enjoyed a dozen mini donuts, which have a more pronounced cinnamon flavour. We ate it while watching the Whitecaps FC game on my 6-inch phone.

Mini Donuts

The best part of dining at The WaterShed Grill is the view.

View of the Squamish River

Ice Cream from COWS | Weekend in Squamish

It's our dad's 60th birthday, and to celebrate, we're spending the weekend at Squamish, BC.

From our Airbnb in Squamish, we decided to take a drive to Whistler. We walked around the village and enjoyed a quiet few minutes near Peace Park. It was sunny and hot, so ice cream from COWS seemed the perfect way to cool down.

A cow in front of COWS,

Left: Caramel Moocchiato (Caramel coffee ice cream, English toffee, and chocolate marble swirl)
Right: Brownie Explosion (Vanilla ice cream, chocolate marble, and brownie pieces)

Yay for creamy and delicious ice cream. Afterwards, we drove to Alice Lake and spent the rest of our afternoon enjoying the view and cool breeze under the shade of beautiful trees.

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