Friday, July 8, 2022

IDEA: Whitecaps FC Street Summer Party

I have been going to a handful of events in Vancouver this spring and summer, like the Greek Day on Broadway, Canada Together on Canada Day, and tomorrow I will be at Khatsahlano Street Party.

I thought the Whitecaps FC could organize an event like this before one of their games (just like the Lions did, but different). Football is an international sport, and I think the Whitecaps should do a Summer International Party.

What am I imagining? In Terry Fox Plaza, food vendors from THIS CITY (one of the 'Caps slogans or whatever it's called) based on the countries our players (or their parents, if they want) come from. And I want (hope) that players stay in their booth, interact with the fans, and maybe share a little bit about their country. Below are some examples of the stall I can think of:
  • Dajome and Caicedo on a Colombia booth with one local business selling food they grew up enjoying.
  • Jungwirth on a German booth selling bratwurst or something else.
  • Nerwinski and White selling pizza (I just remembered the video they did when White visited a local business selling New York-style pizza).
  • Cubas and Godoy on an Argentinian booth.
  • Cavallini and other Canadian players on a poutine booth.
  • Since we're in Vancouver, there should also be a booth for Indigenous food.
  • We can add more cuisine and countries based on each 'Caps player and staff.
  • I also think the Southsiders should have a booth where they give out paper with the cheers printed so more people can join in. OR scan a QR code to a page where they are located.
The benefit of something like this:
  1. Re-engage and increase fans inside the stadium.
  2. Increase player motivation. I'd like to think that interacting with supporters up close will increase player motivation (of course, I could be wrong).
  3. "This City" means supporting and showcasing local businesses in Metro Vancouver in an event like this.
I had this idea for a week now and just needed to write it down. If anyone from the 'Caps want to make this happen, it will make me happy.

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