Sunday, July 3, 2022

Lunch from Mahshiko at Thank Granville It's Food trucks (TGIF)

Happy Sunday! Coming from the high of the Whitecaps' win last night, we woke up a bit late and went straight to Mass. We didn't have time for breakfast. Right after Mass, we went to Thank Granville It's Food trucks (TGIF) on the corner of West 10th Avenue and Fir Street.

There are six food trucks today, and we've tried four of them already, so we decided to order from the remaining two that we haven't supported yet.

Mahshiko Korean Fusion Food Bar

Lunch from Mahshiko

After ordering from Takenaka, I ordered the Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap and Chicken and Fries from Mahshiko.

Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish usually served in a hot bowl. The first step is to add the gochujang sauce and poke the egg's yolk. Lastly, mix it all up until the sauce and yolk are mixed with vegetables, meat, and rice. I wish I had more gochujang sauce. 

Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap

The serving is good for sharing, so it definitely needs more to cover everything. Unfortunately, the yolk wasn't runny (it's overcooked by a minute), so whatever yolk is left is insufficient to cover the ingredients.

Chicken and Fries

The Chicken and Fries are so great. The chicken is fried perfectly; you can smell it from the box during our walk home. I highly recommend it. Plus, they give you Gochujang sauce to dip the fried chicken, so I'm happy.

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