Sunday, July 3, 2022

Lunch from Takenaka Japan food truck at Thank Granville It's Food trucks (TGIF)

Happy Sunday! Coming from the high of the Whitecaps' win last night, we woke up a bit late and went straight to Mass. We didn't have time for breakfast. Right after Mass, we went to Thank Granville It's Food trucks (TGIF) on the corner of West 10th Avenue and Fir Street.

There are six food trucks today and we've tried four of them already, so we decided to order from the remaining two that we haven't supported yet.

Takenaka Japan food truck

I ordered from Takenaka and was so happy that they have curry. If you've been reading my blog (I doubt anyone does except my husband and mom), Japanese curry is my absolute favourite food especially the one they serve at nearby Suika

I can't believe that Takenaka came really close. The only thing missing is slices of tonkatsu and this would have been my new favourite curry. The only reason Suika is still number one is that the beef in their curry is shredded or sliced thinly, but the one from Takenaka is chunkier (like the one from Mr. Japanese Curry).

Stewed Beef Tendon Curry and Rice
Slow-cooked beef tendon curry, seasoned half-boiled egg, onion pickles, radish sprouts, and steamed rice.

Stewed Beef Tendon Curry and Rice from Takenaka Japan food truck

I like the container they used for the curry. The top level has the curry, while the bottom compartment has the rice and egg.

Chicken Karaage (3 pcs)
Flavour-packed spice mix marinated crispy chicken kara-age

Meanwhile, the chicken karaage tastes the same as Suika, so it goes perfectly with the curry sauce.

Green Tea Panna Cotta
Matcha green tea panna cotta with sweetened red bean

To end the meal, we enjoyed the Green Tea Panna Cotta. This one is definitely better than Suika.

Based on the items I've tried today, I can't wait to order from Takenaka again.

Takenaka Japan food truck menu

Takenaka Japan food truck menu

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